I understand you guys aren?t doctors and can?t diagnose but Am more so asking what does what I?m describing sound like

Honestly I?m at my wits end
Recently I made the decision to move in with my boyfriend In October I?ve always been a obsessive person where things need to be done in a pattern on time and a certain way but since moving in with him it?s gone through the roof I freak out if he puts a pen in his dresser drawer or even if he doesn?t put his clothes in his dresser a certain way he claims we repeat the same stuff everyday multiple times a day such as sweeping vacuuming moping doing dishes laundry cooking cleaning all over again he claims it?s pretty [BEEP] backwards and makes no sense it?s like I?m mentally incapable of not letting this stuff go it as to happen otherwise in his words I throw a fit but I don?t think he understands that every single day I?m mentally struggling because of this severely my stress is at a all time high my meds help to a degree but I feel at this point I?m not receiving the actual help I need because all I?m diagnosed with is GAD at this point I also struggle from some other stuff like compulsive behaviors that are self soothing when I become way to stress or anxious even I?m just ashamed of this all mentally I truly feel like I struggle with control I want to control the entire environment around and if I can?t it leads to a mental mess and unfortunately I can?t control everything I?m already micromanaging him way to much were it causes tension I feel like complete [BEEP] I feel I?m the reason why I?m unhappy but am even struggling on how to fix it because I desperately just want to be fixed

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