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    When I see another person I get so upset because now I?m not alone

    Is that social anxiety? If I?m walking on the street and I see another person then I get so upset at them because I don?t want to be around other humans. When cars past by I?m so uncomfortable I close my eyes and pretend they aren?t there. If a car is really loud I get really annoyed.

    Anyone else live like this?
    I don?t like being around or interacting with other people, this is my personality. I am a jerk - I don?t mean to be, but whenever I speak up I say something rude. It?s just the way that I am. Don?t bother me.

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    Some people like been alone. They prefer peace and quiet. Only they might live in a city. Very hard to get the kind of peace and quiet they might like in a big city. If they lived in a rural setting they might cope a bit better. Would be a dream for some people. Live in the middle of nowhere. Nobody to bother them at all. Only thing they would need to do is maybe shop twice a week.
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