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    Why is it socially acceptable for men's nipples to poke out from their shirts but not women?

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    I'm actually genuinely confused how people refer to her [camille Paglia] as a lesbian though as well (to this day):

    It is much easier for women to live bisexually, since their erotic performance is not measured by the unforgiving yardstick of erection and ejaculation. (Vamps and Tramps, p. 79)

    I encourage bisexual experimentation, and i want a world in which people, throughout their lives, freely cross the gender lines in love. But it is absurd to say that one, two, or more homosexual liaisons make you "gay"--as if lavender ink ran in your veins. Young women are often attracted to each other during a transitional period when they are breaking away from their parents, expanding their worldviews, and developing their personalities. To identify these fruitful Sapphic idylls with a permanent condition of homosexuality is madness, and the campus counselors who encourage such premature conclusions should be condemned and banished. They are preying, for their own ideological purposes, on the young people at their most vulnerable. I want to cry out to these girls: Stop! Think! Continue to love women, but resolve your problems with men. (Same text, p. 82)

    Bisexuality is out best hope of escape from the animosities and false polarities of the current sex wars. Whether or not we can put it into practice, bisexuality is a great pagan ideal. (p. 94)

    The real revolution will come when we are free of the false dichotomy of gay/straight and when bisexual responsiveness is accepted as the universal norm. (p. 105)
    She's basically a bisexual supremacist lol... But I think she kind of idealises the cultural potential. I don't think bisexual people are at all more enlightened.

    I'm not going to suggest she attempt to find herself an idealised androgynous guy though because it really is like finding a needle in a haystack. And that's why we're all 'asexual'
    Lol I keep stumbling on these really old school looking websites lately. This was written in 2012 though I think? About his thoughts about Camille Paglia (guessing not a fan. Having skimmed it I can tell I'm not going to agree with him either on lots of stuff and he's prob a masculinist. But this should be interesting - only for me hahahaha)

    There's also this substack article I've kept stumbling on while googling stuff today:

    And there seem to be lots of really random/insane anecdotes that come up on Google from this one substack article (supposedly about her,) but it's behind a paywall and I don't want to pay. Like haha:

    She told me that she was now bisexual because she couldn't find anyone to sleep with. She screamed this at the photographer too .
    And even by my standards that guy's thing about Camille Paglia is so long damn.

    This choppy piece of writing began as a challenge I posed to a friend. One was offered the opportunity of counting the number of cases of lying, dishonesty, misrepresentation, false claims, stupidity, and general disingenuousness committed by Camille Paglia in several hours of footage of her recorded public appearances. Since this is foremost a mere listing of such incidences, one should not expect an exegesis of the good lady?s works. Although I may pursue such an examination of her works in a manner not too unlike my current study, such will certainly be of a higher caliber, and will avoid the constant repetition of noted offenses the current writing provides. I, in fact, look forward to it. From what I have seen of her works so far, her writings are even more egregious in their lack of integrity than her speeches.

    I should say that, despite my utter contempt for the woman, I consider her a fine adversary, perhaps for the many traits and interests we share in common. We both celebrate the irrational, the imaginative, in addition to the outright intellectual. We both share an interest in sexuality and gender differences. We both have an interest in feminism, though we are on opposing sides in this war. If she were not guilty of many flagrant acts of lying I might even respect the lady.
    She tries to juggle and integrate various perspectives probably due to her identification with androgyny. When you do this you ultimately end up pleasing nobody and can end up with positions that also seem inconsistent. Sort of like this:

    Quote Walt Whitman
    "Do I contradict myself?

    Very well then I contradict myself,

    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"
    But, she's also always been a bit of a troll. But I think there are certain points she's quite serious about.

    Also I haven't watched the interview he's referencing so I'm just basically going off of his reality in this post whether it's accurate or not cause I cba to watch it atm.

    When asked what kind of music she likes she mentions Guns N? Roses, Metallica, and Van Halen as masculine types she adores, and further comments that she dislikes the P.C. grunge, meaning by this that grunge music is a pussy-whipped sort of fair that is the result of bad feminist political correctness. Now, if grunge music consisted merely of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, she might be correct in her swift assessment. They indeed avoid the near-misogyny of an Axl Rose, the womanizing of a The Rolling Stones, and similar primal approaches to sex relations. But if one simply looks through the history of rock music, most does not take that approach. Metallica, whom she mentions, doesn't even write love songs or songs about conquests of women; likewise with many other bands. Then there is the more romantic approach of innumerable pop rock singers, who actually sing of love and lust without any of the darker manifestations of those things. And then there is something else in grunge music that Camille knows nothing of; as usual, she is not well-versed in what she speaks of. Unfortunately for her theory, a little band called, Alice in Chains, is also considered a grunge band, and as anybody who has heard their music knows, much of it is anything but P.C. It is in fact sadistic, psychotic, controlling, dominating, and abusive, with an ambiguous, even ambivalent, relation to the female gender, which is often the target of threats of murder.
    This obviously caught my attention. I'm going to have so many thoughts about this and it's going to be annoying as fuck. (edited this post a bunch of times because it took forever to read through all of this.)

    So yeah Kurt Cobain was obviously a huge feminist, and disliked masculinity. I don't like the phrase '[BEEP] whipped' because that ultimately robs men of agency and I think he had complex reasons for feeling that way. Also I'm not that familiar with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam but I don't see how their 'message,' music etc was particularly driven by political correctness etc or feminist from what I've seen.

    Now she shows her colors as a wannabe anti-feminist, instead revealing her utter hypocrisy, bragging about her earlier life. She says the time for confrontation was the 60's and 70's, then, unexplainably, brags of her violence toward men. She kicked them, punched them, and even broke an umbrella over one man's head. (Remember the umbrella, just as the Rihanna love song occurs to you.) Now what is so morbidly hypocritical about this is that if a man had done the same to her, even in the 60' and 70's, before feminist law was firmly entrenched in the loathsome books of socially acceptable behavior, he would have been, if not imprisoned, reprimanded severely. Imagine little old me, large enough to kill a woman easily with a couple blows, breaking an umbrella over some girl's head in public?or even in private, really (4).
    No that's quite explainable. She hates being infantilised and seen as vulnerable. It was actually that mostly which drew me to her in the first place (though I disagree with a lot of her viewpoints.) Because her message is otherwise completely absent in the culture (at least the part of the culture she occupies. But also conservative culture, all feminist culture, most mainstream culture..)

    It's not a very sophisticated response, but it's a response to that. Also I don't know the context of her talking about being violent but when I've heard her do that more recently it's usually because she's annoyed with women's lack of aggression in response to sexually inappropriate behaviour or something like that.

    She's got to stop bringing up that she's Italian every 5 minutes though lol.

    Now this woman, who brags of being a strident bisexual, who even claims that all of us are bisexual (as you'll see shortly), claims to be "an open lesbian."(5) You'll see a consistency to her self-negating contradiction as this study progresses, a consistent inconstancy.
    Yeah.... Yeah lol.

    She choses to take up the subject of men again, a subject she knows a lot about for someone with her track record. She declaims that it's the "21st century time to let men find their voices." She also thinks the piddling men?s movement (which most men have never even heard of and which most men would be disgusted by) is a good thing, prattling, "It's up to men to define themselves." And what is worse, in her attempt at proclaiming herself a lover of the manly man, "We do not want men to be like women. We do not want castrated men." Dear woman, who but a castrated man could deal with a violent woman (like yourself) without landing behind bars? (7) (By the way, my lovely readers, we haven?t reached the deep end yet in terms of her brazen dishonesty. The greatest claim though is not too far away.)
    This is hilarious.

    Uh if you like Freudian theory it's just reaction formation I think. Plus there's this whole thing you might want to avoid (from another webpage that looked really old):

    The Monster would thus be a woman, but a woman who would answer Freud's infamous question "What does a woman want?" with the ostensible reply: to be a male, with a female to love. In the failure of that project, the Monster is forced to play the role of the castrating Medusa woman.17 The novel of course never for a moment suggests that the Monster is anything but a male, and both Frankenstein and his creature assume that he is sexually functional as a male (there would otherwise be no need for Frankenstein to destroy the female monster). Yet the Monster never is given the chance to function sexually, and we are never given a glimpse of those parts of the body that would assure us that he is male. Of course we aren't: such is not part of the discourse of the novel (setting aside pornography) at the time. But this necessary cultural reticence, subjected to our retrospective critical pressure, may add a further ambiguity to the problems of definition of monster -- may indeed add another dimension to that question "What is a monster?" A monster may also be that which eludes gender definition. In this sense, Frankenstein would be a more radical version of that considerable body of Romantic and "Decadent" literature -- such as Theophile Gautier's Mademoiselle de Maupin, Henri de Latouche's Fragoletta, Balzac's Sarrasine, Rachilde's Monsieur Venus -- that uses crossdressing and hermaphroditism to create situations of sexual ambiguity that call into question socially defined gender roles and transgress the law of castration that defines sexual difference. The Monster's demand for recognition by his father could then be read not only as desire for the absent mother but as a wish to be a sexual object for the father, in the manner of Freud's Senatsprasident Schreber.18 Because a monster is that which calls into question all our cultural codes, including language itself, we can understand the persistent afterlife of Mary Shelley's creation, which shows us that, quite literally, once you have created a monster, whatever the ambiguities of the order of its existence, you can never get rid of it.
    And it's fucking Freud again.

    She's an edgelord and you have to learn to become one if you want to survive as a monster, but it does get old. Most people don't actually want to be evil all the time.

    I don't think she identifies as a monster lol. She has described herself as 'one of the strangest mutant creatures' though when talking about her sexuality before:

    Here's the problem. I grew up in the Fifties which was a highly conformist era and I had, there's no doubt, a massive gender dysfunction. My particular aggressive personality was completely out of sync with what was expected of a young girl at that time. I thought I was probably a boy. I was also attracted to women when I was very tiny. Then when puberty hit, suddenly my body changed. Boom] I found myself attracted to creatures I couldn't stand.

    I still don't get along with men as erotic partners, but the point is my body became attracted to male bodies. I've dated men, I just haven't had relationships with them. My problem with men I guess would have to be called a political problem. I can mate perfectly well with men on a physical level; I'm very attracted on a physical level. But I don't fall in love with them; I'm not involved with them emotionally. I'm one of the strangest mutant creatures on the face of the earth.
    But also I think she likes masculinity just not sexually.

    Like some sort of illiterate poet, she is in love with the mythological character of androgyny, and lays claim to it as one of her own dominant qualities. Of course, this is just more balderdash, but that later. Says our great professor, "The 60's generation was about androgyny. We thought we could blur the sexes." They thought, as she states, that the idea of male and female was somehow anachronistic. They were going to demolish these "patriarchal conceptions," "demolish them." Of course here she actually admits to being wrong, so we can not reprimand her for that. But what is a matter of some controversy and even mystery is the idea that the 60's generation "was about androgyny." Who does she think she's talking to? Unwittingly she is telling a generation of people who more and more accept androgyny about how androgynous their phony parents were while they were dropping acid and trying to comprehend a single passage of the Bagavad Gita. So, in other words, she is simply overstating her case. The truth is that people, namely intelligent people, with whom Camille seems to share little exchange, have become much more comfortably androgynous than their ancient 60's forebears. I'm counting this as a case of a lack of knowledge and research (8 ), and dramatic exaggeration.
    😭 that killed me. Also I'm totally the same in that regard (all the poetry I've ever written is bad, and also liking androgyny in mythology,) but it's still funny.

    Paglia, or should I say Palia, laments, 'Feminism has not brought sexual happiness. The division between the sexes is even more fierce.' Well, what the hell do you expect? Half a generation of women turned into nagging psychos by feminism, many of them with more penis envy than Andy Warhol (one of Camille's greats, yes), and you expect a friendly response from the greater sex? How ingenuous is this vacuous ejaculation of an ironically clueless mind? She'll never admit the role feminism, her secret prize, had in this friction between genders (9).
    So not a fan of Andy Warhol either. (I actually don't know much about him except that he knew a lot of trans women, and then Solanas shot him. Obviously he's an artist but I'm not really into pop art. He also directed films but I haven't seen any of them.)

    A grand claim is brewing, and here it comes. Says she, "In my deviant mind, I've always been able to understand rape, murder, and so forth." Then, "I see with the eyes of the rapist."
    Lol this is wild she was saying this on Bill Maher's show?

    Here she's trying to claim some insight into what it means to be a disturbed man. Now, since she spends so much time with healthy men--no, no! She doesn't even understand the mind of a sane man, much less that of a man insane. I think she deserves the electric chair for this act of patronizing assumption. Later we will find that she doesn?t even have a good grasp of crime in general, despite the fact that she at some point claims to own four TVs; there are how many true crime shows on cable television?
    To think this was written before the true crime trend really took off (I think. Before I bothered to notice anyway.)

    She says she looks up to gay men because they don't complain about dates, don?t cry date rape, and so forth. My reason for holding this against her will be shortly more clear to the reader. And she says these sorts of things quite often. Camille?s claim to love and identify with gay men is like a claim to love a fiction (10).
    Now her ideas on date rape that run counter to the mainstream of feminism. Let me first say that it doesn't even matter, for she has no interest in changing the official policies of institutions. You'll find me bringing up the Duke lacrosse fiasco in response to her claims about date rape and her claims of her 'reform' feminism conquering the 'old' feminism. [...] These young men were convicted before any kind of trial and defense, and then they were exonerated. Where was the reformed feminism that should have been telling the girls (or girl, singular?) that they should have expected sex? That's not how it worked, and you'll never hear Camille speak of this scandal. Again and again, what about the evil spread by feminism in the form of unjust laws and patently false accusations? There is still no punishment for false accusation. Why? 'To protect the victim.' My Lord and Savior, false confession is indeed not a victimless crime; the one accused is, in fact, the victim in such a case. So, where is his protection? The media is all over him, he is convicted in the news, and he even has the honor (according to Maude, in Harold and Maude) of spending time in jail. Once again, what a hypocrite [BEEP] (12).
    Now he just seems mad that she hasn't talked about a specific policy issue he wants her to talk about. Also, I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe 'her brand of feminism' won as she disagrees with most of them and has spoken about that a lot. I think I remember her saying that she felt that the 70s undid a lot of the sexual revolution of the 60s and that we've basically gone back to the 1950s now. I see what she's getting at though I think this time period is just too unique with all the technological changes and other stuff to really compare. I also see parallels with Weimar Germany. Even the 60s because everyone suddenly wants to take psychedelics again. It's really a mishmash.

    Also he's still not gone back to her love of gay men lol.

    "I believe in seduction going from a no to a yes," only slightly disagreeing with Bill. The problem in this statement is in its acknowledgement of male power; although she doesn't mention that it is the male that is the seducer, that is what she meant in the context of their converse. Well, at another time she argues that women have a definite power over men, even that men flee from this power to paint a canvass or write a story, or maybe to masturbate--who knows? This power that women have over men, a form of seduction no doubt, proves the superiority that women have over men. But if such a hierarchical relationship exists between men and women, in the exclusive way she prescribes, how could a man convince a woman to go from a "yes" to a "no?" Inconsistency arrived at through lack of integrity (13).
    Does she think it's exclusive?

    At times Paglia makes the claim that Hollywood taught her all about bisexuality. Why? Because both sexy men and sexy women are depicted on the screen and some actors are even somewhat androgynous (Marlene Dietrich, one such example really?). Yet she also claims that an Ava Gardner scene in Show Boat made her a lesbian. So which is it, Camille? Bi or d***? No answer, just the whirl of words that jaculate contradictions from her mouth (14).
    Suppose he's using this to try and make his statement more forceful. Which is a bit cringe. Also given his obvious contempt.

    And, like her criticism of grunge for being P.C., she criticizes Maryl Streep and Meg Ryan, whose careers found their greatest success in the early 90's--maybe a bit before and after--for what? For being so much less than the old-time beautiful and glamorous women of the big screen. Yet I find Meg Ryan far more sexy and fuckable than a Katherine Hepburn in her prime. In fact I find Ryan's play at innocence and disinterestedness more attractive than Hepburn's acting either the same or flamboyance and faux-intellectuality. I see Meg Ryan, and I want to make her cry in love with me.
    Now it's just an argument about his sexual preferences haha. And he spelt Meryl Streep's name wrong.

    This, by the way, is a lesson for Camille as well as points against her; dear professor, you do not understand men, those simple creatures you think they are.
    Her complaint is that she doesn't find them sexy. Which is an opinion she often rants about, but you've assumed she's talking about you. She does generalise all her opinions but it's still not really a statement about men.

    I might also mention that Streep, in Woody Allen's Manhattan, actually resembles Dietrich in her cold and measured female sensuality, playing the [BEEP] ex-wife. Her blank facial expression is a similar drag queen vogue (that of the model's cold countenance) to the old Deutsch Dame's. Although Streep may not be quite as sensual as Dietrich, say, in a similar minor role such as hers in Touch of Evil, Streep nails the sexy [BEEP] type nevertheless, and someone like myself would like to [BEEP] such a d*** out of spite, something I'm sure Camille would appreciate. [...]
    I was sort of waiting.

    Such a long winded way to get to get to his point.

    Well that's the end.

    No lol. There's so much more. The scroll bar isn't even a quarter of the way down. And we still haven't circled back around to the gay men thing.

    Camille claims to be bisexual but admits she's best with women. I would argue that she is only with women. She admits to being a lesbian more often than she claims to be a bisexual (17). What is half a bisexual? Unisex. Figure that one out, if you will. She goes on to say, "I sleep with men, but I don't fall in love with men. I'm lascivious." Okay, she makes the grand claim again. Somebody smell something bogus? I do (18 ). And, lascivious? Too bad no one but your female students (or their equivalents in the world of art) finds you attractive. There's even a funnier twist in the Bob Costas interview. Just wait.
    It's incoherent but I think it's kind of entertaining how much this bothers him because of why it bothers him.

    The two of them, Bill and Camille, discuss Hollywood couples and Camille is asked to choose between the man and the woman. Guess who she chooses almost every time? Yep, the man. Tom Cruise over Nicole Kidman? What kind of d*** are you? Oh, Nicole must be unglamorous. Even "the gays" are gaga for Nicole; many of them might even choose Nicole over Tom. I'll let this one go, since it is based on the presumption of truthfulness. Yeah! And Camille likes the louche, gigolo style of men. She doesn't like men. Sorry, liar! (19)
    Tom Cruise has always been off putting to me so it's not a difficult decision. He's the reason I didn't watch the Interview with the Vampire film lol.

    She then offers that many young girls now are jumping on the grenade and going down on other girls, almost glowing with pride. Then she mysteriously states: "I miss the golden age of lesbianism." So, was the golden age the time you couldn't get laid or some other time you haven't even spoken of? Why would someone say something so blatantly foolish (21)?
    Another Paglia claim--isn't her [BEEP] sore yet? No, she pulls out another: "Women are naturally more bisexual than men. It's a lot easier for women." Okay, now I'll have to bring out the old anecdote machine. Yes, confession time for yours. Although I have at times pursued women exclusively, there have been times when I jumped ship and fired my cannon for the other side. (I am one who must break every rule.) And I'll tell you, men of many stripes (but not all, as Camille would have you believe) are capable of "getting gay," of falling for the charms and attractiveness of another man. Perhaps if I were born more malformed none of this would have come to pass? But let it be known, a man must not be gay to engage in homosexual activities. Men are just as capable as I would say more capable than women of being bisexual. I would argue that men are even more attractive to their own sex, perhaps because of their physical endowments, their anatomy. And, by the way, even Camille prefers to watch male gay porn rather than female gay (lesbian) porn. This d*** is very much in love with the penis, [he then essentially descends into his sexual fantasies about her taking dick]
    Well scientific research shows women are more bisexual in terms of arousal than men are yeah. Just as a general rule. Camille Paglia is really helping out gay men here haha. 'No you evil witch. I am very bisexual. I'll suck a dick right now.'

    I'm not at all surprised to hear he's bisexual and this is exactly what I had in mind amusingly when I said 'I don't think bisexuals are at all more enlightened.' Some of the worst people I've encountered have been bisexual men. They're a mixed bag like nerds.

    "Men are shrinking," bemoans Camille, as if she had any investment in the matter. "The more they do what feminists want, the more they shrink." Not only does this fly in the face of her own theories of female superiority by their ability to control men through their sexuality (26), which will later be addressed in full, this is a boldly delivered false claim. The idea that flimsy, wishy-washy men, like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder, for instance, are the result of feminism is patently false. I argue that there have always been such men. As an example, Jimmy Stewart comes to mind (27). This is not taking away anything from these three talented men; it is just an evaluation of their public character. So, contrary to Camille's claim, I would argue that, while women grow more aggressively anti-man, men, instead of bowing to these loathsome creatures, try to make their way in life just the same. The sensitive man is a myth that the media tried to use to infect actual men, and it didn't work.
    Kurt Cobain was definitely exposed to feminist ideas, but I don't think they would have appealed to him if he had a different personality type. That being said it does sound like you're insulting him.

    He goes on a bunch to complain about how she pathologises homosexuality and I don't really take issue with any of his points there since it is gross though he doesn't say what he's quoting with the emotional retardation point. Though I wouldn't say she is a lesbian feminist ideologically speaking. Also he's back to insisting she's a lesbian.

    Then let fly is a quote from one of her works, something to the effect: Exclusive lesbianism is emotional retardation. Let the pathologizing begin. Now Dr. Paglia is a psychologist of sorts, no doubt luxuriantly seated atop her armchair, and her defense is that it is not an exact quote. So, let's get this down with mathematical precision. Lesbians are emotionally retarded. You regularly admit (notice, I didn't say claim) to being a lesbian. So what are you (32)? An emotional cripple who sat on a cock once or twice . . . a long time ago. Add to this that she is disappointed with lesbian feminism. This from a lesbian feminist (33).
    Maher gets in on the gay-baiting and is especially disparaging of male homosexuality. Her response is nothing--this even though she often claims to look up to gay men (34). This one really deserved two points. She continues with her theories. She doesn't for a minute believe that anyone is born gay. Her working hypothesis is that homosexuality is an adaption to environmental pressures. This from a woman who at various times makes reference to physiology, hormones, brain science, and inborn gender traits. My argument against is that I have heard mothers who say that they knew their child was homosexual long before the onset of puberty. [...]
    No more alienation, people! This must stop! Can you imagine all the best lady softball players going from eating [BEEP] to sucking dick overnight? If Camille had her way . . . You know I'm right here.
    So you've said. Several times.

    Next, Camille belies her opposition to stereotypical feminism. "I believe in all forms of power. I believe in the bitch." Yes, we know you believe in yourself, you fucking megalomaniac (more on this later). (46) She wrote an article called, "Kind of a Bitch: Why I like Hillary." She can't make up her mind on our dear Secretary, the psychopathic wife of a great psychopath. Twins they are.

    Unfortunately she prattles on about how feminists are not fair to men. At this point one should realize that Paglia is a feminist shill. She tries to paint a friendly face for 'the new feminism' that she advocates with no success and no intention of success. Paglia doesn't give a damn about men (47). And it gets worse.
    No she's not really a feminist and most feminists disagree with her. She's kind of conservative about gender (though to be fair a lot of feminism is just conservatism and vice versa,) and she's GNC. So no she doesn't care about men, because conservatives don't care about men or at least they care about women more than men and so ultimately see them as expendable in eg: war. It's important to note that many men don't really want people to care about them either though they want to die in a war or they think they do. A bunch of her ideas are sort of similar to Jordan Peterson.

    I think his primary complaint is similar to the one a lot of terfs have about trans women kind of a mirror image. Only unlike trans women, and being older and afab, she's almost gone out of her way to third gender herself and he's still pissed lol. (Because he views her as some kind of infiltrator trying to destroy men because he thinks women are evil which will become obvious later.)

    News alert: Camille loves gay male magazines and gay male porn, this despite the fact that she can't validate such individuals (53). Why? "Because it shows the beauty of the male body and the penis (in all its modulations)." Does she suffer some sort of heterosexed voyeurism aimed at homosexual men. Let's pathologize like her. "Lesbians are incapable of doing hot porn." (Too much. You earned it this time: 54)
    After her prior talk of men's abuse, she brings up one of her favorite fantasies, men's helpless subordination to a woman's sexual power.
    This bothers him a lot.

    Anyway, as a man, [BEEP] creature of no merit though I am, I have had sexual power over many a woman. But that's anecdotal evidence. Oh, evidence, something you don't provide (62).
    He's moved onto a different interview now so at this point I realised he's analysing a bunch of different interviews.

    Dear, Ms. Paglia, you are so easy to despise. Watching your concatenations of lies that you call speeches and interviews, I feel a complete lack of faith in mankind. You have no integrity, no sense of honesty, no dignity, no stance of responsibility all you have is a brutally untruthful sense of self and success, a prevailing megalomania. Although I know you a complete phony, I feel I must share this understanding with others. I want them to know you are little more than a sly shill for feminist ideology, for the dogma you claim to hate. I vomit your name, with g included, with a sense of hard-fought freedom. Your lack of good faith and accountability is worse than any mere journalist whom I know. I hope you [sexually violent thoughts] you lying d***.
    As I say he's not a fan.

    Oh, and women should be prepared to defend themselves--what about men defending themselves? Yes, that's not allowed, you hypocrite [BEEP] (87).
    I dunno if she's ever clarified her position on this tbh.

    As a man who has spent his few decades in close company with women, I have gathered plenty of insight into the female mind and even the female body. Camille, you will find, despite her lesbian/bull d*** status, seems to know little of her own sex.
    You haven't spent much time around women or been paying attention in general (because you don't have to to notice,) if you'd classify Paglia that way, she isn't that masculine. But 'despite' doesn't really work here since obviously gender non-conforming women don't understand women as well.

    She knows even less of men. My experience, sexual and otherwise, with both women and men far outweighs that of Paglia, and unlike her, I am a man capable of insight and reflection.
    Your ego is kind of rivaling hers.

    He then goes on to predictably (because of course that comment wasn't just about her,) write a bunch of misogynistic things that are deeply ideologically motivated and so not particularly interesting. The fact that I've seen the exact same opinions many times from an entire group of people with the same manosphere focussed political beliefs kind of speaks to that eg: women are incapable of empathy, exclusively self focussed, designed for maternity, women are just children. Things of that nature. And yet you think you're immune to being 'an NPC.'

    Uh remember when I said this literally just days ago lmfao:

    So when a lot of feminists who are non-conforming on average say that they think it's about sexual dominance they're often probably drawing from personal experience. And there's research showing that certain women get sexually harassed more based on non-conforming personality traits. Camille Paglia who I think may have brought this up before should know this though cause she is a non-conforming lesbian. These aren't mutually exclusive concepts Paglia.

    Really, if Camille were to approach the subject in good faith, considering all of her assertions and claims, she would advocate an end to feminism; she does not do so because she has an interest in the power structure of the movement. She does not wish good on men, for that is not her area of concern, despite her talk of liking men and giving men a place in the world. She wants to be in a position of power from which she authorizes the free actions of men; she'd like to give her blessings from on high, her sanctions from a house of power. But we'll find that Camille does not want to redress the legal wrongs that have been made the burden of man.
    Well after the whole 'women are soulless children unlike my superior insight that sounds exactly the same as every other bog standard misogynist' gaslighting thing I'm not feeling overly sympathetic to your supposed plight. Men are so often terrible at being damsels in distress haha. Because when they're scared/uncomfortable they just get really aggressive. Maybe that's why I started working on that video thing with the fairy guy a while ago that I never finished really because it ended up just being prequel but now my channel has moved on and I don't really want to go back to it in that form. Also the other similar plotlines in my head.

    'Save me.' 'No I'm superior and dominant you have no soul and you're just like a child that was made for making babies and I'm going to [BEEP] men' 'Oh my God save me from feminism help'

    It's not hot.

    And I cut part of this off because I cannot quote everything it's so long. But he continues on this paragraph by ranting about Hillary Clinton and there's been so much ranting about Hillary Clinton. Who I don't personally like but oh my God.

    This about Clinton:

    She cannot even pretend to possess the masculine traits of her male peers, however corrupt they be. Enough.
    Is he talking to himself there?

    We'll condescend here and allow Paglia's pronouncement of herself as a pioneer in web-tech. She contributed articles to more than one online publication. We'll also assume the content of said articles to be the tripe she propounds in her speeches. Soon, in a later work, I'll show her published books to be frauds as well.

    The scroll bar isn't even half way down this fucking page and I'm not quoting everything here.

    Not to stray too far, but it just occurs to me, why Madonna when there are far more sensual and authentic lady musicians out there, like Tori Amos, who all but penetrates herself on her piano while pouring out her Dionysian heart. Madonna is, was, and will always be everything Camille later accuses Lady Gaga of being, a choreographed artistic phony replete with artificial sensuality. I admit Madonna had her more authentic moments in the 80's, but really, who is this femi-l**** kidding?
    He's got bored of using the word d*** I see. And he's now managing to ruin Tori Amos for me.

    He doesn't like Lady Gaga so agrees with her there. Also wrong haha.

    More endless sexism and anger with women. A huge chunk of it is just his incredibly low opinion of the female sex.

    He keeps bragging about his supposed compassion while writing incredibly venomous things lol. It seems that he has something of a fear of being consumed by women actually. Possibly where the whole vore fetish (or parts of it) originates. Unfortunately this fear of being consumed is kind of playing into her theory that everything men do is do distance themselves from women despite him criticising that theory heavily since it obviously bothers him. Of course this doesn't apply to most men except ones with a lot of neurosis about being feminine and even then they're motivated predominantly by a desire to distance themselves from feminine men not women. Nevertheless congrats on being an example of what she's talking about.

    The world is a fucking mirror reflecting things, and these things she collects, and her collection becomes herself. A life of mementos and souvenirs, things that become her. She is certainly herself, but there is no solid enough boundary to prevent you from being part of herself. It doesn't matter if you're around even, she may have you through some remembrance of your presence. One can consider such primitive feminine practices as voodoo and its related religious practices, the magical practices of witches even, at least to some degree what is constant in these practices? The ownership or control of the other as if he or she were a thing.
    I'd like to know about his relationship with his mother.

    I love women. I wouldn't want them to be like men. I do not turn to women generally for rational insight, for reasonable argument, for their reflection or emotional stability. One does not always desire these things; if he did, he would most likely live as a hermit. This, I think, is why Camille never mentions Cindy Lauper; because, actually, not just in song, girls just want to have fun (472). And notice she says, girls. Many women refer to each other as girls, especially when around one another, in a group of women. It's a tacit admission of the lack of rites of passage, a lack of a certain break. It's the Peter Pan thing, you know; girls, women, want eternal youth. Speaking for myself, I would never want to return to my youth, nor to my teen years, nor to my twenties, and I'll say the same in ten years about my thirties. Women want not just eternal youth, but freedom from the constraints (and many they are) that men take for granted.
    So, d**** cannot be men in any of the better senses, but they can be like men in the bad senses.
    Here he attempts to claim he loves women, in spite of the low assessment of women he's displayed throughout his writing here and what appears to be complete contempt for GNC and powerful women in general. Yes that's a catchy song. you find neoteny attractive and so a lot of women attempt to emulate that and have terrible insecurity about aging. In fact there is a term for that archetype in the media 'manic pixie dream girl' considering musicians who broadly fit this archetype.. I'm reminded quickly of Bjork he's Venus as a boy, not 'a very rational man who hates GNC women and lesbians.'

    So now you (and various others,) have ruined rationalism, Spock, and Tori Amos. Anything else you want to ruin while you're at it?

    Not everyone wants to manifest that. Some women just want to be a boss [BEEP] which probably explains some of your dissatisfaction with 'women these days'

    What woman ends up with a stubborn prejudiced dick? Elizabeth Bennet perhaps?

    "Do not consider me now as an elegant female, intending to play you, but as a rational creature, speaking the truth from her heart."

    Oh, do you еnvy how I'm free?
    How the life in me is rеal, running barefoot through the fields?
    Oh, does it hurt how I don't look at you with fear?
    Do you like to watch me kneel, 'cause the way it makes you feel?

    And I hear you don't like it
    I don't care if you don't

    You can burn the skin I live in
    But you cannot burn the witch away

    Does every lady politician need to display the unwomanly habits of d****?
    Which is it? unwomanly or super feminine? He can't make up his mind. Mostly because he's trying to insult her since her self concept is androgynous. He keeps going on about her inferiority complex regarding the idea of womanhood only by womanhood he means femininity and by Paglia he means himself too:

    Of course, these feminists will not admit that they have a clear bias against boys, who, by their standards (female), will always be a problem. If only boys were born without the masculine nature; it would make the lives of teachers and scholarly disciplinarians so much easier (168 ). Typical feminism displaying its desire to put all students in feminine trousers. Sugar and spice and everything nice. [BEEP] you, bitch. Let's go for a ride. When was the last time you went camping? I'll be your longed-for bogeyman, broad. For those of you awaiting my novel, The Hag Who Haunted Hell, take it easy on me; I have so much work remaining on the docket.
    Never once have I heard her suggest that. So paranoid. I'm fairly sure she has the opposite opinion and wants men to be masculine. It's a point you've been ranting about enough.

    It's so exhausting. And she's often unpleasant too.

    It was getting too 'rational' and 'masculine' so I had to start listening to Aurora.

    "It's not always easy to find your place in this world made for men, as a woman. To find yourself. To learn that you are a source of life, of power, craft, thought and love. Not only a vessel. You do not exist for the pleasure of others, you exist for yourself. Even Beyond your body, your beauty, your intellect and your accomplishments, there is a woman who is worthy of this world. Believe in her. And know her worth with every breath you take. And then maybe one day the world will be in harmony. And balance. But only in the arms of equality."

    I found the only woman I need to love (the only, the only)
    The only woman I need to love (the only, the only)
    The only woman I need to love (the only, the only)
    The only woman I need to love

    She's not really my type (I mean physically I guess, cause otherwise I guess she kind of is historically lol. And actually he had a song about Peter Pan too. and so although I was a bit too old for it really - sometime between mid-late teens - I read the book and an unofficial sequel since I was so enamoured with Patrick Wolf at the time and he seemed to be into the character. Later I found IAMX who I noticed later also had Peter Pan song lyric references + was wearing a hat at one point coincidentally.)

    But I'm sort of romantically in love with her voice/soul. It started with this I think:

    I forget how emotions dance when they aren't inside of me
    I forget how the sun feels when she isn't around me
    And my dreams become sweeter when something is missing
    I'm in love with the hunt itself
    It makes me feel alive, alive

    Probably because most of her music is about empathy and empathising with outcasts lol. And that's also very rare.

    you're attracted to rockstars
    but scared of intimacy
    you're in love with a concept
    I know being in love with a concept, I have one
    I slot whatever girl messages back into her
    😒 Yeah OK person I used to talk to in Discord chat ~2018 How dare you. It's actually several overlapping concepts pfft.

    I notice it's cultures that emphasise feminine cuteness/youthfulness where you see men pulled in that direction the most:

    Aegyo literally means behaving in a flirtatious, coquettish manner and it is commonly expected for both male and female K-pop idols.[3]

    In Japan, being cute is acceptable for both men and women. A trend existed of men shaving their legs to mimic the neotenic look. Japanese women often try to act cute to attract men.
    Japanese pop stars and actors often have longer hair, such as Takuya Kimura of SMAP. Men are also noted as often aspiring to a neotenic look. While it doesn't quite fit the exact specifications of what cuteness means for females, men are certainly influenced by the same societal mores - to be attractive in a specific sort of way that the society finds acceptable.[29] In this way, both Japanese men and women conform to the expectations of Kawaii in some way or another.
    Personally though, I've always been annoyed by looking young for my age and the perception of being young and short etc.

    "All of the romance has gone out of sexual relations." Now you can respond to this on your own, by I know it not to be true for myself, and I'm verging on a fucking sadist (458 )
    Not overly surprised.

    If all the male brains are so limited, why does greatness tend (almost entirely) to come of the male mind?
    But never yours.

    There is an area that Camille likes to go around on a regular basis. It involves her childhood love of masculine costumes. She thinks that somehow makes her masculine. Contrary to this notion, it is still feminine, this interest in the fashion of men. Even cross-dressing women still betray their femininity. Likewise, drag queens, even most of those who have undergone sex-changes, carry about their masculine traits; it?s a part of the appeal and the entertainment; it?s a game, really. Yes, there are sometimes gender-bending men who actually appear female, but even this is rare. And these persons still have masculine traits, whether hidden or not. The instance of this occurring with women who play the gender-bending game is almost non-existent (248 ).
    Not at all true, you just don't notice the most successful examples at all. Heterosexual stealth trans men blend in seamlessly most of the time.

    He seems to take great issue with Paglia referring to herself as androgynous yet:

    I do not let you go before me in line at the coffee shop because I place you in a heavenly light; I am merely being kind and hoping to make you feel good about yourself. Yes, we know that women like these sorts of things, and some of us enjoy making others happy maybe it's the feminine in us? or rather something of the flamboyant, that androgynous quality.
    He wishes he was androgynous.

    And, God forgive her little brain, she thinks she's like a man (324). You think like a woman in drag, Professor Paglia.
    He keeps using this word feminist but as with most of these guys (because I've encountered his clone before on a bunch of occasions and they always have issues with non-conforming women, trans men and so on.) I don't think he means feminist. He also seems to try and differentiate her from transgender people briefly by saying that she doesn't get trans people (when she suggested she did,) because her androgyny is not androgyny but lesbianism and penis envy but he doesn't expand on that further and how he defines that, regardless there's a huge overlap between lesbians and transgender people so those boundaries have never been distinct. And lesbians are on average neurologically masculinised so androgynous lol. Same with bisexual women but depending on what's being measured bisexual women can be more or less masculine and obviously depends on the sample and various factors because there isn't a single phenotype. 'I'm annoyed and don't want you in my ingroup so it's not androgyny' isn't a great argument.

    Yeah no, I'm not going to search for a bunch of research because it's non controversial and there's a lot of it floating around and this post existing is already dumb.

    Also she's really not ideologically very feminist at all. I think she's referred to herself that way due to enjoying the contradiction honestly and for historical reasons. That being said some research has found this which is interesting:

    Consistent with our specific hypotheses, feminist activists exhibited a significantly more masculinized 2D:4D ratio relative to both Swedish and aggregate comparison groups, a substantially higher level of Directiveness than both the male and female Australian samples, and within-sample correlations between these variables.
    Social dominance was measured with the revised Mark VI version of the Ray Directiveness scale (Ray and Lovejoy, 1984), which includes items like 'Are you the sort of person who always likes to get your own way',? 'Do you tend to boss people around', 'Would you rather take orders than give them', and 'Would you avoid a job which required you to supervise other people?' [...] Finally, it is a substantial predictor of self-report indicators of masculine versus feminine orientation in both males and females, including the full range of masculine-feminine orientation, probably because it specifically taps 'aggressive dominance' (Ray and Lovejoy, 1988 ).
    In conclusion, the feminists-as-masculinized-females theory and these supportive results yield insight into the potential biological origins of feminist beliefs and value systems. These empirical data indicate that Wilson (2010) may have been right to ascribe feministic characteristics to his sample of less feminine females, if the present results generalize to some extent from feminists activists to self-identified feminists and maybe also to women's support for feminist views. These are important issues for future research based on this theoretical perspective. In any case, our findings shed new light on the feminist paradox and on studies such as that of Scharff (2012) exploring the reasons why women by-and-large eschew feminist ideology.
    That's why I think people just throw around the word feminist when encountering certain personality types even if they don't really fit the ideological beliefs.

    The fact that she admits to an adoration of the cock and of the male body leaves the story of her life even in a more ambivalent state. Why, for instance, does she deny herself the pleasure of coitus and of sucking dick? What about anal sex? All of these sources of pleasure, of getting off, that she has forborne. A man could make her climax in far more ways than a woman could, but she resists. So, my conclusion is that, if pathology exist, it exists in her in particular, not in the gay man, not in the heterosexual, not in the mysterious 'lesbian other.' Not even in the true bisexual, which she is manifestly not. She loves pornography; let's see on the cover of her next book a scene in which she has a dick in her mouth. Until then . . . ambiguity, ambivalence, and egregious self-contradiction win.
    How could such a sexless woman proclaim a love and obsession for sex? It's an unappealing enigma. She gets along best, says she, with straight women and gay men, two categories that she does not validate (297).
    Yeah the ambiguity of my sexuality pissed off the bisexual guy I knew online too lol. The bolded is just incorrect since women have more orgasms in relationships with women than men (there's data backing that up.) 51,505 words just to express your frustration with the fact that Paglia - someone you hate and don't find sexually attractive at all - won't ever [BEEP] you.

    'Why does she deny herself' most men just aren't attractive so they don't inspire any desire in my opinion. That's just one reason. I think she overstates it to try and make herself seem less 'man hating'

    To quote Contrapoints, a lesbian:

    Whereas, even in the most patriarchal situation, straight women are ultimately attracted to men and sexually aroused by male bodies. Or are they? Gay men certainly are, and gay women are just rhapsodic about women, but a lot of straight women are just kind of meh about male bodies and men in general.

    I just do not understand straight women. I don't think I ever will and that's OK.

    Of course before she transitioned she was always pursued by women and didn't have to put in much effort and after transitioning admitted to struggling for a time. A lot of her sexual relationships involved feminisation. This is described as the 'female gaze' and is incredibly visible online but likely doesn't represent most straight women's desires. It would, likely, represent Camille Paglia though (if she's at all capable of being attracted to a guy,) based on stuff she's said. She seems OK having relationships with women though. The guy who wrote this switches between aggressively insisting she's a lesbian and should admit that, to insisting she wants dick and complaining that she's a 'cock-tease' her self ID has been somewhat incoherent which makes a lot of sense to me because for some people their sexuality is just a mess. But I don't understand like the level of anger and he's pointed out many times he finds her very physically unattractive and despises her personality etc. It's a lot lol.

    I don't agree with her most of the time either lol but at this point this is mostly fascinating because of his intense anger regarding her sexuality etc and it's not because she's attracted to women. Especially cause I got a similar reaction from a guy who also bisexual (and this isn't him definitely not.) And really annoyed that I would talk about sex but not have sex, and the sexual ambiguity/not committing to labels. It's really weird. I'm very outspoken online though and so that must have been part of it. I've pissed off a lot of people online tbh. He was kind of easily annoyed in general though I guess, and was annoyed with other things about me.

    Somebody in the comments of that Contrapoints video also brought up something related. About how women are expected to grow out of their desire for men essentially after their teen years. I don't think I'll be able to find that comment now and it mostly referred to like the way you're expected to grow out of certain 'types' of men too. I think that kind of tracks I dunno. That's more at a distance though right.

    I'd say those men are not even gay; they are eunuchs. Who would [BEEP] those nancies? Come on!
    oh yeah, that, you lack maternal instinct, so I guess you're a eunuch.
    He has a peculiar definition of eunuch. And there's the insistence that the female sex is only useful as mothers.

    Why men care so little for events that call for decorum, that most feminine of traits? Yet, men have etiquette, men have charm, men have charisma, and these things do not even require long training.
    You really don't.

    This is like saying the damsel in distress is superior to the hero who wends his way through Hell to save her,
    Kind of yeah, why else would you save him? You're terrible at this role though as I said it's/you're not hot. Lots of women agree they want guys who are beautiful and inspire them to feel protective over them so they even often forgo relationships with real men because they just don't have that impact most of the time.

    But you wouldn't get that because - despite your complaints with Paglia and the female sex - you yourself have a myopic understanding of sexuality and gender diversity.

    Edit: I mean in general if you're sacrificing your life for someone it's kind of implicit that you think their life is more valuable than yours.

    Sorry, lady, man took care of his family because they belonged to him, they were his. And a woman in such a bygone time-period who betrays her man deserves death, nothing less. Any honest man would agree with this, if he is in fact a man, not a pussy-whipped coward who bows to feminine and feminist wiles.
    Paglia describes Victorian portraits. She says these women look like they are about to suffocate man. A praying mantis, no less. This is fantasy mere. Her grand phantasy (401).
    The man, unless he is somehow disturbed or womanlike, is not a collector of so many things. Boys have feminine traits; they too collect things, accrue things unnecessarily; men do not.
    It's tedious and certainly a long process, but we will eventually breed guys like you out of the gene pool lol. But you know that/have noticed a pattern. That's why you're so threatened. (Of course natural selection is a lot more complicated than that but may as well play along with their grand narrative while I'm here.)

    Rather for long term relationships people prefer agreeable partners who are conscientious (that predicts long term success,) so not you, or me, or Camille Paglia lol. They also dislike neuroticism (just common sense really,) and extraversion (not so obvious but apparently true. Maybe because people are often jealous.)

    It does without saying that you can't have a relationship with someone who is driven to prove their superiority over you.

    This is so dumb though you could then make the case that millennials are more 'manlike' as a generation because they are less materialistic and care more about experiences than things:

    Camille also loves to speak of Hollywood?s glamorous women, but never a peep about the flamboyant, intelligent, and charming men, whose talent made those classic movies the gems they are (415). Really, compare a Cary Grant to her beloved Katherine Hepburn, a Paul Newman to an Elizabeth Taylor, a Gary Cooper to a Marlene Dietrich. No, don?t; what use have you for men? Uh oh, I must be a total f** for liking old movies.

    The ingenuousness of the earlier Camille seems almost a sick joke performed to poor salt in the wounds of the victims of her prized feminism. The gall of this d*** is beyond the pale. Run for your life when your slaver speaks of freedom, when your butcher preaches veganism.
    I thought you said you were the uh 'greater sex' so I'm sure you can figure out how to save yourself from feminism. Jordan Peterson doesn't seem too optimistic while talking to Camille Paglia though:

    The [BEEP] is guilty of a crime against mankind, of trying to hide the truth behind her various absurd theories and claims. Although she is not directly guilty of the criminal laws aimed at men, she is indirectly guilty of trying to hide those crimes through her subterfuge.
    Crime against mankind lol.

    Yes, her lies are brilliant in their way, even beautiful, but such action of a representative succubus should not go without punishment. Because I hold currency with the devil, I curse her vacuous soul over and again, wishing her the worst. The children, for instance, belong to the lineage of the man, not the woman, yet her and her cohorts in crime, known as feminists, turn reality on its head. Dear Camille, the patriarch is a man. What are you? The barren matriarch? What lies beyond your blouse, beneath your bra? Tits filled with poison whence your followers drink.
    Don't you know? You wrote it. Well your sex wrote it which as we've established by now means you get credit somehow.

    According to the treatise, God castrated Samael in order not to fill the world with their demonic offspring, this being the reason why Lilith seeks to fornicate with men.
    Samael (Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל, Sammāʾēl, "Venom/Poison of God";[1] Arabic: سمسمائيل, Samsama'il or سمائل, Samail; alternatively Smal, Smil, Samil, or Samiel)[2][3][4] is an archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore; a figure who is the accuser or adversary (Satan as mentioned in the Book of Job), seducer, and destroyer (Mashhit as mentioned in the Book of Exodus).

    Although many of his functions resemble the Christian notion of Satan, to the point of being sometimes identified as a fallen angel,[5][6][7]: 257?60  he is not necessarily evil, since his functions are also regarded as resulting in good, such as destroying sinners.[3]

    I don't think you hold much currency. More like debt.

    Finally she gets something right. The New Age movement is garbage. What she doesn't mention is that the New Age movement is a reaction to all the political and atheistic garbage her generation spewed .... for how many decades exactly? You convince the gullible masses that Christianity is a patriarchal and outdated system of domination, if not oppression, and should be abandoned as soon as possible--meanwhile arguing for the importance of bible learning and comparative religions. What do you think these gullible masses are going to do? They turn to alternatives to the religion that has been so demonized (then patronizingly appraised a darling of history, by Camille, who loves to cut off her nose to spite her dick--the dick she wishes she had, like most feminists).
    Wow so all your beliefs are just terrible then lol. It's ironic to complain that Christianity has been demonised considering what it did do Pagan and polytheistic religions/mythology across the world. Literally demonising various Gods but also a range of other things/hobbies/music/art/people.

    I don't think she does want a dick actually. I do (for sex,) it's not a primary concern though. Mostly I'd prefer a lower voice. That's the most frequent thing I think about honestly, or more androgynous bone structure. You guys (damaged men,) should focus on that more. I'd say with the voice thing I get more voice envy from genetic females though lol who have gone on testosterone (detransistioners often - problematically maybe - because they tend to be more androgynous.)

    I do think using strapons is more convenient because they can be any size lol. And more women are having orgasms from sex toys than dicks because they have more ogasms while masutrbating and will sometimes use them, and they have more orgasms in lesbian relationships.

    How many times does he use the word penis and dick in this let me search. 15 uses of the word penis, and 15 uses of the word dick lol. Also used the word cock 17 times.

    He says he's had sex with women before (he's had 'sexual power' over women) yet he has the mind of an incel with none of the excuses (supposedly.)

    Also who says that?
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Someone posted a photo of like a random woman using a laptop wearing a really short skirt on Tumblr and wrote under it 'Geddy Lee writing basslines' then another person came along and said 'I have to draw this right now' and they did lol. I love Tumblr.

    Their drawing really is just a drawing and not realistic or anything unfortunately but. This couldn't happen anywhere else.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Someone posted a photo of like a random woman using a laptop wearing a really short skirt on Tumblr and wrote under it 'Geddy Lee writing basslines' then another person came along and said 'I have to draw this right now' and they did lol. I love Tumblr.

    Their drawing really is just a drawing and not realistic or anything unfortunately but. This couldn't happen anywhere else.
    This is going to possibly be the most pretentious/cringe thing I've posted in a while (and there's lots of competition,) but I like how it's fused the 'male gaze' and 'female gaze' together lol. Like on the one hand there was this photo of a completely random conventionally attractive woman wearing a short skirt that was clearly taken to get attention from heterosexual men, on the other it's a famous talented male rockstar who is now writing basslines on the laptop in exactly the same pose/outfit. Also anachronistic because he's drawn like he looked in the 70s/early 80s when such technology did not exist. Very amusing.

    But also hot.

    Did you hear that random academic who is clearly on this half dead internet forum mining for research anecdotes? (I actually don't think they'd be allowed to do that without permission lol. Not sure.)

    No but:

    First, nisu replicates male supremacy. As a way of empowering women under the pressure of patriarchal power, the nisu reflects a kind of reverse gaze of females towards males. However, the essence of this kind of gaze is the same as that of the male gaze, which is a reproduction of gender hegemonism. Some nisu fans satisfy the desire and proclaim power by objectifying males instead of pursuing reconciliation of gender conflict and reconstruction of gender order. Moreover, the current nisu culture in Chinese fandom is more for entertainment. "I think it is funny to call him 'laopo', and everyone does" (Chen, pers. Comm., April 27th, 2021). There is little further exploration of gender politics in nisu culture.
    It's not just ironic/amusing/rule 34 it's also hot!11!1

    Second, nisu also reflects and reiterates the traditional gender norms when trying to break through them.
    I don't care about breaking gender norms for the sake of it. It's hot.

    First, the rigid requirements of female images such as white skin, beautiful appearance, thin waist, and slender legs are still the aesthetic mainstream in nisu culture. It can be seen that the nisu culture has not fundamentally gotten rid of the restriction of the male gaze.
    I'm not a miracle worker. I'm just non-binary. (Also people aren't being paid to do this at all lol so you know.)

    Why is there a crywank song for everything? But:

    I'll write songs where we all scream "black is beautiful"
    'Cause as a white man, I feel it's my duty
    I figure they're all waiting for me to reaffirm their beauty

    Our press-releases like to say "it's a revolution"
    Whilst we revel in being part of the music institution
    Sure some times they say we're virtue signaling
    I don't give a fuck, my wallet's thickening

    I suppose you could argue this post is doing that in some sense (it's somewhat unavoidable unless your preferences are 100% the norm,) but I think it's particularly gross and insulting to create something, especially when it's for personal enjoyment and then consciously pick people of a certain ethnicity/body type etc when you don't find them attractive or to virtue signal in other words. Very neurotic guilt and patronising. You could argue that since preferences are partly formed by media representation (but this seems less true for men as certain preferences seem to transcend culture,) representation is important but I'm not sure it's fair to treat that as a moral obligation for fanworks, and really people with a certain preference/idea should make the work (whatever medium,) so it doesn't come across fake and disingenuous. Otherwise it's just pure propaganda which isn't great for the creative process (even outside of a romantic/sexual context it's not a great idea.) It's supposed to be more natural (but the line is kind of blurry. If you create something and want more of it you're obviously hoping that a byproduct of the creation will be more people creating similar stuff right because you want more of that. That can apply to anything like a music genre.)

    I mean I wanted to hear Taylor Swift cover Raider II by Steven Wilson after someone commented that on his cover of one of her songs so I made this video (which is terrible, and I just pitch shifted the vocals and did some other weird stuff in places that honestly made it sound worse lol. I kept the video unlisted cause I wasn't committed and the volume is too low really):

    This video is blocked in Belarus and Russia lmfao. I should find a way to kind of do this but better because it would be amazing. Hire a Taylor Swift sound-alike lol.

    'I should become an amazingly talented musician for the lols/memes/mashups'

    Oh my God this post was fairly to the point and now I've just as usual edited in a load of off topic nonsense.

    But yes it can't just be like 'I'm doing this purely for political reasons' because you won't have any attachment.

    In this interview he kind of brought up a related point when someone asked him this question:

    Do you think that musicians have a responsibility to try to have a social or political message in their music?

    I think the only people who should have a responsibility for singing about social issues or politics or anything like that are the ones who aren't full of [BEEP] about it. You know? Or the ones who aren't preaching. You know if you're gonna write a political song it's got to come from the same place as where you write a love song. You know? It can't just be some empty rhetoric and a bunch of finger pointing. You have to have yourself involved in it. So when I have a song like 'Don't wanna be an American Idiot.' I'm talking about myself and what's going on in my country at the same time and how do I fit into it and how do I feel alienated from it at the same time.
    I really agree.

    However in my writing I've had characters of various races and that just happens naturally for me, but the guys almost always have long hair even if they're someone I wouldn't find attractive lol (one is actually loosely based on Alan Moore,) that's a bit of a problem for me but it's an expression of my aesthetic preferences.

    One of my characters looks very similar to this YouTuber lol (but I created him way before I discovered he existed.) Do you ever look at people and think 'they remind me of my fictional character' bit insane. Glasses, long hair, similar features. I mean probably a lot of people look like this lol but yeah:

    Finally, slut-shame still exists. First, some of the interviewees involved in this study were too shy to express their desires and were reluctant to admit that they were nisu fans in interviews. However, the fact that they post erotic statements on their social media accounts confirms the existence of their desires.
    In conclusion, this paper took Word of Honor as a case study to explain the phenomenon and meanings of nisu culture in Chinese fandom from the perspective of the female gaze, and evaluated its positive impact and limitations on female empowerment and gender consciousness. However, nisu is a minority cultural circle and has been rejected by the mainstream fan culture for a long time due to its special erotic attributes. As a result, it is difficult for the researcher to get in touch with the core members and contributors in a short period of time and gain the full trust of all the respondents. Therefore, this study is more exposed to the part of nisu culture that has been or is being recognized and accepted by mainstream culture. The parts that are hard to be revealed still need to be explored further. In addition, this study also noted that the nisu fan fiction focuses more on social gender change, but rarely directly depicts the biological gender change. However, due to the limitations of samples and time, this conjecture needs more data and research to support in the future.
    Well, I think I've made myself clear at this point. To an obnoxious degree.

    The rise of nisu culture reflects the enhancement of female empowerment and the rebellion against reality.
    It is my favourite thing to rebel against.

    OK. I'm insulted that I don't think anyone's done a paper on the West yet. (They probably have I just stumbled on that one a while ago and haven't stumbled on anything similar since.) Why are academics always focussing on East Asian fandoms/subcultures? Given the researcher's name I assume they are Chinese but I find this in general. My idiosyncratic perversions are going unnoticed!

    Give me attention. /narcissism

    But also I think it's rarer in the West (yes because I'm seperating this from like femboys, trans porn, and stuff that's aimed at/created by and for straight cisgender men but it is at times a very thin line,) and the audience is slightly more diverse. I think it would be interesting to explore the overlap/differences. Male homoeroticism seems almost necessarily connected to this in East Asian subcultures see below, but it's slightly less connected in the West (but still a thing.)

    Nisu fans legitimize their desires by emphasizing their male identity in a virtual relationship. Words used to describe men's sexual reactions are plentiful in nisu culture, while women's sexual pleasures remain hidden.
    Maybe that's changing too though? Like this work:

    Wako works as a manga editor at a publishing department, while her boyfriend, Meguru, is a model and a clerk at a clothing store with a large social media following. Meguru is part of the genderless fashion subculture and is knowledgeable about make-up and fashion, causing other people around the couple to tend to mistake the nature of their relationship, as well as Meguru's gender.[3]
    Oh changing on a personal level too haha:

    My Androgynous Boyfriend is written and illustrated by Tamekou as her first work outside of the yaoi genre. It is serialized in the monthly manga magazine Feel Young, beginning in the March 2018 issue released on February 8, 2018.[3][7] The series will end serialization in the April 2023 issue released on March 8, 2023.[8] The chapters have been released in three bound volumes by Shodensha under the Feel Comics FC Swing imprint.[9]
    What is worth expecting is that the 227 incident has brought the nisu culture, which was originally a minority culture, into the public. The broadcast of Word of Honor also allowed some nisu behaviors to be recognized by the mainstream culture, instead of always being the secret taboos and quirks of the minority groups.
    So you're saying we need to be stopped by the Chinese government first? I see. My video is blocked in Belarus and Russia does that count? 🤣 (Pretty sure it's for copyright related reasons.)

    Now seems like a good time actually because for some reason straight women are calling every guy they find attractive 'baby girl.' I've come to disappointingly realise via this video that most of these guys are just conventionally attractive and masculine actors (also there seems to be an interest in 'himbos' who are conventionally masculine but kind of.. Well not so intelligent. Which is in some ways is almost the opposite of my type,) and the 'femboys (tm)' are still too male gaze/inspired by anime/trying to [BEEP] with and/or get male attention for amusement and/or sexual reasons/have short hair for me to find most of them attractive.

    So I am, once again, stuck in a kind of sexual no man's land.

    Jordan Peterson: 'It's so easy to just find hot people/porn online now that men are giving up on-

    Have you considered it's not easy to find (for me,) and it's simply a testament to how schizoid/asocial/socially anxious/gender dysphoria/intimacy issues/hikikomori brain/undiagnosed autism?/other issues I am that I live this way?

    But OK normie cisgender heterosexual men yeah I suppose. I still think they have to be neurodivergent in some way for that to occur.

    That Scottish femboy blacksmith guy is kind of attractive. I'm not going to sit here and nitpick his appearance lol. He's not quite my type but kind of attractive.

    You will never be a woman. You lack muscle. You disappoint your ancestors.
    This is funny because his arms are actually pretty muscular, also in general pretty muscular, mostly he's just slim. People just don't notice muscles when someone is skinny lol (I do though.) Also - more amusing - he's a blacksmith. It's a very archaic job that the ancestors (tm) would do.

    So larpy lol.

    Going back to skirt thing I think he would have really pulled that off. The shorts are hot too:

    Possibly hotter. Hard to choose.

    I read that he's 5'8" but then somewhere else read that he's 5'10" I thought 5'8" was cuter so I'm going with that.

    OK, now that I've finished objectifying a 69 year old man (for now.) and speaking of rebelling against reality:

    I don't know if I read this YouTube comment before, maybe I'm getting dejavu but:

    I was a lesbian, a trans man, a detransitioned lesbian, followed by a straight girl, a bi non-binary person, alas I am once again a trans man dating a trans woman in a straight/gay/lesbian dynamic -- girl you?ve got this and the lesbians will embrace you
    How are they living the fantasy relationship from my head irl!? (Well almost, I'm non-binary and also the 'dating a trans woman' part isn't important per se.) From days ago:

    Quote Nyctophilia View Post
    So yes I am kind of trying to turn you into my lesbian girlfriend. That's not politically convenient - don't think about that too hard and ignore it - but I also want you to be my gay boyfriend and maybe other things. Am I insane? Yes.
    Rude of them tbh. Imagine living happily ever after (for now at least,) couldn't be me.

    I don't know what that means for him when he says that though tbf.

    I awkwardly realised that that detransistioner I was watching before was kind of attractive. Not the hottest person ever but kind of attractive. Not just her though... I've noticed a theme. I didn't find her attractive at all in the photos she posted of when she was living as a trans guy either, and I don't find most trans guys attractive because the combination of traits isn't appealing to me. But now she dresses really femininely with long hair but still has a low voice but kind of feminine vocal patterns (which I find attractive.) There's also the fact that she said she used to self insert as the uke/bottom in yaoi fics. Personally not super into the genre, but I kind of like bottoms.. Anyway she seems to have tons of shame about that now and disavowed her previous sexuality of being into lesbian and gay porn, and is married to a heterosexual man and seems fairly transphobic and made a bunch of videos with anti-trans titles etc, so uh nevermind. Lol.

    I actually still find her situation sad though and frustrating I guess because it sounded like the biggest reason she detransitioned was because male gender roles were too hard to live with and she didn't like that competition.

    I think it's very cringe to just keep talking about my sexual preferences and things like this. But also feel like there's a complete erasure/lack of understanding of firstly people like me, and secondly female sexuality in general so it's also important to do this? And also the shame thing. It would probably be better to do this somewhere else though where it could be more noticeable etc. But I paradoxically want to be invisible at the same time.

    Oh and my sex drive randomly came back a few months ago I think it's some kind of chemical thing because my generalised anxiety mostly went away too. The sex drive issue has been going on for like years now though even before the anxiety thing. Well there would still be moments but like I've recently started finding people attractive again (it's still barely anyone because I'll always be super picky I think, and I usually just get more obsessed with one famous person at a time.)

    Oh this song has a lot of great lyrics. I quoted some of it yesterday but didn't really pay attention to this part:

    Why did you give us hearts we don't understand
    Like an apple in our hand that you'll never let us have?
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    I can't tell if this is fake or not because of where we're at. It sounds like a parody yet things really are that dystopian now.

    Seems to be real articles.

    Reading the original piece by Motherboard it seems this isn't even a "GPT" type AI, it's a regular chatbot with very limited responses, which makes the decision to install it in place of humans even more baffling??
    Lol I just saw this post on tumblr:

    It is difficult yeah. (As pointed out they mean the US specifically.)

    None of the Americans on this post have any idea what we're talking about. They think this is something about propaganda 😂
    They must have noticed right?

    Someone mentioned a pretty funny subreddit called US-defaultism:

    'Can we collectively'


    There's a lot of this lol:

    'Diary? Derry isn't a word.'

    'Derry is a place.'

    'Not in the US that I'm aware of.'

    Some of this is just people obnoxiously wanting to win arguments to the point of reaching for any excuse about why they're 'right.'

    On the subreddit gen Z (asking people who the governor of their state is. Not asking Americans asking the subreddit at large):

    Someone from the UK just sarcastically answered who their local MP was lol. 'We have Gary Cooke over in Kent. Personally I don't know much about him but he's a tory so [BEEP] him.'

    Ahh, yes. My favourite place in America, France
    That is really bad though (that this happened.)

    I was literally coming here to post "no, if it was America he would have shot 20+ people"
    There are several large clues here tbh even if you don't want to read the word France 'Syrian refugee' because European politics are very focussed on Syrian refugees atm and the migration debate. It looks like a US news source but most likely they copied the title from somewhere else. Wouldn't be surprised if they copied it from a UK news source because it's a particular huge conversation here. The weapon being a knife (not because the US doesn't have tons of knife crime - I think more knife crime than gun crime - but because it doesn't get reported on as much there because of the gun rights debate and the mass shooting trend that's more a thing there than in European countries. Though it does happen here occasionally.)

    I think this is also a testament to people's attention span on the platform and how much they read. Nevermind reading the article now people won't even read the headline lol.

    This post by an Irish person was deleted by reddit for using a word for cigarette that's also a homophobic slur (the subreddit mods brought it back though):

    A week off the fags today

    Never thought I could do it but just went total cold turkey this day last week. No specific date in mind I just finished a box and went [BEEP] this I?m done

    Pros: Hangovers are way less painful. Never attributed smoking to worse hangovers but there ya have it Exercise tolerance feels like it has doubled already (probably hasn?t but I guess I can breathe easier) Not wasting money every other day I don?t smell bad any more ha ha!

    Cons: Can?t sleep Nose won?t stop running Coughing an awful lot Throat is sore

    I am sure the cons will all go away over time and I?m still buzzing a bit over the whole thing so happy Friday to all!!!
    One look at the current reports for this post pretty much shows me exactly why it was Anti-Evil Operations removed ? sufficient hate removals because of the specific alternative name for cigarettes that we use around here brought it to the admins' attention:
    I don't use reddit enough to know what that is. But it does sound incredibly dystopian. Apparently it's just a bot and most bots don't understand context.

    I dunno about in Ireland but in the UK where people also use that word for cigarette (but I imagine it will be increasingly less commonly used now for this reason,) it's not a common slur ime but I think due to American media it has been used before (After googling again nobody I've known irl ever used it.) My dad who is somewhat homophobic has used a few different slurs for gay men. One is particularly ridiculous sounding as you can imagine. Well you can google some UK slurs if you have to know. When I was growing up kids would just use the word gay as an insult literally.

    I'm not convinced he didn't know because of the widespread presence of US media and you know the existence of the subreddit I'm quoting from, esp for younger people, and he's obviously active online where you'll see people use it... But this guy from London who was banned from professional Fifa tournaments claimed he didn't know it was homophobic:

    FIFA 19 pro: I'm from London, I didn?t know '[BEEP]' was homophobic

    Tassal 'Tass' Rushan, a professional FIFA gaming player, has been banned from competitive FIFA 19 tournaments after using the slur in a recent YouTube video.

    He said that the use of the slur was ?a very unfortunate, unintentional misunderstanding from my end,? claiming he thought the word "fag" was "like another word for prick or idiot."

    "I think some of you guys could back me up on this. Who?s from London? Did you know that word had that connotation? Some of you will, some of you won?t.
    The thing with a lot of these slurs is they're not exactly always intended to be homophobic they're also often used to demonise gender non-conforming people or people who are viewed as weak or have certain personality traits etc (which is not OK but shows the diversity of the usage.) 4chan and other websites online have also used the word in a different way that is sometimes insulting but not supposed to be homophobic. Eg: newfag basically means 'noob'

    This is even worse:

    Even worse is how Spanish, Portuguese and a few other languages (tell me which ones) can't say the word black because of the same issue.
    haven't you heard? If we take a word from your language, and turn it into a slur that you have nothing to do with, if you continue using that word that's a natural part of your language, you're a fucking asshole
    Reminds me of this:

    I don't speak Korean but there are a couple of words with a similar sound I think. This one means you. When I used to watch kdramas about a decade ago I think it would come up quite a bit almost as much as 'Annyeonghaseyo' and I think there was another word I've forgotten or no - probably just a conjugation. I remember it vaguely because at the time I remember thinking 'huh that's kind of similar to Japanese' uh 'subnida' ? maybe. (Googling it sounded like that. That romanisation is prob wrong too.) Similar to masu form in Japanese? It's a polite verb conjugation anyway I think. But it also might be closer to 'desu' because I read that somewhere just now. I can't read Hangul which isn't helping lol and I think there could be a few similar sounding things. Well several people on quora say it's for verb conjugation. Well anyway whatever it was (and there were prob a bunch of similar sounding things my brain merged together anyway,) was similar to Japanese and I'll forget all of this again soon lol. So anyway yeah not sure it would be very avoidable.

    I have a friend in Uruguay who says she knows more about what's going on in the US than her own country, just because of how prevalent US culture is online When learning English, she stopped calling what is known everywhere else as "football" by its proper name and now only calls it soccer just because Americans were so shitty about it. And I'm like I know what you're saying if you say football. I'm not gonna caps lock yell at you. But it's ingrained into her brain.
    Yeah I'm never going to do this. At the most I'll put soccer in brackets and that's a courtesy because the UK created the sport and it pre-dates the US version. I've found myself doing this with 'bangs' as well sometimes so I can be understood (we call it a fringe here.) But there's various other words I won't bother to translate. I just feel like fringe is unusual enough it might confuse people. Should prob just let people google words though.

    A while back for some reason I was getting texts from this football thing in Manchester (they had the wrong number,) only they were calling it soccer everytime. Excuse me? Are you the Manchester in New Hampshire now? (It wasn't.) I think the number was from the UK but it's possible the person writing those texts was foreign or something but the entire club had soccer in the name it seemed. Also could have been some kind of scam thing lol.

    I'm not overly nationalistic but I don't want everything to become American specifically, so I'll push back against Americanisation sometimes.

    Also it's interesting I thought this might more avoidable for non-English speakers since you have a language barrier at least (so you can use search engines and the search on social media to find stuff in that language and then just follow those accounts,) but it seems not in some cases.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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