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    Covid shot

    COVID vaccine, shot #5 (am immuno compromised, so my first series was three shots, and now this is my second booster). The nurses all remember me now, ask me how my classes are, and if I got any new tattoos since they last saw me. It?s the only place I have been in months where everyone is wearing masks and wearing them properly (hell, a nurse in the ER kept pulling his down to talk to me). I met a young woman who was getting her very first dose, and I congratulated her. So glad some people are still doing the worst to convert the non anti-vax hold outs. I am also really tired that I am gonna have to keep getting these boosters like every few months because no one gives a crap about us disabled and chronically ill folks for whom this disease could be beyond deadly.

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    It's good to hear some people do have the courage to go back on their initial resistance and get the vaccine. It can't be easy.
    Currently I'm agonizing over whether to continue wearing the mask when no one else does anymore (and hence it's more a sign of solidarity than an effective precaution). I do put mine on if I see a person who's wearing theirs in an enclosed space but it's becoming very rare. Also thinking that if I do want to keep wearing masks, I probably should invest in a proper FFP2/N95 and then there's the question for how long it can be reused...wish things were simpler.

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