This policy sets out a process where individuals (or families acting for an individual) can have content deleted from the website if the content is distressing or hurtful to the individual, whether intentional or not. Anyone can make a request to delete content under this policy, however, this policy does not extend to businesses and organisations.

To make a request under this policy, just use the Contact Us form. In some cases, you may need to prove who you are, this may include providing a copy of your ID. If you are a family member acting on behalf of an individual, you may need to prove who you are, how you are related, and explain why the individual can't make the request themselves.

Under this policy, content is deleted when one of the following conditions are reasonably met:

  • the individual(s) refer to, discussed, or otherwise, is under the age of 18.
  • is considered to be harmful to the individual or is considered bullying.
  • is belittling or threatening to the individual.
  • reveals private or personal information about the individual.
  • is a photography or video of the individual.
  • the contributor is engaging or spreading gossip or false information about the individual.
  • with the consent of the contributor.
  • is against our Community Guidelines.

When requesting the deletion of multiple pieces of content, each one must met the one of the conditions on its own. Requests for bulk deleting content or accounts will not be accepted.

For some individuals, you could put the argument that it's reasonable to refer to, discussed, and even gossiped about individuals, for example politicians. However, under this policy everyone is treated the same. Keep in mind this website is a mental health support website, not a political or gossip website, and high profile people can be harmed as well.

Last updated: 30 September 2014