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    Do brain cells need to be connected to have meaning?

    The title of this article is, I think, a little bit misleading. The article actually discusses a paper by Asim Roy in which he supports a localist model of the brain, that is, a model where a single neuron represents a high-level concept - such as a dog. The article also contains criticism of his views by David Plaut and James McClelland. The different points of view expressed by these 3 people give some idea of the complexity involved in trying to decipher how the brain processes information.

    A short excerpt from the Medical Xpress article:

    (Medical Xpress)—The classic theory of the brain is one of connections, in which the brain consists of a network of neurons that interact with each other to allow us to think, see, interpret, and understand the world around us. In this model, called distributed representation, an individual neuron by itself has no inherent meaning, but only contributes to a pattern of neuronal activity that has meaning. For example, a certain pattern of many neurons fires when you think "dog" and another pattern for "cat."

    More at link

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