I am so tired of something always being wrong !
I am dealing with greasy hair all the sudden started about 1 month ago I wash my hair and by the next day it is so limp and greasy.
I am dealing with Loss of Taste and a Horrible Taste in my Mouth ! I did see two dentist over the summer months and had 1 tooth pulled and one broke off after having the one pulled but had it fixed.?
I have oily skin all over my entire body and my face keeps breaking out .
I have some kind of dermatitis that I have been dealing with for around 3 years now and I have seen doctors and Nurse Practitoner's .. I was told seborrrheic dermatitis so I got cream and shampoo and nothing is helping it is on my right hand on my the back of my beck and my right eye brow - looks horrible and feels horrible !

The Brain Surgery back in 2017 messed me up so bad but I am not sure it caused all this but I did see changes after it.. Meningioma Brain Tumor Left Frontal Lobe... made me worse not better but saved my life I guess.

I found out they stopped making my Depression Med Nefazadone- Serzone so I am now down to 50 mg a day and tomorrow not taking any and then will take the 50 mg every other day for about two weeks and stop I should have been weaned off by now but I have taken my time - wondering if the med withdrawal could be causing the Hair and Taste issue ? Not sure I have researched .. I was taking 100 mg in the am and 150 mg in the pm.. so a drastic drop and had been on it for around 20 years.

The dermatitis started after my Furbaby and My Dad passed away in 2018 but I had my brain surgery in Sept of 2017 and we moved in August so several huge things happened and then the skin deal happened ?

Doctors drive my crazier they could care less ! I have not had labs done since dec of last year due to th covid but i did see my new Doctor in Oct .. then Bam Two weeks later greasy hair and loos of taste and also nasty taste .. I am making myself eat... I do not wanna make myself sick not eating and drinking but wow things taste nasty and so hard to eat... I need to lose weight but not this way.

Hubby is having both knees replaced starting in Jan 2021 and I am freaked out about this for so mamy reasons .. so this is added stress ..
I have friends that are always wanting to vent to me and I love them I do but I am so tired and just worn out myself with my own issues and it is non stop everyday many times a day .. ? I would not wanna hurt them in any way but I feel they do not Listen to me but go on and on about their own issues and they do have so many and I am so sorry they do I am but what about me ? ...

I feel stressed all the time and just wanna be happy and enjoy the house we moved into and my scooter and my van and the holidays and more but with the covid of course this makes it harder so I am inside all the time and worrying about my Son my Hubby My Daughter inlaw out working and going places.. I can not lose another loved one I just can't !!

I do not wanna find out I have another Tumor anyplace and have another surgery or find out I have cancer I would lose it and My Hubby needs his surgeries so badly I have to make sure he gets these done ... God I just wanna make him better I could care less if I die but I do not wanna suffer anymore with this crap I am dealing with everyday all day.

I hate not being able to walk and drive it sucks !! The pain in my head and back makes everything so hard and the doctor told me to not have back surgery because so many do not do well with it actually worse !! So no thanks !

I am still taking my anxiety med twice a day Praise God for it !!
I do not sleep well and have nightmares
I eat junk food all the time because I can not stand and cook and my Hubby hurts and can't all the time so we eat horribly and I am FAT but with no taste and no appetite now maybe I will lose some..

I just wanna have my family back my life back and this covid crap to end and Politics to stop with the bull crap and people mad at one another..

I do not wanna hear that i may have cancer or I need to see someone I know this all i do and please do not scare me with comments I just need to vent and hear something positive or someone can relate to what i am saying...
I wanna taste foods and I want my hair to stop what the crap it is doing-- could this all be from the med i am weaning off of ? Or is this stress from being agitated all the time ?

My feet and Hands are also sweating !! yay !! fun fun !

I miss having a chatroom to chat with people . I do volunteer on a site but I do not break the rules there and wouldn't and the chatrooms are not that helpful to be honest because of the strict rules .. I do like the site I do and enjoy volunteering and all they offer to grow and learn from..

This site is awesome but we need people to come here and I have tried to get people on my facebook to come here but many are just done with chatrooms and many chatrooms I check out are empty..

Okay I am gonna stop for now Just needed to vent and see if anyone had some words of wisdom....

God Bless you all and take care and know you are not alone !!