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So you had Covid that time? I take it that it was not the serious type of Covid? As you are all better so quickly. I know some can get a weaker strain of it. No hospital needed. Once you are all well again. That is the main thing.

As you can see the forum is not exactly hopping. Same 3 of us most days. Talking about Covid. What else is there to talk about. Other than that all is well here. Evening time here. Time to watch a little something on my laptop. Film maybe.
Sorry for the extremely late reply. Kinda abandoned this post after I made it. Yeah, that time was covid. I pray we never get it again. Definitely was not fun. They said the cases are going down significantly here but I'll just be relieved if it ever does go away.

I see the forum isn't too active anymore. It's a bummer. I always reminisce back when more people used to come on. I still don't ever plan on leaving AS though as long as it is up and running.

Anything new? I just realized it's been a little over 2 months since I made this post lol. I hope everyone is doing well