I am not and never really have been mentally stable. I have always been really hesitant of taking new medications. I had a blood test that tested my vitamin D, it was 17.9, lowest normal number was 35. I got a once weekly 50,000 IU medication to take for a month. I just feel like that is an extremely excessive amount of vitamin D to take, I'd only feel comfortable taking a 50% Daily Value Pill or 100% daily value pill, but not a mega dose pill. I just find that that is asking for health trouble and I am not feeling comfortable taking it, even thinking about taking it nearly gives me a panic attack. I have feeling anxiety over taking any new pills even when I should, like if they change the dose of my thyroid medication that freaks me out too, but I take it because it makes me feel horrible if I don't and is a lifelong medication. I got told to take the prescription then take over the counter 2-5,000 IU pills daily to keep my vitamin D level up. I just feel weird because my last vitamin D pill was a daily pill at a smaller dose, not a once a week mega dose. I don't even want to know what daily value the vitamin D pill is, it is ridiculous. I have no symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and don't see why it is important to take the pill. It hasn't effected me at all.