Boat home idea

I've had this idea since I was 14. Seeking economic (or even political!) independence by living on a boat, extended by floating platforms upon which crops can be grown, such as armies of potato-crop-barrels, as the main source of food, plants which have been demonstrated to produce greater yields when grown in containers, shown on DIY blogs I've found on the internet.

I've always felt burning hatred towards the mechanics of today's society - Having your life depend on a job interview, what people decide they're gonna do with you, etc. It is draining to the soul. The world's population is increasing exponentially. There will be more demand, thus an increase in prices. What used to be a bunch of peasants living off land with their wives and children is now a rich man's commodity. It's all being bought off. This has to stop.

We should expand into the oceans, away from this madness. I've looked up the prices of different off-shore boats. It is about 1/3 to 1/4 the price of a house. They even include toilets and showers. Finding an anchorage, setting up the floating extensions (made up of bottles tied into nets) and growing compact containers of crops with high yield ..

..should provide the survival basics. The rest is a different story yet to be told.

I would like to set up a forum for this very soon, too. I've lived in a caravan for more than 2 months now. I've only just started to get the taste of the compact- budget, alternative life.

Key inspiration. I'd like to make it tidier and more professional, though