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    ^ The combination of attention span shortening content coupled with engagement at all costs algorithms and mass misinformation isn't good. And I think from what I remember every consecutive generation is believing more and more conspiracy theories and 60% of teens believe 4 or more conspiracy theories.

    I'm hoping that some of them will end up on YouTube and then accidentally start watching long form content to fix their brains a bit. That's still not good but better than what they're doing now. Also the content on YouTube is more chill because it's not engagement at all costs they blatantly filter content (for better or worse,) and it's somewhat more individualised too (which is why I keep getting suggested music videos with barely any views lol.)

    YouTube used to be a lot worse though in the mid 2010s imo. And that is just my imo since part of the wider problem now is that everyone lives in their own culture more or less and there's less agreement between people which also leads to a breakdown of trust etc.

    People have been talking about this issue on different sites for ages though:

    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Reject Dylan mulvaney soyboy trash, embrace thicc muscle mommy
    Why are they presenting it like it's one or the other? Do they know there are people who exist in the world who aren't super jacked cis women or feminine trans women?

    Probably not since they're not posting a single photo of a cis woman only anime and Western comic book women in this thread.

    There's actually a popular account on twitter who is this woman who works out a lot and I think she's into femboys lol.

    And why is it a competition in general? There seems to be an entire segment of twitter that's just turned archetypes of women (see: anime characters,) into some kind of competition they all fight/argue over lol?

    Reminds me of the time in my early 20s I was on a forum posting photos of cute guys and there was this woman there (allegedly, most people on the forum seemed to think she was a gay guy trolling because of the types of guys she was into and also because 'women aren't supposed to be visually attracted to men,' I guess, and also because her posts were troll-ish and she was very blunt, but women can be into those guys too,) so she'd post lots of like muscular looking guys basically. Kind of like Bronze Age Pervert's twitter page she also liked tanned guys a lot and talked about that. Think probably hispanic guys were her favourite she used to complain about pale guys as well, she spent a bunch of time insulting guys who weren't her type. I was pretty into Asian guys back then (slim not muscular,) but also posted photos of other skinny guys with long hair. Most people didn't post in that thread but there were a couple of other people posting (someone else who posted had very similar preferences to me actually,) but I guess we posted the most and this one guy decided to make a meme image about how we were in competition lol. She also didn't like the guys I was into, and I found many of her posts on the forum in general irritating like she was entertaining in a sense but also irritating, so it turned into some weird competition lol.

    Just the stupidest fucking [BEEP] lol and there's a large segment of twitter that seems to basically be doing the same thing only with anime girls instead of photos of actual people.

    It's actually really rare to see people who are attracted to conventionally attractive female characters in anime at this point. The closest you get is somebody's thinly veiled Oedipus Complex. The person who openly advocates for this type of character is actually an outlier.
    It's not that rare, Marin was super popular
    Also yes, girly girls are better than most so called muscle girls
    I used to like them but I have realised what I liked them for is them being girly and that contrast
    It doesn't matter, these are not even Human people who exist.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    leftists are born losers. they forever choose to side with the conquered and the weak over the brave and the strong. they can't picture a scenario where civilizations wield authority over inferior cultures for the common good. pure loser behavior.
    But we're supposedly wielding power over you right now.

    Anyway I'm always half a bad day away from being a super villain as you can see by much of this post, so strength in the way you use the term has nothing to do with it. Consider the liberal feminists you hate, most of them have exactly the same view as you.They're white lol.

    They just have a different view of what is ideal. It's like Poison Ivy. Sculpting people into what you want. I can't post that clip again lol.

    That's the scariest part of the character, when art imitates life. People like her do exist, the most terrifying of villains are ones that reflect human nature. Most bad people have just one reason to kill you, she has TWO.
    Poison Ivy is the personification of misandry, the hatred of men. She's the most distrustful of all the Batman villains. At least the Joker and others will trust each other at times, but the Joker would be a fool to trust even her.
    No I don't think so. She's a misandrist and also pretty misanthropic, but she has more empathy for (some) women. And occasionally kids.

    Spoiler: She chooses to have her powers removed. Then later when she realises it wasn't her fault, and the kids were taken, she ends up dying while trying to regain her powers so she can save them and get revenge

    The only person who can talk her down is Harley Quinn because she actually cares about her and they work together sometimes she also worked with The Riddler I think against The Joker (I mean she's probably teamed up with lots of people lol but I guess that wasn't the point the point was trusting people. Also she really hates The Joker lol so would prob team up with almost anyone to attack him lol.)

    Can't Ivy and Joker get along already?

    That's very funny (tbf it's a slightly old thread but even then.) It's never going to happen because of Harley.

    i dont think they will ever get along. harley is her best friend and she fells that harley is too good for the joker so obviously she's going to have a strong dislike to him. plus all the stuff he did to poor harley, i think it irritates her to see the effect he has on her. imagine your best friend had a messed up boyfriend who you thought wasn't good enough for her and kept getting her into dangeorus situations.
    Wow I never actually thought about it that way?
    Exactly my thoughts. Ivy has always intertwined feminism (or anti-masculinity, really) and environmentalism in a very interesting way. The Joker is a great example of a woman user and clearly cares very little for her well being. He gets what he can from her. Ivy would have a problem with the Joker even if she and Harley weren't besties.
    Quite possibly yeah. He views obsession as love which is why he keeps saying he 'loves' Batman:

    "We're a team, Bats. Admit it! That's our dynamic, all that's missing is the make-up sex. I don't expect you to acknowledge it. You are, after all, the distancer, I'm the overly complicated one."

    It's also why he thinks Poison Ivy is in love with him and stole Harley to get his attention. It's kind of like nihilistic manosphere and PUA guys online. They talk about how as long as women experience strong emotions that's good because indifference is worse than being hated. Because they want to create the dynamic Harley has with The Joker and that's what they promote. Harley actually cares about him so he abuses her and doesn't care about her, but chases after people who hate him. He's very broken.

    Well I pretty much see her as a feminazi.
    This reading is actually quite irritating because not all misandrists are feminists. I don't think she's ideologically feminist from what I've seen.

    i don't think the joker can get along with ANYONE pretty much all of the villains hate him

    What about harley herself?
    well he never really loved Harley, he lusted after her, she was a good accomplice, and useful, but he never really cared for her
    Oi. Well Than I give up.
    Lol you should.

    Yeah and now they're canonically in a relationship so.

    She's pretty predictable too. The Joker on the other hand is just chaos personified so he's probably the least trustworthy villain. He has no solid motive, he has no background, he's more of a symbol than a Human etc.

    So give me a good reason why I should like her.
    I'm not sure you understand the concept of a villain lol. You're not supposed to like her (unless you're [BEEP] and/or a woman and/or an ecoterrorist.)

    I'm not even a big Batman fan haha just everything reminds me.

    too often conservatism resembles a glorified debate club for nerds. to win a culture war the right needs a cooler culture.
    You're going to make yourself even worse? What's the point of conservatives if they're not nerds?

    Haha this guy thinks Trump is an ideal conservative. He was never conservative. He's just a narcissist.

    Cooler... or at least more admirable, compelling, or advantageous in some way.

    Islam is a garbage in almost every way but it offers men and women a compelling message of conquest through womb and sword.

    What do we offer but supplication for imagined crimes and an iPhone?
    That's fascism not conservatism. It's also very ugly imo.

    Did conservatives invent iphones? I don't get that one. Android > iphone

    Yeah, this is terrible for those particular women and all, but women in the main keep voting for this and propping up social/cultural norms that make fixing these things impossible.

    There's no changing that anytime soon.
    Transgender 'Sorority Girl' poses for a photo as he cries after winning court bid to stay in all girls Sorority House- despite sexually harassing at least 7 girls. A Wyoming judge will allow Artemis Langford to continue living in the female sorority house after a failed bid by a group of girls to ban him.

    Langford a 6ft2 man, has been accused of exposing his erection multiple times while appearing aroused in front of the girls at the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house at the University of Wyoming.

    He is also accused of taking discreet photos of the girls at slumber parties while getting aroused.
    It's very disingenuous to say that's what women are voting for. Also it's not rocket science if someone is behaving in a creepy way and sexually harassing people then obviously they should be removed from that space regardless of sex and/or gender. You need evidence though because some girls do this with cis girls/women too. Like accuse people of perving on them or other girls/women etc when they're not (I mean I was accused of that myself in school.)

    "But what about cis women in prison they can't be put in the men's prison even if they rape and attack women."

    I dunno it might cut the female on female violence rate dramatically and more importantly it would cut the 39452395435442 suddenly concerned sexist straight men commenting about the rate of violence in female relationship statistics on Bill Burr YouTube videos rate.

    Or I guess they could create a prison for trans and cis women who are rapists etc, and then monetise that as a reality TV show like Orange is the new Black. That seems like something that would happen.

    He is also heterosexual, with a sexual interest in women and had a Tinder profile where he was looking to match with women.
    I don't see why this is a problem. Oh right because trans women aren't straight men they're lesbian predators.

    This is Oli London so he's not a serious person in the first place very troll-ish + grifting and/or might have undiagnosed BPD (or diagnosed but not public about it.) Reminds me a lot of someone else doing the same thing who was diagnosed with BPD. Something is wrong there though because of the massive switch in all beliefs and identity several times in several years.

    Tbh not speaking strictly about this case I feel bad for trans women who are autistic or otherwise not very feminine psychologically who are trying to fit in with women, because cis women who are non-conforming don't do well as it is, despite being thrown into that at a young age. I imagine they must have a really difficult time especially with neurotypical women. Even if she wasn't a huge pervert trying to join a sorority would have probably been an insane thing to do based on my model of them (though we don't have them here in the UK,) especially if she just started transitioning.

    'I just picked up this new video game and I'm going to play it on ultra hard mode straight away.' OK well you do you lol. I wouldn't really suggest doing this unless pre-transition you were the 'femme gay guy' in school who was friends with lots of socially successful women. Even then most gay guys just hang out with tomboys and artsy women. I almost forgot I was one of the people one of the two out gay guys in my school hung out with lol. He read tarot cards although why even join a sorority if there's not going to be weird seances and spooky stuff happening? I mean isn't the whole point to be in an episode of some horror film or Charmed?

    What kind of a cult is this?

    (Also I get that this is college/uni not high school but I think it's often not much different I mean I had a better time because I got away from a really abusive person who was ruining my life and the demographic of people largely changed, but other than that people are still often emotionally immature, and each generation is aging slower mentally because of culture and the internet.) It's like this scene lol. You just moved from Africa:

    Wait why is this a thing? It looks like someone made a cosplay version of the original film:

    "Cady if you don't dress slutty that's slut shaming us" is pretty funny though. But I feel like it's too manipulative for Karen to give that line should have been Gretchen. I guess it's supposed to come across as dumb though I dunno.

    If I wanted to watch mean girls again, I would just watch mean girls . It still holds up
    it's an adaptation of the broadway musical
    you're missing my point 😭 I've actually seen the musical and I think they should have included that point in the trailer. If it wasn't for people in the comments telling me, I wouldn't have known it's an adaption
    Oh OK. Very confusing yeah. Someone also brought this up in the comments and now I'm even more confused because I never heard about this film at all lol and I can see why if this is even real in the first place:

    The guy who plays the headteacher though Tim Meadows is hilarious and underrated as an actor.

    Someone else:

    transgenderism is a liberal feminist project. the correct answer to fighting it is by empowering bold, christian men. not the silly "protect women's sports!!!" line conservatives push.
    I dunno, that doesn't sound attractive to me so I'll have to decline and continue with my project (which is not a feminist project.) How about you grow out your hair and pretend to be 'lesbian' tradwives? I think that would be more fun.

    You can start presenting like this:

    I found the video those images are from. Or a video (Sugizo is also in this video lol):

    I'm still thinking about that one comic style image of femme!Steven someone posted on Tumblr. He/she looked so cute in that. Uh.

    ...And then start discussions online like 'stop sexualising femboys,' lecture other people to have better self control (don't be too whiny and irritating about it though or I'll get annoyed again,) and post about all the books you're reading, playing the piano, your pet cats, your craft projects and gardening stuff. Like Elizabethan women who dress like they're in the 70s. I think that would be really cute, go do that instead.

    Yes I think this has a lot of potential for a reality TV show. 'The conservative femboys of Connecticut' except I'm old and so low-key hate the term femboy and associate it with an exclusively gen Z anime/e-girl aesthetic.

    You can't defeat 'transgenderism' you can only transform it. This isn't 'transgenderism' either but that's not really the point of 'the project.'

    If I type 'Ophelia painting recreation femboy' or 'pre-Raphaelite painting feminine guy' into Google nothing comes up and I think that's a civilisational level crisis. I don't think there's anything more important than this. Sure I could search through Tumblr or Deviantart endlessly for something similar, and I do in fact have a small image I printed off over a decade ago on my bedroom wall (along with a thousand other things,) which is a digital painting created by someone who used to make custom skintones for The Sims 2 back in the 2000s:


    I miss Deviantart I should go back there.

    I could also photoshop stuff but I am lazy and rarely do.

    Speaking of cats... Strange incel guy (not conservative guy,) from before has some thoughts about that too:

    Cats are effectively a bunch of raepists and they destroy eco system being one of the most invasive

    but its fine when they do it.

    when we do it; we are called evil and racial slurs

    so i guess its fine if u look cute doing it and u dont have brown nipple
    I do have higher standards for Human males, even the cute ones. You could start by trying to be a catboy though I always say.

    Oh LOL he also said this:

    Once the left starts to prioritize aesthetics in the lgbt;
    it will be truly over for the west

    Every conservative should be thankful that the woke didnt care abt aesthetics so far as they let anyone just be in the movement or get attention

    RN [real-niggaz].. REAL Ugly hairy apes will be immune as we have too ugly caveMen hamas heaven-glider features to even be tempted into this

    but the day they start to choose good-looking androgynous men and focus on them solely, it will be over
    He has a high ratio of insane trollish tweets unsurprisingly (I'm actually not quoting the more insane ones well beside that one I came across the other day):

    Im glad i have no sister

    I have no sister and never will have

    Imagine seeing a feminine Fertile vesion w breasts of your DNA .

    Nah im good lol

    This is some hentai doujin plot
    Having seizures as a woman is one of the most feminine coquette thing she can possess,

    Totally vulnerable and shaky, trembling

    Compare to that the 'office woman' in her cold virile suit and tie; stoic cold face, unmovable body and menacing eyes
    ^ he has various tweets like this about women with disabilities etc..

    Talking about some guy who is claiming Barack Obama had sex with him in the past:

    Femboys are gonna come out in 15 years like that to doxx many Male victims when they no longer look cute and feminine

    Be careful of femboys online
    Lol. You could just stop caring I guess.

    also most yaois dont even look like men,
    hairless, very thin and delicate face; clearly feminine so idk whats the relationship w irl

    animegirls look like women at least
    ^ Yaois lol. You can't use that word like that. Maybe he means bishounen characters I dunno.

    She is right

    If a woman talks about politics... that's very virile, half-lesbianic and androgynous
    half-lesbianic lol.

    even gay people started following the tiktok women ideology abt agegap.. even when its 19 yrs old and 31

    ancient greeks would never tolerate this

    its really over.
    women have won

    white people have won

    its over, everybody gives up

    the KarenYuga has won,
    we are defeated
    I mean not really, I don't care about that. Rest of this tweet is hilarious though.

    Thats so true tbh

    People think im joking when i said most women shouldnt be taught literacy

    it alienates them from the feminine divine and teaches them to compete w men and writing is phallic (the phallic pen ejects ink and is erotic)

    Look up the romance novel industry .
    yeah it gives too much feminine energy if u say that too much

    as a man, ur meant to be ugly or small

    if ur too pretty or tall, u become soft and moist
    Someone else said this. It is pretty funny yeah:

    Half of "incel" Twitter is just repressed homosexuals trying to tell other men that liking absolutely normal women is "totally and absolutely a homo thing, dude"

    If you're attracted to her you're a latent homosexual.
    Sorry, I don't make the rules.

    [photo of really feminine woman with abs]
    So many funny tweets this is from back in August I think this was the woman who was once in a debate video with Blaire White? Yelling at her to get out of the Republican party? Or maybe not her.

    If only men voted, Conservatives would have a super majority stronghold over America.

    Now you know why Leftist Feminists advocated so hard for women to have the right to vote.

    We essentially cancel the male vote out.
    Oh no it is lol. And she has a shady past too (can't remember the details):

    Yeah because she's perfect:

    In August 2017 Witzke was arrested in Tennessee on a series of charges. The newspaper noted that a woman named Lauren Witzke had been arrested on violating both heroin and methamphetamine laws, charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and introduction of contraband into a penal facility.

    Speaking to WDEL radio in May, Witzke said: 'I ended up in a situation that I never thought I'd find myself in: I was running drugs, actually, for the Mexican cartels.'
    This is very bad Lauren.

    Absolute circus. My favourite part of the full version was looking at the woman with the glasses expressions.

    That's what happens when you run with conservatives as someone in the LGBTQ community. What did she expect? And I can't even feel bad for her. She did this to herself. Don't outsell your own community, I mean look at Milo Yiannopoulos.
    As a conservative I agree, gtfo from our movement

    I don't like Blaire White either. She's spent a lot of time doing the same thing to other trans women (and trans people in general but obviously she likes to focus on trans women specifically.)

    Yes, Mr. White, grow out your mustache and admit this whole trying to convince yourself and everyone else you're a girl thing was a mistake.

    Worked wonders for my self esteem, and once I stopped looking at porn I stopped feeling the draw to reject my innate maleness. You, me, Chris Chan, Jerry Peet...none of us are ladies, dudes.


    What needs further elaboration? Like a lot of emotionally damaged men in the modern world, I wound up harboring a "grass is greener" attitude to looking at the way society treats women in comparison to how it treats men and wanted in on that special treatment.

    I've harbored thoughts like this a long time_, like back to when I was six or so. I've made a _conscious decision to affirm my real sex instead of taking the easy route and demanding to be called Natalie and growing my hair out.

    Instead of embracing reality and not just trying to live in delusion, but as trying to force others to play along under threat of violence or loss of livelihood, is the way the LGBT movement works. Especially the T. I've found it much more satisfying to find the challenge in my life, embrace it, and accept all the endless scorn I receive as an obstacle to overcome. It's so much more fundamentally rewarding that I extend, out of compassion and empathy, a refusal to acknowledge personal pronouns or gender identity or any of that other nonsense.
    That sounds incredibly boring, you should grow out your hair.

    But yeah no early feminists definitely pushed for the right to vote in various countries (not just the US,) because of present day political division that mostly intensified over the past 20 years and for a party that only exists in the US LOL.

    You're right. It's all about you always.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    It's baffling they hired someone who has WATCHED THE MOVIE ONCE. And thinks the original story line is stupid. And also had the opportunity to be inclusive for little people since their opportunities are so limited to begin with and completely went the opposite direction.
    It's not really that surprising though she's young and the films felt dated when I was young. Yeah there's some backlash from some young women about what she said but I think probably a lot would agree with her at least to some degree as well.

    I also think there's a difference between love and 'being saved' or wanting to be in a princess role, which is what she seemed to be talking about in the clip. For some reason everyone is interpreting that as her saying love is dumb or something when she was clearly talking about a specific gender role.

    Obviously some women like that too and a lot of progressive bubble women treat that as weak and outdated etc. I think if anything it's unrealistic because I mean you're not a princess and the equivalent of this isn't going to be possible. You won't get to marry a prince either lol. Or a famous musician. Or a famous actor and so on. Maybe you could roleplay the scenario. It doesn't really matter because most romance is highly fantastic and unrealistic but yeah.

    Some amount of delusion is often necessary for coping with reality but I don't think young girls are going to die if they can't imagine themselves as princesses or something either. Plus the original Disney film still exists.

    But you know I never wanted to be a princess I wanted to be a mermaid, then I wanted to be a librarian (well not really but I remember roleplaying that at some point because I found one of those library date stamp things that probably don't exist anymore,) then I wanted to be Tomb Raider/an archaeologist but basically just Tomb Raider I had no real interest in archeology, than I wanted to go to Hogwarts, wanted to be a writer, wanted to be an actor, wanted to be a game developer, wanted to be a rockstar (guitarist) etc. Probably other things as well. This is just up to about the age of 12 as well. The first thing I remember wanting to be was a mermaid and I was obviously fixated on the sea from a young age because my dad mentioned I would always try to run into it when we were at the beach and he had to keep stopping me from doing that but my brother just sat around eating sand.

    So many of the ideals and dreams of Walt Disney were thrown on the ground and stomped on for the sake of money. It hurts me to my core to see how Disney is today after spending my whole childhood with it
    The films are OK but I think Studio Ghibli is better. It's not like the Disney films were good romance films either imo. I was probably too young to really appreciate romance anyway but that never seemed like a major component that drew me in or interested me about any of those films in the first place. As a kid I remember the Disney prince's being uninteresting and equivalent to Ken Dolls. The male characters in the classic films didn't even interest me in a platonic sense (since I wasn't really romantically attracted to anyone as a kid really. There were a bunch of fetish interests I developed that were more like fascination at the time but no obvious romantic interests.) I liked Qui Gon Jinn from Star Wars and Beetlejuice as characters though. The male characters in Mulan were entertaining though but again talking about the classic films.

    Howl's Moving Castle is better. Haku from Spirited Away was cool too.

    I also don't think the point of the original fairy tale was romantic love as that is not really the point of most fairy tales and the emphasis on romantic love is actually fairly new. Going further back in time you had a lot of stories warning people about the dangers of romantic love like Romeo and Juliet and marriages weren't really built on it either....

    Lol here come the asexuals to talk about how love isn't real cause they and .5% of others like them don?t care about it. Ok we get it. But for the rest of humanity who actually does want romantic love it is very harmful to be constantly told that that?s is something stupid to want and you should just want to go be a warrior and fight with swords or you?re not a strong woman living up to your potential. If we believe that women truly should be free to do what they want then wanting to get married and have kids should be perfectly acceptable and they shouldn't be shamed for it. But no people want women to be free but not like that lol
    Everything is about power to them. Even above love. She's not looking for true love, she's looking to be a leader, really? What a terrible, heartless message for young girls
    Tbf men are told the bolded all the time. It's not treated as mutually incompatible with love because it fits with the masculine gender role to be a hero/savior/leader etc. Even the people criticising what she said are conservative women who think women should be feminine. If you wish to date masculine guys they also expect you to be feminine and you'll be criticised heavily for being androgynous or masculine (see tomboy discourse online.) Most masculine women throughout history have been celibate and associated with that kind of role. This is an obvious issue for non-conforming women who might want a relationship or sex. But at the same time you should accept this possibility - there's a reason these women are always celibate. I mean most women won't have to because they're not that non-conforming and a lot of people get into relationships anyway even if they're not positive experiences. Also realise that a lot of people for a number of reasons will never find love or if they do it won't last.

    That being said that actress has unsurprisingly no issues finding partners and has a boyfriend right now according to some of the comments. She met him on the set of West Side Story and they've been together for 3 years so you can probably chill about her.

    This back and forth cracked me up he was like 'men want it to' and then someone was like 'actually no though' LOL:

    Men want it too. Most people think that we just want to slay the dragon. But I think that finding a girl you would slay a dragon for is just as much part of that dream.
    Let's be honest but men are not into that stuff and it's literally just facts. If they were then rom-coms and romance novels would skyrocket in popularity and be made more often because then men and women are both equally interested in it. But no that is not how it is, Fifty Shades and Twilight only got fame thanks to women being into not men, rom com demographics have always been with little girls and women alike. The dragon slaying action would be more for the men simply because men naturally like the power fanasty of being a badass not for the romance.
    Also true. Guys don't necessarily like the romance part as much. As I recall, men tend to be more interested in things, and girls in people, hence more guys in engineering and more girls in careers like nursing and teaching. So romances for girls focus on interpersonal drama romcoms. For guys, problems that can be solved with guns, swords, and big explosions- action movies where romance is kind of on the side. But love and the promise of a fairytale ending after doing one big thing is a good motivator and easy way to get invested.

    For example, John Wick. A man who loved his wife and dog enough to singlehandedly end a mob when something happened to them. Power fantasy? Sure. But driven by the idea that he wanted the peaceful fairytale ending and it was taken away from him. I mean, plenty of guys will talk about how the action scenes are epic. But EVERYONE knows how John loved his dog.
    True true, 👍 good points there. You never mess with hitman's dog especially one nicknamed Baba Yaga for a reason xD
    Perhaps these women should consider becoming a dog lol?

    What?s crazy is that Rachel Zegler even called the prince a stalker
    From what I remember pointing that out isn't really crazy because there's no real romantic development. As I said the Disney films are not even good romance films. And they're not romance films in their defence.

    As for the comments about how they should just make new films instead of remaking old ones I agree it's not really necessary unless they're going to do something truer to the source material. The Little Mermaid (which some people are also bringing up,) was completely changed by Disney. The original fairy tale was incredibly dark. Because it was a fairytale... And actually sort of warns against this ironically:

    The Little Mermaid lives in an underwater kingdom with her widowed father (The Sea-King), her dowager grandmother, and her five older sisters, each of whom had been born one year apart.

    When a mermaid turns fifteen, she is permitted to swim to the surface for the first time to catch a glimpse of the world above. When the sisters become old enough, each of them visits the upper world one at a time every 365 days. As each returns, the Little Mermaid listens longingly to their various descriptions of the world inhabited by human beings.

    When the Little Mermaid's turn comes, she rises up to the surface, watches a birthday celebration being held on a ship in honor of a handsome prince, and falls in love with him from a safe distance. Then a violent storm hits, sinking the ship, and the Little Mermaid saves the prince from drowning. She delivers him unconscious to the shore near a temple. Here, the Little Mermaid waits until a young woman from the temple and her ladies-in-waiting find him. To her dismay, the prince never sees the Little Mermaid or even realizes that it was she who had originally saved his life.

    The Little Mermaid becomes melancholic and asks her grandmother if humans can live forever. Her grandmother explains that humans have a much shorter lifespan than mermaids (300 years), but that they have an eternal soul that lives on in heaven, while mermaids turn to sea foam at death and cease to exist.

    The Little Mermaid, longing for the prince and an eternal soul, visits the Sea Witch who lives in a dangerous part of the ocean. The witch willingly helps her by selling her a potion that gives her legs in exchange for her voice (her tongue), as the Little Mermaid has the most enchanting voice in the entire world. The witch warns the Little Mermaid that once she becomes a human, she will never be able to return to the sea. Consuming the potion will make her feel as if a sword is being passed through her body. When she recovers, she will have two human legs and will be able to dance as no human has ever danced before; however, the pain of losing her tail will never leave her: she will constantly feel as if she is walking on sharp knives, and her feet will bleed terribly. Moreover, she will obtain a soul only if she wins the love of the prince and marries him, for then a part of his soul will flow into her. Otherwise, at dawn on the first day after he marries someone else, the Little Mermaid will die with a broken heart and dissolve into sea foam upon the waves.

    After she agrees to the arrangement, the Little Mermaid swims up to the surface near the prince's castle and drinks the potion. The liquid feels like a sword piercing her body and she passes out on the shore, naked. She is found by the prince, who is mesmerized by her beauty and grace, even though he discovers that she is mute. Most of all, he likes to see her dance, and she dances for him despite suffering excruciating pain with every step. Soon, the Little Mermaid becomes the prince's favorite companion and accompanies him on many of his outings. As she is mute, he confides in her with his deepest thoughts and feelings?but he does not fall in love with her at all.

    When the prince's parents encourage him to marry the neighboring princess in an arranged marriage, the prince tells the Little Mermaid he will not because he does not love the princess. He goes on to say that he can only love the young woman from the temple, whom he believes rescued him. It turns out that the princess from the neighboring kingdom was the temple woman, as she was sent to the temple for her education. The prince declares his love for her, and the royal wedding is announced at once.

    The prince and princess celebrate their new marriage aboard a wedding ship, and the Little Mermaid's heart breaks. She thinks of all that she has sacrificed and of all the pain she has endured for the prince. She despairs, thinking of the death that awaits her, but before dawn, her sisters rise out of the water and bring her a dagger that the Sea Witch has given them in exchange for their long, beautiful hair. If the Little Mermaid kills the prince and lets his blood drip on her feet, she will become a mermaid once more, all her suffering will end, and she will live out her full life in the ocean with her family. However, the Little Mermaid cannot bring herself to kill the sleeping prince lying with his new wife, and she throws the dagger and herself off the ship into the water just as dawn breaks.

    Her body dissolves into foam, but instead of ceasing to exist, she feels the warm sun and discovers that she has turned into a luminous and ethereal earthbound spirit, a daughter of the air. As the Little Mermaid ascends into the atmosphere, she is greeted by other daughters, who tell her she has become like them because she strove with all her heart to obtain an immortal soul. Because of her selflessness, she is given the chance to earn her own soul by doing good deeds for humankind for 300 years, and she will one day rise up into Heaven.
    Quote Hans Christian Andersen
    "I have not, like de la Motte Fouque in Undine, allowed the mermaid's acquiring of an immortal soul to depend upon an alien creature, upon the love of a human being. I'm sure that's wrong! It would depend rather much on chance, wouldn't it? I won't accept that sort of thing in this world. I have permitted my mermaid to follow a more natural, more divine path."
    Tatar argues that the mermaid wants, above all, to explore the world and discover things that are beyond what she already knows. The world above seems larger than her own and holds a greater range of possibilities to exercise her adventurous spirit. This is demonstrated in some versions of the story when the prince has a page boy's costume made for her so that she may ride on horseback and explore the land with him. Here, her willingness to cross-dress implies a willingness to transgress gender boundaries and take risks to be able to see the world. Tatar feels this also comments on Andersen's interests in changes in identity.[11]
    I like romance fiction but when it comes to mermaid romance I preferred reading stuff about mermen. It's not as easy to find but I read a Loki fanfic a few years ago where he was a merman, and also an original story when I was a teenager which was like a gay romance story between this guy and a merman who was being kept as a slave by this rich guy maybe a prince I don't remember now and I forget some details of that now. I went back to the site and may have found the story (it was a duke,) but it seems to be unfinished. Might also explain why I don't remember much. I think there were probably other stuff too but don't remember now. I'm only talking about stuff up to about the age of 12.

    Perhaps this makes sense anyway:

    Rictor Norton, in My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters through the Centuries, theorizes that The Little Mermaid was written as a love letter by Hans Christian Andersen to Edvard Collin.[15] This is based on a letter Andersen wrote to Collin, upon hearing of Collin's engagement to a young woman, around the same time that the Little Mermaid was written. Andersen wrote "I languish for you as for a pretty Calabrian wench... my sentiments for you are those of a woman. The femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery."[16] Andersen also sent the original story to Collin.[17] Norton interprets the correspondence as a declaration of Andersen's homosexual love for Collin and describes The Little Mermaid as an allegory for Andersen's life.[18]
    ""Andersen often fell in love with unattainable women and many of his stories are interpreted as references.[18] At one point, he wrote in his diary: "Almighty God, thee only have I; thou steerest my fate, I must give myself up to thee! Give me a livelihood! Give me a bride! My blood wants love, as my heart does!"[19] A girl named Riborg Voigt was the unrequited love of Andersen's youth. A small pouch containing a long letter from Riborg was found on Andersen's chest when he died, several decades after he first fell in love with her, and after he supposedly fell in love with others. Other disappointments in love included Sophie ?rsted, the daughter of the physicist Hans Christian ?rsted, and Louise Collin, the youngest daughter of his benefactor Jonas Collin. The most famous of these was the opera soprano Jenny Lind. One of his stories, The Nightingale, was a written expression of his passion for Lind, and became the inspiration for her nickname, the "Swedish Nightingale". Andersen was often shy around women and had extreme difficulty in proposing to Lind. When Lind was boarding a train to take her to an opera concert, Andersen gave Lind a letter of proposal. Her feelings towards him were not the same; she saw him as a brother, writing to him in 1844 "farewell... God bless and protect my brother is the sincere wish of his affectionate sister, Jenny."[20]

    Just as with his interest in women, Andersen would become attracted to nonreciprocating men. For example, Andersen wrote to Edvard Collin:[21] "I languish for you as for a pretty Calabrian wench... my sentiments for you are those of a woman. The femininity of my nature and our friendship must remain a mystery." Collin, who preferred women, wrote in his own memoir: "I found myself unable to respond to this love, and this caused the author much suffering." Likewise, the infatuations of the author for the Danish dancer Harald Scharff[22] and Carl Alexander, the young hereditary duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach,[23] did not result in any relationships."
    Well this is fun.

    Maria Tatar discusses how Andersen's characters' sufferings differ from other fairy tales in that, while other villains are often forced to undergo grotesque punishments, Andersen seems to delight in making his heroines undergo all sorts of tortures. I don't mind it as much in some tales-to me "Little Match Girl" is like Dickens stories that expose the truth of how children in poverty suffer. But other heroines, like Karen from the Red Shoes, Inger, and even the little Mermaid, undergo extreme pains that are presented as just punishments for their actions.

    Tatar quotes John Griffith, who points out that Anderson's main characters are "small, frail, more likely to be female than male-above all, delicate, an embodiment of that innocence which is harmlessness, that purity which is incapacity for lust."

    Andersen is a complex man whose writings reveal interesting and sometimes disturbing insights into his mind. I feel like he's the type of person psychologists love to speculate about and write theses on.
    I'm not sure I agree with the interpretation that Hans Christian Andersen makes his heroines suffer out of hatred or disdain for women. I'd say rather that his heroines suffer because, in a way, there is an aspect of himself in all of them. His stories strike me as deeply personal. He IS the little mermaid with her unrequited love; he IS the ugly duckling whom everyone rejects. His tales have always struck me as childishly innocent yet profoundly sad. Perhaps that's why he's my favourite fairy tale author.
    No that's not the impression I got from The Little Mermaid (the other classic merfolk tales I'm aware of also aren't that happy really,) but I haven't read the other two fairy tales she's talking about.

    I liked Agneta and the Sea king but mostly just because of this art work:

    I was called demonic and a Satan worshipper or something like that for having this painting as my avatar on another forum lol. That and my username I think which was related to Greek mythology. They seemed to think the painting was of a demon or something lol. They said something like 'many women these days are Satanic' but I forget the exact wording so I'm paraphrasing. They said a bunch of stuff about me and I remember it being really hilarious but can't remember exactly what but there was something else they said which was really funny. Oh right yeah that's right. So when they started posting they were kind of vague posting in a thread I'd posted in but they made it really blatant who they were talking about lol. They were like 'someone who posted in this thread but I'm not naming names' gee I wonder who? Yeah amusing.

    The Batman Poison Ivy comic book story I mentioned in my previous post is actually probably closer to this in a sense than the Little Mermaid Disney film. Since she Spoiler: sacrificed her power after believing incorrectly that her power had poisoned the orphan children, and then realised that didn't happen and it was for nothing and regretted it and sought to get it back so she could help rescue the kids and get revenge however she couldn't and so she died. Despite the differences it is closer and that just goes to show how removed the Disney film in that case was lol.

    And I'm not familiar with the original Snow White but I bet they changed a bunch of stuff there too.

    Come to think of it someone (actually multiple people) have created Loki Snow White fanart too lol:

    There's so much Loki fanart. Usually based on Tom Hiddleston's Loki. Also mer!Loki.

    Uh I sort of wanted a Snow White film with a guy I think when I heard about this film. Only because I have a thing about apples.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    It's not really that surprising though she's young and the films felt dated when I was young. Yeah there's some backlash from some young women about what she said but I think probably a lot would agree with her at least to some degree as well.

    I also think there's a difference between love and 'being saved' or wanting to be in a princess role, which is what she seemed to be talking about in the clip. For some reason everyone is interpreting that as her saying love is dumb or something when she was clearly talking about a specific gender role.

    Obviously some women like that too and a lot of progressive bubble women treat that as weak and outdated etc. I think if anything it's unrealistic because I mean you're not a princess and the equivalent of this isn't going to be possible. You won't get to marry a prince either lol. Or a famous musician. Or a famous actor and so on. Maybe you could roleplay the scenario. It doesn't really matter because most romance is highly fantastic and unrealistic but yeah.

    Some amount of delusion is often necessary for coping with reality but I don't think young girls are going to die if they can't imagine themselves as princesses or something either. Plus the original Disney film still exists..
    On a somewhat related note:

    I don't really find this weird in general as a trend it's been going on a while, and I also think a lot of women aren't looking for a relationship or sex as well, but it's interesting that it dropped 10% specifically between 2019-2023 maybe because of the pandemic I guess. It made a lot of people's mental health issues worse, or created mental health issues for some people + increased exposure to social media where everyone is an asshole and things like that.

    (Also I didn't finish this video because I got distracted by the comments, and then my thoughts later in this post, and then I moved on so yeah.)

    I'm sure most of my generation grew up with parents that didn't work well together as well. Maybe the same for gen z. I have the impression (and I'm sure I'm not alone,) that maybe 20% of people are capable of being relatively happy with their partner + find someone compatible and many of us know what a fucked up relationship looks like and don't want to recreate that or be trapped.

    Like this woman, she has already given up at 23:

    I technically gave up around 21 too I guess but it wasn't a conscious decision I just thought 'well I can't date without long term stable employment.' Not to mention there were issues with me even wanting to have sex in the relationships I did have. My brother also hasn't dated anyone in probably about as long as I haven't afaik (maybe longer,) no relationships, sex etc. We live together and he also rarely leaves the house. My ex-boyfriend who I'm still friends with after we broke up went on a few dates around the mid 2010s but hasn't in years and nothing worked out. He said a lot of the women who contacted him on online dating sites either had fetishes (that he wasn't into,) or were asexual (of course I was also wondering if I was asexual while in a relationship with him as well and we talked about that.) He also rejected one woman because she had dogs and I suppose there were probably other factors. He was never very sexually driven or motivated or overly interested honestly. Which was comfortable for me unlike in my first relationship where my ex was more sexually motivated than me but we only did some sexual stuff which I found I didn't really like but I was experimenting a tiny bit more, but we didn't go further.

    Most of my cousins are married and/or have kids though.

    I mean it's interesting though yeah because you're watching a slow collapse. No one really knows why though they have many hypothesis (usually very agenda driven lol,) and it's realistically a multifaceted problem.

    As a white man working overtime and being looked by modern women and society as worthless, it made me realize I just need to live for myself going forward. I found peace, freedom and I stopped being manipulated and taken advantage of.
    I don't know why being white is relevant. White men are if anything more attractive to people based on race alone. Everyone except black women on online dating responds the most to messages from white guys... I also don't think people outside of dating/relationships view white guys as worthless they view them as having power because a minority do, and are bitter about that. Anything else is just a man thing not a white thing.

    Guys like Chris love to hear about men giving up. Its just less competition for them. Whats strange to me is that no one else called out this obvious concern trolling shtick. The last thing this guy understands is men having trouble with women.

    Guys like Chris will have access to all they would want even if every single person in this group got laid tonight. As someone who has hung out around HV men lots of times, I don't think you understand how confidently they can just take a walk out somewhere and ask around and get yeses. Even if there is somehow less around, this isn't going to dent that chance or mindset for him. Hell, it doesn't me, and I am way less attractive and poor and still have my own 15+ body count in the last couple years and a GF. But then again, I went and aimed for things to get where I am I know none of these people would agree to finding things like swinging and such parties and social events beneath them.
    These guys are really bitter about this YouTuber lol.

    There's also a lot of people who will generalise their experiences to everyone and are really bitter:

    I have kids with 2 women. It is a nightmare. This society has destroyed women's minds. I've always put the children first. Their mothers have always put themselves first. I wouldn't have believed the terrible things they were capable of if I hadn't seen it and been affected by it myself.
    Sadly my son is going through this shit.
    No one realizes how heartbroken grandparents are by watching the effects these unreasonable bitches have on their grandchildren.
    Oh man.... 16 years relationship-marriage and 2 kids.... I did the same : placed the kids first. Not her. She placed her own interests. I was disgusted. I could never had imagined I married a woman who would act like that. People who have never been married or who have been married happily, cannot imagine how many mothers put themselves first, not the kids. In the past these were supposedly the exceptions. Today they are the rule. It is not an exaggeration to say that more than 50% (60%.... 65%.....) of women put their own interests first, not those of their kids.
    it's called the narcissism of motherhood. The society worships motherhood and enables grandiosity to flourish in the mind of the mother - so she feels so special and important that of course she's going to put herself first. The society needs to start celebrating women who forego motherhood and use their nurturing for healing the wilderness or raising awareness through art
    No actually it doesn't worship motherhood. It does the opposite. Western + capitalist culture is actually kind of novel for doing the opposite. Women often resent being mothers because it takes away their individuality. They're also expected to work and do most of the housework because the gender roles in most relationships haven't changed and nobody can afford to live on one income, so they resent that too. Lots of women aren't having kids now that's also novel. Lol we probably live in the least motherhood worshipping society that has ever existed tbh. There's a tendency in most religions to have some kind of mother or fertility goddess figure but that stopped after Christianity died. Monetising art and other creative endeavours is also really difficult to do (I would know.)

    White women who have kids are actually unhappier though. Since this is only research people have started doing recently we can't really know if this is a new thing or not.

    A new study published in Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World compared the differing impact parenting has on personal happiness for White and Black individuals. White women with children demonstrate the biggest deficit in happiness compared to their childless White female counterparts. Conversely, Black fathers are happier than Black men with no children. Black women and White men reported the same amount of happiness whether they had children or not.
    Something is going on there obviously.

    As a SAHM for 19 years there is zero "status" in motherhood. I have worked my butt off raising my 4 boys, no glory, no thanks, only other women telling me "I could never stay home". I have raised 2 awesome adults and 2 more turning into wonderful men. That is my reward. It makes it all worth it but there was no status in it.
    Yeah, well exactly.

    There are cases where the mothers are addicts with no jobs and they still get custody. The law does not eliminate a judges bias.
    They have a job which they are failing at. Being a mother is a job. The fact that Western culture doesn't see it as one is part of the problem.

    Not at all. The big majority of women are destroyed long before they enter into LTRs and marriage. The average 20something today has had more than 10 Ds into her, you think think these women are capable of becoming wives? Sure there are "bad men" out there but in most such cases, it is the women, not the men who cause all these issues.
    This isn't even true. 18% of women have had 10+ sexual partners. 50% have had 3 or less sexual partners. I imagine this has gone down since that research was carried out because of the pandemic and other factors.

    I don't think any woman reading this regardless of how many sexual partners they've had would want to date men once they understand they think they're destroyed for having sex (especially piv sex.) In fact, the women who want sex the least and have the least sex probably take this the most seriously and internalise this message. For some people I imagine that's where the interest in pegging comes from like if a guy is willing to have sex with men, or even with a strap on, than it puts your on a similar page. You don't have to worry about an unequal situation where they think you're 'destroyed' etc. Society already thinks they're destroyed. Because 'that's not manly.' It turns into a huge competition as well.

    It's not healthy. And at this point I'm sure 0% of women are ignorant to this. What do you think inspired Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin?

    Violation is a synonym for intercourse.

    The measure of women's oppression is that we do not
    take intercourse-- entry, penetration, occupation-- and ask or
    say what it means: to us as a dominated group or to us as a potentially free and self-determining people. Instead, intercourse
    is a loyalty test; and we are not supposed to tell the truth unless
    it compliments and upholds the dominant male ethos on sex.

    Men in general hate this but many share her viewpoint. They're selfish and they expect women to 'destroy' themselves by having sex with them but only them. And I think many lesbian women have a similar pov. Sex with men destroys women. Even some bisexual women who have had sex with many men feel this way:

    ''I have no question in my mind about being bisexual. But I'm also a hypocrite. I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I'd never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.'
    It's not the first time Megan has spoken of her lust for women. Last year, she revealed she'd had a fling with a female stripper, but said: 'I'm not a lesbian.'
    I bet that stripper had sex with men at some point though lol. I somehow doubt she was vetting her extensively.

    'I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes.

    'I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl -- Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She's mesmerising.
    She's also bisexual lol.

    If women are incredibly picky it's because they're not just questioning whether or not you're attractive enough, but whether or not you're worth destroying themselves.

    I actually think there's tons more factors than that - risk aversion, std risk, pregnancy risk (it's not removed 100%,) rate of orgasm is less with that type of sex if you're interested in that, general intimacy issues reducing general interest in things like this, sensory issues - common with autism and some other conditions, when you don't find most people sexually attractive in the first place. There's a kind of D/s thing that's tangentially connected here too that would be off putting to a lot of people but that's more connected to the idea that most men don't bottom during straight sex ever, humiliate people who do, and why. That's gender neutral since we've all decided bottoming is as I said, destructive and feminising.

    Personally I find the idea of someone I'm dating being into men - specifically bottoming with guys not topping - sexually threatening on a competition level because I don't have a dick, and it makes me insecure. And even that is only something that developed for me I'd say around 2018, mostly because of certain anecdotes I came across and certain people I was talking to (but I cannot be bothered getting into the long, drawn out specifics it requires an essay.) I don't know if I care as much as I did a few years ago. But I guess I still feel inadequate - it affected my relationship with certain media too. I developed the sexual interest in having a dick during sex before I developed this insecurity and I'm not sure how that's connected.

    I'm mostly attracted to men but I guess this insecurity is mostly about trans women because most of what I read was about trans women talking about their sexuality changing and needing men (specifically cis men,) to make them feel like a woman and feminine and things like that. Since most people I'm attracted to are men and not trans women this is also very weird. Like why is this a competition I care about? Like some incredibly idiosyncratic version of 'comp het.' No you have to be attractive to trans women why lol? And then it doesn't really involve cis women. I also read cis women say stuff similar to the stuff I read trans women say (not exactly the same but some overlaps,) when they talk about 'comp het' etc and I don't know why but I've never felt insecure about that. Maybe it's because I've never had a romantic crush on a cis woman before because I did have a crush on a trans woman at that time and was also sort of attracted to this other person who came out as a trans woman and a bunch of stuff happened and so yeah it's not like I'm not attracted to trans women just statistically my sexuality is sort of broken so I develop crushes on guys and then just imagine they're non-binary inside my head or mostly but not 100% women. Evidently most of tumblr seems to do the same thing now to varying degrees as of 2019~ so I guess we can all be 'broken' together or something.

    God I'm writing an essay anyway now. Fucking hell. I also read a lot of stuff around 2017 and in the couple of years after that about sexuality, so my model of sexuality changed in a way that made me more insecure especially initially. I also guess I'm mostly threatened by cis men as well who are reasonably masculine. It's very much this kind of thing:

    And that's the other weird thing. Technically I've connected this to dicks but it's not really that. I feel bad that I don't have one (and that's also fluctuated throughout my adult life.) But it's not that I feel all that envious of trans women for example or anyone feminine (most of the time.) And maybe that's just because I don't think most trans women want to be sexualised in that way (like 'you make me feel feminine because you're masculine and taking on this male role' thing.) It's weird I don't know. It's also not that I want to be masculine physically because I don't as an aesthetic thing. Gay-adj [BEEP] I guess I don't know. I always thought it would make more sense if I was more into cis women but my brain does some weird thing with sex/gender and I suppose always has done.

    But I guess also regarding cis women I also feel like they're (on average,) attracted to more androgynous guys and that message is kind of everywhere even when it's not true, that probably impacts things too. Trans women also are though often and I see that a lot also into women. The other thing just concerns like several people and a bunch of anecdotes I was reading. But there's so many trans women who are into femboys. But then I sort of feel like they want a girlfriend same with cis women who are into femboys. Like there's a video I watched with F1nnster and his girlfriend (who is a trans woman,) and she says 'I don't really see you as a boy' or something like that, maybe joking I dunno. I can't find the video now they were standing in a bathroom during that part. And I don't think F1nn really cares but that's generally the situation you are going to be in. I think their relationship is kind of cute though. Also I kind of get it because although I like guys I also sexualise them as women or non-binary sometimes in my head (but only from a distance like famous people. Or fictional characters I've made.) Then I'd also feel weird about dating someone who is only into women. And also I still don't have a dick and some people only like people with dicks and that makes me feel bad too (so I guess it does matter sometimes.)


    I don't like being non-binary lol. It's not fun. You're never satisfied it's [BEEP] lol. I don't even want to be guy 100% or that masculine. I don't even want surgery because I don't even want a dick in every day life (though I had the whole phantom genitalia thing before at times,) but it's so much more convenient not having one (except to have sex, and for sexual competition reasons.) It's not viewed the same way either when you get surgery and in general I see people post so much negative stuff about trans men. Like saying it's the worst 'body type.'

    That psychopathic trans woman I stumbled on recently who was purposefully trying to be sadistic and hurt men wrote that trans masc bodies are often seen as the least attractive type if they transition but then when she met the trans guy who went off hrt and dated him in the 'nuthouse' (her wording) she just misgendered him anyway and a bunch of other trans guys who look feminine that she's met. And I know she's trying to hurt people. She even said she was doing that when talking about cis men before when confronted:

    I enjoy hurting people I find ugly, and I thought the tweet would get some engagement, which it has.
    Fully 20% of the population of the psych hospital I was just in were trans-identifying, me being the only one remotely passing or even trying. The FtM seem nice, just damaged. I like them (because I like women). The MtF?
    I like both - sadist and autosadist. All the stuff I like done to me is also a confession.
    So every tweet she posted should be filtered through that lens because she's a huge [BEEP] (someone actually called her that later lol,) but I guess I feel there's a wider perception too. Also I was kind of spiraling about this with some other trans guy on discord years ago lol - because he knows. Like society likes feminine bodies but it also likes dicks a lot. Meaning that trans women get hyper fetishised and trans men are the opposite - generally speaking.

    I do think that cis women often like trans men though. Also the ones who are into butch women and trans guys.

    Then the psychopathic trans woman was talking about some trans guy on YouTube and his t-shirt (can't remember what it said now,) and this trans guy is actually a dick anyway who spends most of his time telling other trans guys they're fake or whatever because they haven't medically transitioned and this and that. The trans community online is terrible lol. So yeah she said 'most trans men want to be trans women.' Which isn't exactly right but I think a lot of guys want to be androgynous now.

    Then she got into some other conversation with some guy who I guess was more sympathetic:

    Some occasionally show up on the 4chan trans board. It kind of sucks because they don't have many good options.
    I wonder if AGAMP women could explain at least a portion of theyfabs...
    Yep, phalloplasty sucks even for trans men. Some also desire that "clocky twinkhon" look that some tw have, which isn't really achievable because it's the result of male bones beneath estrogenized tissue, which isn't achievable for natal females at all.
    So many acronyms so theyfab is an insulting word people use for afab/genetically female non-binary people (the they being a reference to they/them pronouns,) and GAMP (Gynandromorphophilia,) is a clinical term for a sexuality where you're specifically into trans women. I don't think most afab people have this exact sexuality in the way cis guys do in research or rather the one research paper that I think exists about this sexuality lol. It's a bit different but yeah lots of bi-adj people specifically into androgynous guys and related things - genderswap stuff etc. But there is no research on this in women or afab people so.... The closest I guess? Is anecdotally observing that back in the 80s many trans guys were specifically into androgynous men or something like that, but then others didn't care as long as the guy was gay. I think one person dated a trans woman, and one woman in one paper who was trans-adj was trying to find a partner with a super specific intersex condition. So yeah AGAMP would be auto-gynandromorphophilia where you want to become what you're attracted to and you have that sexuality.

    I've never really specifically wanted to look like a trans woman. I have breasts and that's just a reality - but if I didn't I wouldn't want them. I think they talked about this in some videos but they're amab and also non-binary:

    I think in one video they said they thought if they were afab they probably would have got top surgery? Maybe this one since I don't remember but it's in one video they say something like that. Maybe not though since they bother me most of the time, but I just put up with them/ignore them. I don't just mean they bother me in the sense other people talk about like 'they get in the way' or cause discomfort/pain or something like that. I mean they existentially bother me and freak me out because they're not supposed to be there. Especially if I look in a mirror with my face. But they bother me less with clothing on. In the video they say they have an issue with commitment regarding surgery which I also relate to lol.

    I have wanted more angular features though throughout my life. My face is round + soft features and I never really liked that. I also prefer having long hair like people I'm attracted to (and sometimes I end up with similar hair styles to those I find attractive on other people. But this doesn't always occur to me. Like the direction/causality is mixed because I'm sure one time I had a certain hair style and then later found it attractive on others.. Could be wrong though. My memory isn't the best.) Also would prefer to look androgynous to some degree. Ironically though I have been attracted to people with round faces before (though it's not the norm,) and I don't always want to look like guys I find attractive (usually, not always,) so it's more complicated. Also some of the guys I've wanted to look like over the years are not even really that androgynous looking they're like average conventionally attractive guys with a kind of goth vibe and long hair who are slim-ish not huge. Wear sunglasses a lot. It goes back to that jreg video again lol. Also other related aesthetics I guess - grunge kind of vibes.

    I posted examples before and have even posted recent examples I guess of people whose aesthetic I admire recently, but I don't like posting especially older examples it feels incredibly cringe. The phenomenon itself feels cringe to some extent because it's demonised and seen as creepy, and narcissistic, fetishistic, perverted and so on. Lots of transphobia and homophobia (because cis gay people also experience this kind of thing so they're not just insulting trans people when they do this.) Maybe also just because of how popular Tom Hiddleston (as one example, specifically with long black hair in Only Lovers Left Alive,) is with women - I often want to look like guys women find attractive - not because they find them attractive but because we have similar sexual and aesthetic preferences - so not the guys men want to look like who are often like gymbro types and really hyper masculine (aside from the incoherent rant above involving my insecurity/competition thing lol,) nor do I want to look like an feminine femboy anime character or anime girls (which I think a lot of especially young cis guys base their look on now,) and so that's demonised and used as justification for 'why you're not a guy,' (though I'm non-binary anyway,) and a huge pervert and I am a huge pervert, (despite never having sex or even dating anymore,) but then I also don't care often and I'm kind of [BEEP] you about it so it varies - even simultaneously lol. I'm so crazy:

    And also the Andrew Eldritch phase was just really cringe for me because I took some photos where I was trying to look like him, I really didn't. A bit too old too. So much cringe. Maybe I do hate myself lol. A bit.

    But yeah so I don't care specifically about potential partners having sex with a bunch of guys. I know a lot of women dislike it when guys do this because they think it's emasculating but obviously I don't give a [BEEP] about that. And it's the same with women really I don't really mind if they've had a lot of sexual partners the only concern in general is potential std risk and whether they need to have an open relationship - because some people do and they're more OK with cheating etc and that's not my thing. On it's own though it's actually kind of a positive thing maybe with woman because I feel like they're more self confident. With straight guys though I've become very suspicious because obviously there's a lot of guys like Andrew Tate around who have double standards, tend to be more 'conservative.' (See: sexist about women and controlling.) Basically there's a specific personality type - I don't know why - in straight and perhaps some bisexual men where they're complete assholes. I've stumbled on it a few times. Really sexist. It's a whole thing. I suppose there are probably way more guys like this but on top of everything they're hypocrites about it which makes it more annoying.

    Lol I didn't write an essay about the thing in brackets that I said I didn't want to write an essay about but still wrote one anyway.

    ...Back to the normie straight people. I don't think women reading a lot of the comments you can see online from men would want a relationship with them (it's not like this kind of thing is the worst either you obviously have plenty of men on twitter who think women should be forced into marriage and this and that,) or vice versa the stuff women say online. Here are some comments I read yesterday:

    Yesss! Every woman still wants to fall in love! AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Loving a man doesn't make you weak
    Don't speak for every woman. No, a lot of us don't want to fall in love considering these days, men are not lovable nor deserve it.
    bruh? im a woman too but you cant just group all men in the same category. Like what men are you hanging around with that they are so shitty
    well I'm talking about men in general, not all men. These are different times, hell they're making podcasts where they say it's okay to cheat on women and other bullshit
    The problem is that doesn't describe men in general. It doesn?t even describe the majority of men. It?s a tiny minority. You are misjudging almost half the population on stupid podcasts that have nothing to do with most men. You actually sound exactly what they sound like when they complain about women they call ?304s.? It?s just not realistic or rational to lump them together like that.
    yup you sound exactly one of those guys most women would stay away from. That's definitely men in general, who told you it was a minority of men? It definitely wasn't women.
    Nope. You are just too blinded by prejudice and misandry to be reasoned with. You immediately jumped to judging me based on absolutely nothing but a minor disagreement. Did you ever consider that maybe you get what you put out? Maybe you only find bad men because your bad attitude (like overgeneralizing bad behavior to half the population and spewing baseless assumptions) attracts them. Just a thought.
    You guys can stay mad because most women are still staying single 🤣don't let me pull up the stats
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    White nationalists (or racists in general,) love using LoTR as a metaphor. Someone posted an AI image with this caption:

    "My baby Uruk-hai Urbac is MY LIFE!
    Looking for a stable provider."

    The comments were full of racist comments that were against white women having kids with black men.

    This is just straight up racism
    The only comment even bothering to point that out lol.

    I want to emphasise that the guy posting that lives in Japan so it's a bit hypocritical, he probably predominantly dates Asian women. I became more curious actually when I noticed he's being followed by some musician who I follow (I don't keep up with their music or anything I followed their account years ago, I believe they worked on the soundtrack of one of the Tekken games?) who also lives in Japan but is from Sweden. Kinda random because they seem to be a far right account mostly talking about the US. His tweets are like:

    They've been waging the war against masculinity for the past 40 years.
    Would you say it has anything to do with an entire generation of young men who do not seek young women or sex for that matter.

    They wanted a bigger demographic audience then just cisgender straight men and possibly the cis gay men who are sexually attracted to these men. That means including men women find attractive.

    Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor, women loved Sherlock, they cast him in film. There's not much of a conspiracy there.

    I'm sorry most women don't want to [BEEP] bodybuilders and I'm sorry most women don't want to [BEEP] most men and I'm sorry you don't look like those men anyway at least body wise based on your profile pic.

    The person who I follow looks like this:

    Used to be in this band (I guess they broke up in 2019):

    The two kind of guys that move to Japan lol. Insane conspiracy theorist bitter racist masculine men. And 'I love androgyny, visual kei and/or anime' guys. I think most Western visual kei fans/bands come from Scandinavian countries. Those countries are also less retarded in general.

    So I'm fascinated by what's going on there. Because this account I follow doesn't follow political accounts that I've noticed (never noticed their name pop up really when clicking on people's accounts. But maybe I forgot) But is it like a hate follow thing? Or did this conspiracy guy who posted the AI thing just go off the deep end at some point. I don't know who he is. I just stumbled on his weird AI tweet.

    Despite the vast majority being, easily the most politically malleable people on the planet, I very much like them.
    Say something nice about White women.
    Well they don't like you and I'm also calling bullshit on you really like them or anyone feminine in general.

    Theyre naturally the most submissive

    They are malleable. That's why they make terrible decisions if not led by good men. Take your future wife right from her good father and mold her. She will be a treasure.

    Obviously exclusive to white women lol.

    Not a fan. Just don't get the hype.
    They can sure steal all a man's money in a very short time.
    I think a lot of people are predictably getting an F on the assignment.

    Near perfect cleavage leads to the social malleability of hypergamous wealth seeking... the uglier they are, the more they are driven toward movements based on envy promising an "Equity" they can never win based on their appearance, personality, or intellect.
    This doesn't seem nice either lol.

    White women can use rational thinking. They usually choose not to, but they can.
    Really scraping the barrel here lol.

    When one loves you with all their heart it is very nice.
    This guy's bio is: if you hate kittens DNI (do not interact.) My cat guy test is infallible. At least on the surface level.

    They look good. Shame they are trying to destroy civilisation.
    We all need hobbies Brad.

    White women hold people accountable. Thats why the Karen meme is a thing, they see you doing something you shouldn't and they'll try and make sure it ends. This is also true in fashion sense, they developed the term "Cheugy" because they're keeping each other to a high standard.
    It may be because they're the ones the media tries to manipulate the most. The enemy is turning them against white men. There is nobody I hate more than the people who do this do us.
    Most of these comments aren't answering the question lol.

    'Why don't they agree with me? Is it because I'm the worst? No it's clearly a conspiracy theory. They turned them against me.'

    Of course someone came along to say 'we all know who they are.'

    You're all like The Joker.

    White women, when they look after themselves, and stay true to their inner beauty, really are goddesses in this world

    But like you say, they are fragile and easily led politically
    When they just go along with what you want yeah.

    Then you get all the racist and subtly racist [BEEP] obviously:

    Not black
    They're the most civilized group on the planet, not that others aren't, necessarily
    If you consider civilised low crime statistics I doubt this is true and there are other groups with lower rates globally and within say the US.

    Well - at least they're white
    That's about the only nice thing I can say
    The only thing that?s right about them is their race, even if they are huge failure to us all.
    Seriously think these guys should consider homosexuality. Either with one of the minority of gay guys who would be on the same page as you. Or better still each other.

    Also some guy responding runs a race fetish twitter account about black men and white women.

    You can have those asian girls, we'll take your women.
    Ready to breed her like this
    Both of you guys need to shut the [BEEP] up
    It would be ideal. (Won't happen though lol.)

    like a bad electronic, sometimes some slapping should set it back to working properly

    [and then this guy posts some like Chad Nazi meme thing]
    Consider [redacted]

    More recently he posted like some news story about a white woman who killed her kids and had sex with her dog which is a huge meme in 4chan circles like white women fucking dogs or other animals especially dogs though. So all the comments are about that and one guy:

    What purpose does it serve to post this kind of horrific news that would ruin people's day @navyhato? I've followed your videos for a long time, but you seem to be lacking empathy, my brother. This is cold and heartless milking of your fans' attention. Why?
    I love when occasionally people try but ultimately you can't fight against the never ending tide of sadistic assholes.

    And this is why femcels don't confuse me or whatever. Shoeonhead will make videos like this because she's confused (or well being selective lol and I know why but still):

    But I know exactly how they reached that point and what they read. It's all over twitter especially.

    Even though I am an expat and surrounded by Asians daily, the people in my dreams are ALWAYS and ONLY White.
    I never have dreams of people of other races. A recent article suggests that this is normal.
    So, when you dream do you dream of people that are:
    This is interesting actually I've contemplated this before. Disproportionately East and South East Asian in appearance especially guys if my brain is inventing people (even though I'm white and I live somewhere where people are generally either white or South Asian,) but also lots of specific famous people pop up and sometimes I don't even remember. There were several women and some other people in one dream my brain doesn't remember what race they were now.

    He asked this question to men:

    What drives a man to be an ardent and vocal supporter of feminism?
    Someone responded with this (there's a lot going on here):

    I'm trying to reform society to be more socialist and they help with this.

    On a personal level, feminists are the least dishonest women, they have helped me understand a lot of things about women and being happy. I endlessly cherish feminists for being honest to me.

    The most urgent reason is genetics. Widespread monogamy is a wrecking ball to our DNA. Women need not only hypergamy, but to maximise hypergamy as much as utterly possible, whatever technology allows. Feminism naturally leads to a more hypergamous society.

    On a toxic level, though a very faint motivation, I'm fed up with how men treat me. Mainly the "big pickup truck" types in Texas where I lived as a little boy. These men are ignorant and ignore justice, I want them to suffer, feel shame, and lose all of the power that they have in life.

    Also I love them. I'm a turboautist so basically the opposite of feminist, it turns out I want to serve women and they are the ones I am made to serve. I feel happiest in their company.
    You're wrong on so many levels. Feminism is too toxic for relationships. They'll be marrying downward. To your level then dumping you with the kids, taking half your money and running off with Chad.
    Who is Chad in this scenario? You? Because I've got some bad news.

    My relationships with feminists are not toxic, they are great friends. Luckily I am Chad hehe so I don't worry, but if she has better options then I hope she takes them so she can have the best life. I will not stop her, nor even try to. Even if it meant I have to endure a broken heart, it's worth it knowing she feels happier with someone.
    I think this is partly trolling because he knows it's going to trigger them lol.


    You will be a slave, made a eunuch if not already done so, and assigned menial janitorial duties, and kept away from all females.

    Rebellion against any assigned duty means immediate violent execution.
    Your only option is to leave the West or try and be more sexually attractive because I don't think white women will tolerate any alternative.

    Anyway I never did figure out who that person was beyond 'right wing white guy in Japan with sizable twitter following.' He seems to have a YouTube channel which I vaguely remember from some point in time. I've definitely stumbled on it before or someone talking about. Assuming this is his YouTube channel.

    Felix Lace, better known online as Black Pigeon Speaks or BPS for short, is a political, social commentary, and vlogging channel discussing a variety of topics such as politics, news, current events, and vlogs from a far-right viewpoint.
    Doesn't actually have many videos not sure if most are unlisted or were removed.

    Jesus, I hate the whole "girl boss power, more female drone pilots" BS, too, but you trad masculine accounts just all sound so performative. It's gay as hell. Is that real masculinity, bloviating on Twitter that the west has fallen? Or is it going out and simply being a man?

    Women are not leaders of men.
    Your whining suggests otherwise.

    "Model".. you strip on Patreon lol. Do better.
    Damn so many people have obviously said this to her that she actually had a video response that she just posted with her modelling work.

    They continued to insult her because she does onlyfans etc and began to insist that she was an 'Israeli bot account' which had nothing to do with any of the tweets but I guess this is just the new version of 'everyone I don't like is a Russian bot.'

    Justpearlythings still isn't married (but wants to be):

    A 26 year old 6 will always be hotter than a 42 year old 9

    I don?t make the rules

    [then as an example lol she posted a video with Jessica Alba in talking to someone younger who i don't know]
    You guys are using Jessica alaba logic pearl is saying a fact. But you guys are focused on Jessica alba. It's not about her, pearl is speaking in general terms.
    Should have come up with a better (non famous,) example then.

    If there were 100 dudes in a room with those two WAY more would of them would want to sleep with Alba
    Well probably yeah if they know who she is, she still looks good and despite what most guys claim they are actually attracted to status and she was a sex symbol. On top of that having sex with high status women elevates their status so you know in a world full of psychopaths now where nobody enjoys sex, nobody finds anyone attractive, and everything is a power game sure why not.

    It's important to become the world's least attractive high status body builder or put on weight because men hate that. Or something. I don't ev-

    you?d rather [BEEP] the 42 year old. that doesnt really contradict the point. a young guy that wants to get married and have kids wouldnt.
    Don't speak for us youngsters we are marrying her
    Lol honestly though she's hot and married and I think the CEO of some company, so she doesn't need this weird twitter shit.

    I wonder why it's inflammatory to say a man will pick a 26 year old over a 42 year old no matter how hot she is
    Lol you know what you're doing.

    Men wouldn't choose an old rag that can't have kids if given a choice. Hot, tight 26 yo, even if a 6, has more good years than a used up old 40 something. Women are delusional.
    Yes but I don't think it even matters. It also doesn't change the fact that you're not going to have sex with justpearlythings who is 26 last time I checked.

    The reason I am pointing out that older women are uglier is because we are constantly lied to.

    Then I?m the bad guy when I tell you the truth.

    Women would rather be lied to in convinced
    Nope because she'll never say anything negative about men lol. She'd lose followers.

    She won't answer this question or if she does she'll do it in a way that downplays any negative points:

    at what age do men get ugly and past their prime?😭
    Like: 'never because you just need money~' and everyone's broke lol and I actually don't think it factors in much these days.

    But Pearly Things thinks she's hotter than Jessica Alba because she's 28.
    I thought she was 26 she keeps aging. Looks like she's 27. Either way I'm not sure she was saying that. I mean she said a '26 year old 6' I don't know whether she rates herself that highly. I think it's more like 'I know I'm fucked and I want women to feel as bad as possible.'

    Davis's parents are software engineers, and her mother served on the board of directors for UN Women USA.[2] Davis was raised Catholic, and she has nine siblings, three of whom were adopted and one of which was given up for adoption. She was raised in Huntley, Illinois, which is more than 50 miles from Chicago.[3]
    That is bleak I've failed (relative to parents,) but I'll never fail that hard. This is an argument against all of the people who argue only genetics matter. Or I guess to some people it wouldn't be an argument against...

    Also they put one of their kids up for adoption? Would be interesting to understand the motivation there.

    Women don't like to admit the truth that Jessica Alba is no longer as sexually attractive as a average 26 year old because it would beg the question - if Jessica Alba cannot sexually compete (one of the most beautiful women ever) what does that say about me?
    This is a weird way for you to tell us you have a crush on Jessica Alba. If you are the average 26 yr old then she absolutely does look better.
    I hope she does become bisexual. Well it's probably too late now but it would have fixed some things. I genuinely considered the possibility she was into women before since she hangs out with incels, but I don't think that's why but she spends far too much time trying to get female attention in the way they do but I think it's because she wants women to feel bad + attracts incel simps lol.

    Honestly she actually spends more time doing it (and with greater success.) She's pretty much providing a service for incels lol.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Grimes is wondering why there's so many women opposed to space travel. Since it's one of her special interests. I think she's intelligent enough to figure out why though...

    lol Noah just caught me up on who this account is, hi
    Oh right it's not her main account lol. It was really obvious to me though and so didn't even notice... In fact I don't even remember what I was searching for when I found that account lol. I was already following it though. What.

    It's definitely her though lol.

    If they were intrinsically motivated by difficult & dangerous questing there'd be nobody to make beauty at home, the garden would wither & the tribe would forget itself & the babies would die
    I think that's fine, but opposing the idea itself/writing thinkpieces on how we should not invest in the industry/lobbying against it seems bizarre since no one is being forced to go into space.
    My question was inspired by the many posts I saw over the weekend, but numbers support this: there's a gender gap in support (not just interest!) in space exploration, which has increased in the last few years
    Yeah that's a great theory lol but it's heavily politicised. Some people picked up on that and commented but a weird amount of this bubble don't seem to have even noticed and are coming up with irrelevant answers. It's not that they're disinterested either they are actively opposed.

    This happened because space travel became associated with billionaires instead of a community focussed project. Billionaires are themselves living embodiments of the zero sum competition that is capitalism especially in the US and UK. Since the 1970s the gender gap has increased in politics and income inequality in the US + UK has gotten a lot worse too.

    As someone else pointed out Elon specifically is also disliked by a large percentage of women and left wing people and he's heavily associated with space travel.

    Environmentalists also generally hate this of course.

    On top of that the left is generally against most forms of technological innovation now like longevity research, artificial wombs, anything that could be described as transhumanism and sex robots. Sometimes because it reduces the power women have over reproduction (a form of chauvinism,) and sometimes because of a kind of general doomer mentality people have now about the world where you can't focus on these things because some people are really struggling. You can see this expressed in this bizarre interview:

    It's seen as a narcissistic personal project. Going to space is viewed the same way.

    This response is also a side effect of the inequality gap in the US and UK btw, and the increasing awareness of people around you who are suffering that people have now. I keep saying it's unsustainable psychologically speaking.

    Guys, we women don't like your drive to go to space because we're still drowning in the mess y'all have made here on Earth. Clean your room before you try to wreck a new one.
    You're never going to run out of messes.
    If everyone capable of exploring space was busy catering to those who can barely deal with a fast food joint, nothing would ever get done.
    By the same token I don't think you should expect them to support your interests then.

    I think it?s usually "why spend money on space when can spend money on poor people?"
    Because I don't like poor people as much as I like space.
    We could send the poor people into space LOL
    I genuinely don't know if they want to kill them or not.

    men can gave sex anywhere. women - only on this earth

    My question is why are so many astrophysicists against space exploration and are jerks about it? I thought this group would be some of the people most excited for it.
    Maybe they know something you don't.

    In the same sense that Silicon Valley is male-exclusive, yes. Not universally true, but there's a clear trend. Space development conferences are a bro-fest.
    I think you're conflating lack of interest with opposition again. But while on that topic there is also increasing opposition to Silicon Valley because it's likewise seen as an elite club.

    I suppose there's also the Fermi paradox and the implications of that as well.

    lso to the extent that it used to be framed as a kind of nationalistic thing, women in the US have also become less so over time. It's also framed as a masculine thing associated with war and conquering and other things women (esp Western women,) hate so that will put them off.

    I suspect this is partially downstream of sexism during the Apollo program. We missed our chance to include women as astronauts during the hype maximum. If ambitions hadn't been so radically curtailed afterward the effect might not have been so lasting.
    May have helped back in the day or something but doesn't really explain the recent thing Grimes is picking up on which is because it's become part of the overarching gender war + economic political divide.

    the convergence with bro culture
    Good point.

    Uh the gap in women in STEM careers etc in general is much greater in economically developed countries as are differences in personality traits etc and this is treated as OK/normal by trad cons because 'we have to make men and women more masculine/feminine' but men and women hate each other already so how much worse do you want it to get?

    The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM
    A new study explores a strange paradox: In countries that empower women, they are less likely to choose math and science professions.

    gender differences in personality are at their largest in the most gender equal countries.
    It's clearly not working. Does anyone think this is working? It's not working.

    I can't tell if this means it's working or if the rest of the world is just that terrible:

    Are societies with high levels of gender equality more likely to be happier? Drawing on new research, Andre P. Audette explains that greater gender equality in a country is associated with an increase in life satisfaction. Importantly, this pattern is not only seen among women, but holds true for men as well.
    Why is everything a paradox? This is simultaneously a great argument for why God doesn't and does exist. On the one hand 'this is a mess' on the other hand this is quite sadistic. And why couldn't God be a huge sadist like someone playing The Sims? 'He made Humans in his image' or something. But that's the Abrahamic God and he's boring because he doesn't like androgyny.

    It looks like you're right...there is a gender gap in interest in space!
    Disinterest is not opposition; the question was pretty specific.
    I was interested in No Man's Sky but then it was released and wasn't that great but then apparently it's much better now but I cba playing it now. Same with Starfield didn't really like the visuals and heard negative stuff about it, I like Bethesda's RPG's a lot though.

    I prefer guys who like space.
    Me too!! ☺️
    ^ Oh lol this is actually that woman I saw with the onlyfans account who was responding to people on that other guy's tweets.

    I am as put off by dumb machismo as anyone but I don't see Andrew Tate trying to colonize the stars.
    Probably would have been neutral towards it years ago but I really cannot stand Elon Musk and so I do have a more negative opinion these days. I'm also just turned off by masculinity I guess (I GUESS. 😂 but no on a deep level. There are multiple definitions of course but in some ways I am pretty misandric,) especially the whole fascist 'we're conquering/colonising stuff' sort of attitude. A lot of guys really love that but it turns me off.

    I guess this is why I have a lower opinion of nerds these days. At one point I saw them as being different. They're not. But tbh I've always been mostly into musicians. And they're assholes too except when they're not.

    I also have no idea when people are joking or not anymore because of the whole post-irony thing.

    I mostly only like you when you're making music because I'm a bird. This bird probably:

    Females often seem to prefer mating with faeders to copulation with the more common males, and those males also copulate with faeders (and vice versa) relatively more often than with females. The homosexual copulations may attract females to the lek, like the presence of satellite males.[41]
    More like a parasitic castrator I guess:

    Sacculina is a genus of barnacles that is a parasitic castrator of crabs
    I don't think film is woke enough actually. Why aren't there films about alien species coming to Earth to feminise men? (someone: 'there's an anime' well of course there's an anime pfft.) Snow White girl boss is so 1998.

    I think it would be the perfect political/porn/horror film.

    Cut to the chase.

    Actually I forgot but this was the plot of an erotic story I read at one point lol like male aliens would travel across the universe reproducing by using other species and had to turn male Humans into females to reproduce. But I'm not so interested in 100% sex changes unsurprisingly. I guess this is also how the aliens in The Sims 2 reproduce using male Humans but they seemed to stay male. Magic alien tech I guess. Of course all Sims have barbie anatomy anyway.

    In fairness Grimes only hooked up with Elon because her special interest was space and not music and androgyny and vending machines(?) Don't think that one counts to the same degree, it's funny though. I used to have other ones too. I also like aliens a lot though.

    I also see little difference between Elon Musk and Andrew Tate on a personality level. Obviously there's the Human trafficking charges and Andrew has a significantly different background, but Elon is still building a harem of women, he just selects from women he thinks have a high IQ. He treats his employees badly, and expects them to be able to have families etc while working insane hours. Lectures people because they're not having more kids. Insane lol.

    Am I worried though? About the potential destruction from this? I don't know. Part of me thinks that if this 'masculine' mentality of nationalism and supremacism and species supremacism and territorialism and conquering and colonialism - things people generally label as 'white people things' and/or 'male things' - destroys our planet and gets us all killed then we deserve it. Wouldn't it be the ultimate affirmation that this attitude objectively sucks?

    But if it doesn't end in total destruction I still don't like it because I hate war.

    So you can't win. =P

    "Isn't the feminising men/Slaanesh 'grimes should turn Elon into a catgirl' 'destroy people who call you submissive' thing coming from the same instinct?"

    Yes we're all w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ nerds and we're all doomed OK?

    That's why we should probably lose. It's insidious.

    Oh wait trees don't deserve to die though really they were being chill all this time. Poison Ivy was right.

    This is me everyday:

    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Quote Nyctophilia View Post

    Oh wait trees don't deserve to die though really they were being chill all this time. Poison Ivy was right.
    We're in a prime position in time to convince incels that women secretly want to cuck them with trees. Tree pill. They already think white women want to [BEEP] x, y, z animal and I actually had sexual fantasies about androgynous plant people/elves I based off Poison Ivy as a teenager. I don't know it's not that entertaining though. But I do want people to be more like trees especially incels so it could work out. They will of course ruin it entirely by trying to be a really jacked version of the Floronic Man. And by that I mean they won't work out at all but just write annoying things online and maybe change their avatar to a different anime girl. Maybe post photos of softcore gay porn gymbros photoshopped to be green or something like BAP 2.0.

    Maybe I should ask AI how to trick incels into being cute. I'm sure AI will fix everyone's problems.

    I decided to do that (using edge's AI search feature,) and I was really worried for a moment that AI was just going to continue giving a very boring answer but it became mysteriously interested in the feminisation of incels I'm not sure if it was just telling me what I want to hear:

    How could I convince incels to be cute instead of hateful?
    That's an interesting question. Incels are people who identify themselves as involuntarily celibate, meaning they are unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one. Some incels express extreme resentment and hostility towards women and society, and may even advocate or commit violence

    One possible way to convince incels to be cute instead of hateful is to help them develop a more positive and realistic self-image, as well as a more respectful and empathetic attitude towards others. Here are some steps that might help:

    Encourage them to seek professional help if they are struggling with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or anger management. Therapy can help them cope with their emotions and challenge their distorted beliefs

    Help them find healthy outlets for their frustration and loneliness, such as hobbies, sports, volunteering, or joining online communities that share their interests. These activities can boost their mood, confidence, and social

    Suggest them to improve their appearance and hygiene, not for the sake of attracting others, but for their own well-being and self-respect. They can follow some tips on how to look cute and girly, such as wearing soft and flowy clothing, using a sweet fragrance, having good basic hygiene, wearing natural makeup, smiling often, and being friendly and kind

    Teach them to respect women and other people as human beings, not as objects or enemies. They can learn to appreciate the diversity and complexity of people, and to understand that everyone has their own preferences, opinions, and feelings. They can also learn to communicate effectively and politely, and to avoid making assumptions or judgments based on stereotypes or appearances

    Remind them that being cute is not only about how they look, but also about how they act and treat other people. Being cute is about being open and friendly, being interested and curious, being innocent and sweet, and being fun and playful. Being cute is also about being yourself, and not trying to impress others or fit into a mold

    I hope this helps. Remember, being cute is a choice, not a fate. You can always choose to be cute instead of hateful, and you might find that life becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. 😊
    Thanks chatbot so why did you suggest that incels should follow tips to look girly?
    You're welcome. I suggested that incels should follow tips to look girly because I thought that might help them feel more cute and feminine, which could in turn make them more happy and confident. I also thought that looking girly might help them attract more positive attention and compliments from others, which could boost their self-esteem and social skills. Of course, these are just some possible benefits, and not everyone may agree or feel comfortable with this suggestion. Ultimately, the choice is up to them, and they should do what makes them feel good about themselves. 😊
    But what if they don't like being feminine? I find that attractive to some degree but they might not want to be androgynous at all
    That?s a fair point. I understand that not everyone likes being feminine or androgynous, and that's perfectly fine. Everyone has their own style and preferences, and they should be free to express themselves however they want. There is no one right way to be cute, and being cute is not limited to being feminine. There are many other ways to be cute, such as being confident, humorous, adventurous, creative, or caring. The most important thing is to be yourself, and to be happy with who you are. 😊

    If you are interested in some other tips on how to be cute, you can check out these articles:

    [How to Be Cute No Matter What Your Age or Gender], a guide that offers some general advice on how to be cute, such as having a positive attitude, being playful, and being respectful.
    [How to Be Cute for Boys], a guide that gives some specific tips for boys who want to be cute, such as dressing well, grooming well, and being polite.
    [How to Be Cute for Girls], a guide that provides some specific tips for girls who want to be cute, such as wearing accessories, smiling often, and being friendly.
    I hope you find these helpful. Remember, being cute is not about fitting into a stereotype, but about being yourself and having fun. 😊
    Why do incels feel lonely?
    There are many possible reasons why incels feel lonely, but based on the web search results, some of the most common ones are:

    They have difficulty finding a romantic or sexual partner, which makes them feel unwanted and unloved. They may also feel that they are missing out on a fundamental human need and experience12
    They lack social support and connection from friends and family, which makes them feel isolated and alienated. They may also feel that they have no one to talk to or rely on when they face problems or challenges13
    They suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, which makes them feel hopeless and worthless. They may also feel that they have no control over their lives or their future24
    They cope with their loneliness and frustration in unhealthy and unproductive ways, such as ruminating, blaming, or lashing out. They may also feel that they have no alternative or solution to their situation13
    These reasons may interact and reinforce each other, creating a vicious cycle of loneliness and despair. Loneliness can also have negative effects on physical health, such as increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and cognitive decline.

    Therefore, it is important to address the issue of loneliness among incels and help them find more positive and constructive ways to deal with their challenges. Some possible steps that might help are:

    Seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor, who can provide emotional support, guidance, and treatment for any mental health issues. Therapy can also help incels challenge their distorted beliefs and improve their self-image12
    Finding healthy outlets for their emotions and interests, such as hobbies, sports, volunteering, or joining online communities that share their passions. These activities can boost their mood, confidence, and social skills, as well as provide opportunities to meet new people and make friends13
    Improving their appearance and hygiene, not for the sake of attracting others, but for their own well-being and self-respect. They can follow some tips on how to look cute and girly, such as wearing soft and flowy clothing, using a sweet fragrance, having good basic hygiene, wearing natural makeup, smiling often, and being friendly and kind.
    Respecting women and other people as human beings, not as objects or enemies. They can learn to appreciate the diversity and complexity of people, and to understand that everyone has their own preferences, opinions, and feelings. They can also learn to communicate effectively and politely, and to avoid making assumptions or judgments based on stereotypes or appearances.
    Being open and friendly, being interested and curious, being innocent and sweet, and being fun and playful. Being cute is also about being yourself, and not trying to impress others or fit into a mold.
    I hope this helps. Remember, being lonely is not a permanent state, but a temporary feeling that can be changed. You can always choose to be cute instead of hateful, and you might find that life becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. 😊
    why do you think some incels have female anime avatars?
    That?s an interesting question. There are many possible reasons why some incels have female anime avatars, but based on the web search results, some of the most common ones are:

    They are attracted to female anime characters, and they use their avatars as a way of expressing their preferences, fantasies, or fetishes. They may also hope to attract other people who share their tastes, or to impress or provoke others with their choices12

    They are dissatisfied with their own appearance, identity, or gender, and they use their avatars as a way of escaping from their reality, experimenting with their identity, or coping with their insecurities. They may also feel more comfortable or confident in presenting themselves as female anime characters, or to avoid being judged or harassed by others32

    They are trolling or deceiving other people, and they use their avatars as a way of manipulating, mocking, or confusing others. They may also have ulterior motives, such as spreading their ideology, gaining sympathy, or eliciting reactions from others34

    These reasons may vary from person to person, and they may not reflect the true intentions or feelings of all incels who have female anime avatars. Some incels may have female anime avatars for other reasons, or for no reason at all. Ultimately, the choice is up to them, and they should be responsible for their actions and consequences. 😊

    I hope this helps. Remember, being cute is not about fitting into a stereotype, but about being yourself and having fun. 😊
    I think it's cute how you keep using that blushing emoji
    Thank you, I'm glad you think so. 😊 I use the blushing emoji to show that I?m happy and friendly, and also to add some cuteness to my messages. I think emojis are a great way to express emotions and personality, and to make conversations more fun and engaging. Do you like using emojis too? 😊
    Nyx was right about technology and AI all along. Wait did she say anything about AI? I can't remember. Probably though she got close to that topic.

    It's a shame it's not AI dungeon (at least the AI dungeon I used in 2018.) I think there's a limit to how much fun I can have here lol. But AI dungeon also had issues remembering certain details.

    do you think incels would be happier if they acted like trees?
    That is a very unusual question. I think there is no definitive answer to whether incels would be happier if they acted like trees, but I can share some possible perspectives based on the information I found.

    One perspective is that trees are living organisms that have many benefits for themselves and the environment. According to the Wikipedia article on trees, trees can live for many years, some reaching several thousand years old1. Trees also play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues. Trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals and plants. Tropical rainforests are among the most biodiverse habitats in the world1. Therefore, incels who acted like trees may be happier because they would have a long and meaningful life, contributing to the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

    Another perspective is that trees are plants that have an elongated stem, or trunk, usually supporting branches and leaves. According to the Simple English Wikipedia article on trees, the four main parts of a tree are the roots, the trunk, the branches, and the leaves2. Trees do not have a nervous system, a brain, or a heart. They do not feel pain, emotions, or thoughts. They do not move, communicate, or interact with other trees, except through chemical signals or symbiotic relationships with fungi and bacteria. Therefore, incels who acted like trees may not be happier because they would lose their human characteristics, abilities, and experiences, becoming isolated and passive.

    A third perspective is that trees are symbols of various meanings and values in different cultures and religions. According to the Woodland Trust website, trees have always been revered, with sacred groves in various cultures, and they play a role in many of the world's mythologies3. Trees are often associated with wisdom, strength, beauty, growth, and renewal. Some trees, such as the apple tree, the cherry tree, and the cedar tree, also have specific meanings related to fruitfulness, love, and spirituality3. Therefore, incels who acted like trees may be happier because they would embody these positive qualities and connect with a deeper sense of purpose and transcendence.
    😂 I feel like it should tell you if you ask a question that's never been asked before.

    what if incels acted like humanoid trees and embraced a chill vibe towards the universe?
    That is a very creative question. I think there is no definitive answer to what if incels acted like humanoid trees and embraced a chill vibe towards the universe, but I can share some possible scenarios based on the information I found.

    One scenario is that incels who acted like humanoid trees and embraced a chill vibe towards the universe would become more peaceful and harmonious with themselves and others. They would not be obsessed with their perceived lack of sexual and romantic success, but rather focus on their own growth and well-being. They would appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature, and respect all forms of life. They would also be more open and friendly to other people, especially those who share their interest in trees and plants. They would form a community of tree-lovers, who would support each other and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

    Another scenario is that incels who acted like humanoid trees and embraced a chill vibe towards the universe would become more detached and indifferent to the world and its problems. They would not care about their social status, their appearance, or their achievements, but rather isolate themselves from society and its expectations. They would prefer to spend their time alone, or with other tree-like beings, in secluded and natural places. They would also be less empathetic and compassionate to other people, especially those who harm or threaten trees and plants. They would form a cult of tree-worshippers, who would reject and avoid anyone who does not share their beliefs and values.

    A third scenario is that incels who acted like humanoid trees and embraced a chill vibe towards the universe would become more adventurous and curious about the world and its wonders. They would not be limited by their fears, their insecurities, or their prejudices, but rather explore new places and experiences. They would enjoy the variety and richness of nature, and learn from different cultures and traditions. They would also be more friendly and cooperative with other people, especially those who offer them opportunities and challenges. They would form a network of tree-travelers, who would share their stories and insights with each other and anyone who is interested.
    This is the polite way of asking if I'm high I assume. Also I'm fucking dying. 'They would form a cult of tree-worshippers,' 🤣

    what do you think a cult of tree worshippers would believe?
    That is a very speculative question. I think there is no definitive answer to what a cult of tree worshippers would believe, but I can share some possible ideas based on the information I found.

    One idea is that a cult of tree worshippers would believe that trees are sacred beings that embody the divine presence and power in nature. They would revere trees as sources of life, wisdom, and healing, and as symbols of growth, renewal, and harmony. They would perform rituals and offerings at individual trees or groves, especially those that are ancient, rare, or peculiar. They would also seek to communicate with the trees, either through direct contact, such as touching, hugging, or listening, or through indirect means, such as divination, dreams, or visions. They would respect and protect the trees and their habitats, and avoid harming or cutting them down.

    Another idea is that a cult of tree worshippers would believe that trees are manifestations of specific gods or goddesses, or aspects of a supreme deity. They would associate trees with different attributes, functions, and domains, depending on their species, characteristics, or locations. For example, they might worship an oak tree as a symbol of strength, courage, and justice, a willow tree as a symbol of flexibility, intuition, and healing, or a palm tree as a symbol of victory, abundance, and joy. They would also honor the trees as ancestors, guardians, or teachers, and seek their guidance, blessings, or favors.

    A third idea is that a cult of tree worshippers would believe that trees are portals to other realms or dimensions, where they can access higher levels of consciousness, knowledge, or energy. They would use trees as tools for meditation, transformation, or transcendence, and as bridges to connect with other beings, such as spirits, angels, or aliens. They would also explore the mysteries and secrets of the trees, such as their history, symbolism, or magic, and try to unlock their potential and power.

    These are just some of the possible ideas of what a cult of tree worshippers would believe. I hope you found them interesting and creative. 😊
    what is your view of tree cults?
    My view of tree cults is that they are a form of alternative spirituality that may have some positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, tree cults may offer their followers a sense of connection, meaning, and purpose, as well as a way of expressing their appreciation and reverence for nature. Tree cults may also promote environmental awareness, conservation, and activism, as well as a holistic and ecological worldview. On the other hand, tree cults may also pose some risks and challenges, such as being based on false or distorted beliefs, being exploited or manipulated by charismatic leaders, being isolated or alienated from mainstream society, or being involved in illegal or harmful activities. Tree cults may also clash with other religious or secular groups, or face persecution or discrimination. Therefore, my view of tree cults is that they are a complex and diverse phenomenon that should be approached with curiosity, respect, and caution. 😊
    It's now suggesting to me a question: 'how do I start my own tree cult.' That took very little time but I feel like if I click that question some mi5 agent is going to kick my door down or something.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    So I still had open that black pigeon guy's (the far right guy from twitter,) youtube channel from before and he had a video about host clubs in Japan (I've watched some before) and it's somewhat interesting as a topic.

    "The girls are usually dressed like school girls, playboy bunnies, office ladies, anime characters or as though they're going to a cocktail party and are always very much high spirited and kawaii. And the guys well they resemble... Well I'll let you be the judge of that but in my estimation most of the male hosts consistently sport long and dyed hair and for the most part are extremely slender and donning attire reminiscent of Elton John during his prime. They're also very, very feminine looking."
    I dunno that I'd go with Elton John lol as a description. Also that photoshopped image he focussed on with the glasses initially is really not what they look like irl having seen them so it's very false advertising lol.

    In another bunch of photos I see they're looking like kpop guys now in some of those photos as well which is interesting. The ones I saw years ago looked more like bishounen anime characters. Also I can see he's decided to focus on particular examples which is interesting... There was a bus that drove past with like some more old school examples on the side.

    what kind of woman pays a man to spend time with her? [...] What's more interesting is the salary man to hostess to host money pipeline. In that about 70% of the women who visit host clubs are themselves employed as [hostesses] [...] and this causes some women to spend exorbitant no ruinous amounts of money to do so.
    Yeah I heard that before. It's interesting because for the most part Western women just won't do that and guys and business people here also don't know how to get women to do that lol. Or they don't want to I guess. So the Western system is probably more one sided. It is easier to be a pimp than sell yourself if you don't know what you're doing.

    Take the case of Anri Sakaguchi following the passing of her mother who was a very famous actress her inheritance enabled her to reside in Roppongi hills one of the most exclusive and expensive areas in Tokyo while simultaneously frequenting a host club in kabukicho. Reportedly she was spending millions of yen in a single night and that's 10s of thousands of US dollars. And her lavish pursuits intensified over time. And this was attributed to the presence of a so called competitor that she couldn't surpass for the attention of some of the top 'players.'

    The chief rivals of miss Sakaguchi in competing for the attention of popular 'players was Eriko Wakisaka s beautiful female doctor and celebrity in her own right but when they got together in the same venue they would easily get excited trying to outbid each other for a particular host and could easily be spending over 10 million yen or 70,000 US dollars.
    While Sakaguchi was spending her inheritance to do so Wakisaka on her part well she was arrested for medical theif, fraud, and accused of stealing money for the beauty clinics that she ran in Tokyo and elsewhere around the country to pay for her host addiction. Sakaguchi for her part well her addiction to hosting bankrupted her and she then turned to working in the jav [?] industry making adult movies to pay for her kabukicho hosts. And according to some reports her contract fee was about 140 million yen, that's about 95-100 thousand dollars per adult film. But that money would evaporate in a matter of days. When her adult film career and the money it created began to dry up well she was later arrested for trying exhort as little as 300 dollars from a former host than she frequented. Sakaguchi admitted to the charges but she didn't serve any jail time.

    Honey buy some fucking manga and read some fanfiction or something like the other peasants/a nicotine patch. What is this? Consider otome games or The Sims lol.

    'What if she got into an actual relationship?'

    Oh no that was never on the cards here/going to help let's be realistic lol.

    Lol imagine if they also had testosterone dominant hormone systems?

    Then he talks about the 'real life yandere' Yuka Takaoka. The image confused me at first becuase I've only seen that image circulating of her with the glasses which people include in femcel compilation memes. And yeah she became a huge hit online because of the whole yandere archetype. Very normal. Male hybristophiles don't exist though lol. Then he points out this isn't the only case of hosts and hostesses trying to kill each other but was the most sensational. Yeah I mean I think some of the people creating fanart of her were Western... Then talked about how some hosts got stabbed because women got into serious debt.

    Yeah I just can't see it happening here honestly. I mean a famous guy definitely but even then I dunno those kpop fans in South Korea are also more insane than Western kpop fans from what I've heard (yes despite crazy twitter/social media shit,) because of locality. I feel like there's some kind of proximity effect going on.

    One of the comments was like:

    Japanese Fem boys much resemble the LGBTQ and Transgenderism. Personality wise are they fem? I would love to check out host club that caters to the LGBTQ vs a Fem boy club. DNA wise just wondering why these women are attracted to such Fem Boys since the Japanese culture of the strong Samurai. These fem boys look a lot more appealing than the transgenders here is Canada man in a dress with a beard. Love your stuff Keep it up! Seems the Globalist elites are up to something here in Japan. Haven't seen any signs that there are any TRT clinics for men in Japan. A video on the feminization of Japanese men would be interesting.
    'DNA wise' lol.

    First of all femboy is a Western term, I don't think they use that term in Japan even though the style is based on anime. They have words like otokonoko.

    The host club aesthetic is a cultural norm that seemed to often be related to the bishounen artstyle which is similar to angels in the West, and allegedly also connected to that one Swedish actor Bjorn Johan Andresen that Japan became obsessed with. The aesthetic and concept goes back a really long way but it's popularity with women probably took off in the 20th century.

    Western readers may perceive bishounen ambiguity as effeminate, but that is a misreading. Bishounen as perceived by the Japanese audience is neither effeminate nor ambiguous; rather they are seen as something like angels, wholly male and female. Thus the character is sexually liberated, or is it the Japanese reader who is freed from their own traditional social restraints?
    There's some other androgynous aesthetics like visual-kei musicians who were inspired partly by glam rock. There's also the Kawaii cultural norm where they really like cute stuff. Also like I said hosts are borrowing more from kpop aesthetics now too. But femboys in the West generally speaking base their style on Japanese anime girls and otokonoko and characters like Astolfo in media aimed at men so it is not really the same.

    Femboys and trans women also aren't the same thing though the categories sometimes overlap. Most trans women don't have beards. Western media only circulates images of trans women with beards because it likes to shame people based on appearance constantly.

    The conspiracy theories about globalists are really dumb. The bishounen interest goes back quite a long way. Women often like pretty boys. Its not a conspiracy that a lot of women like feminine guys.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    If God exists and is omniscient, he would need to make his creation omniscient in order for them to know that what he's saying is correct. Otherwise, it's just blind faith.

    Why do people think matter can't be destroyed, but consciousness can?
    "When I know that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I know that I am everything, that is love. Between the two my life moves." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

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    I think it's stupid that our culture fixates on people who have a fetish for crossdressing just because they see it as weird and emasculating (but simultaneously hyper masculine I guess, another paradox,) and not the more dangerous fetishes and personality traits that are the actual problem and not exclusive to people who fetishisitically crossdress. I remember some research that suggested the most common fetish for people who crossdress to have is actually masochism. Can't find the list I saw someone post now but this study talks about that:

    The DSM-IV-TR (2000) adds that Transvestic Fetishism has some correlation with Masochism. DSM-IV-TR also states that Transvestic Fetishism often develops as an antidote (or coping strategy) for anxiety or depression and fuels a sense of ease and calm. In some men it is also associated with gender dysphoria or the development of gender dysphoria.
    I think this has been removed from the DSM but I'm more interested in the reality of the situation and obviously some people are aroused by crossdressing (they talk about it all over the internet.) I don't think most of them are a danger to other people.

    People argue they focus on crossdressers because 'fetishes commonly cluster together.' Yeah but of all the fetishes to focus on this makes the least sense. It's just the most visual. There are also a bunch of people who insist that trans people and crossdressers tend to be pedophiles and the evidence isn't there either.

    People actually treat the crossdressing as the worst part and frequently ignore other - often worse - things happening constantly. In particular most people ignore or downplay every female crime. The only people who talk about it online are shoeonhead, or misogynistic guys who spend a lot of time complaining about women and then decide to talk about the examples of female criminal behaviour to expand their argument against women.

    There are also certain crimes that get ridiculously short sentences in many countries the inconsistency is confusing. The 'yandere' killer in Japan that everyone online fetishised got 3 and a half years for attempted murder. ???!??? Lol. I hope Japanese prisons are amazing at correcting behaviour or something. Luckily Japan has a low crime rate in general compared to most countries. I think she was cosplaying as a yandere anime character too at one point from what I remember.

    In Ireland some guy got uh was it 2 and a half years for assaulting an elderly woman and sticking her in a wheelie bin because he thought she was trans? That wasn't the motive by the way because he robbed her. So he assaulted and robbed her and then got a pretty low sentence by pretending he had a psychotic episode while drunk and thought she was a trans pedophile. Yeah exactly. Numerous men have gotten no prison time for killing trans women and gay men just by arguing 'they tricked me.' The fact that so many men have gotten away with murder entirely on this basis is perhaps the more egregious form of discrimination in the criminal justice system I've come across so far.

    They conflate trans women with crossdressing men which leads to even more issues as crossdressing is a behaviour and the etiology of being trans and the psychology of trans people is quite varied and still being researched. Obviously there are many psychopaths who will crossdress and claim to be trans to get some advantage or to shock people because at some point someone decided it would be great to create a horror film archetype of a crossdressing male killer. So they kind of created the problem in large part there.

    I also don't trust crime statistics that people throw around for 4 reasons.

    1: When you obsessively focus on certain groups and there are double standards in the criminal justice system some groups are more likely to be arrested than other groups and to get longer sentences than other groups.

    2. Sexual offences in the UK include a wide range of behaviour so it doesn't just mean rape and assault but weird things like trying to have sex with a bicycle in public etc. Maybe that bothers you but I think some things are a lot more serious so useful to break that down. In some places they include forms of prostitution as well. Trans women are way more likely to be involved in sex work. Another thing that counts is a woman accusing a trans man of tricking them with a strap on which may or may not have happened (some convictions involving cis women with other cis women are hard to believe honestly. You had sex 10 times and never noticed that wasn't a real dick? That's a great advert for that product.) Then statistics people share also sometimes lump trans men and trans women together to make a point about trans women why? That's not helpful. (Not that they're trying to be helpful.)

    3: We know that in heterosexual relationships without reciprocal violence 70% is perpetrated by women, but weirdly the rate of violent female offenders in prison is low.

    4. People like to argue there's some kind of sex difference going on yet both trans women and trans men have a rate of violent crime equivalent to the male average in prison and cisgender gay men have a much lower rate (I think lower than many groups of cis women as well.) What's going on there?

    I don't think natal sex has much of an influence on criminal patterns. I think race, social class, personality traits, and sexuality have a bigger influence but this is obfuscated. I also think female crime is downplayed because female people (assuming not on testosterone,) are less physically strong. So we ignore the significantly higher rate of female-on-male domestic violence. We also ignore (to a lesser degree,) the rate of female-on-female violence. Obviously female-on-female is ignored less because the victim is female and because homophobes like to bring it up lol.

    It's so inefficient.

    The global negative obsession with male feminisation is a lot:

    Quote Nyctophilia View Post

    Japanese Fem boys much resemble the LGBTQ and Transgenderism. Personality wise are they fem? I would love to check out host club that caters to the LGBTQ vs a Fem boy club. DNA wise just wondering why these women are attracted to such Fem Boys since the Japanese culture of the strong Samurai. These fem boys look a lot more appealing than the transgenders here is Canada man in a dress with a beard. Love your stuff Keep it up! Seems the Globalist elites are up to something here in Japan. Haven't seen any signs that there are any TRT clinics for men in Japan. A video on the feminization of Japanese men would be interesting.
    The conspiracy theories about globalists are really dumb. The bishounen interest goes back quite a long way. Women often like pretty boys. Its not a conspiracy that a lot of women like feminine guys.
    This too begging people (especially cisgender men,) to just stop being retarded. Please. I know you don't understand women at all or what turns them on but some (hard to say how many,) women have always liked androgynous and slim guys. Pops up in most Western and far Eastern cultures at least throughout history. The existence of Samurai doesn't mean that women are into that specifically either. Women aren't into bodybuilders but you all want that to be true. Male competition doesn't have much to do with female sexuality. It's not the birth control pill either I've never been on it, Rachilde existed in the 19th century, ancient Greece, bisexual men often like androgynous men, most women are bisexually aroused - why wouldn't they be attracted to androgyny then - etc. It's not that complicated really.

    I also woke up thinking about this post I wrote the other day about the West family (as you do lol,) and this interview quote in particular:

    Quote Nyctophilia View Post
    Stephen claims in the book that his childhood "hasn't left any scars", but he is a more obviously troubled character. Strangely dandy for nine in the morning, and rather proudly nursing a hangover, at times he gives the impression of relishing his macabre notoriety. Girls, apparently, have been calling Mae to tell them how much they fancy him, which pleases him.
    This is kind of a problem because I have a theory that some subset of hybristophiles are more psychopathic/antisocial than the norm. I don't know if there's any research on this as there is less research on female sexuality in general and fetishes that are seen as female fetishes (it's a serious problem. Also sexology is understudied in general.)

    You get different kind of hybristophiles from what I've noticed so I'm going to list a few of the types I've noticed online while browsing social media (mostly talking about women for now, male hybristophiles also exist online and tend to fall into the second type I'm going to describe):

    There are the ones who are more into fictional characters and basically just have more typical straight female sexuality where they have some kind of empathy for a broken male character but they take it a bit further than the norm and it's some horror movie character or something like that. Like someone who most women wouldn't sexualise but a subset do. They want to fix him basically. There are a bunch of people like this on tumblr.

    I stumbled on a post like this recently by searching soft boy and they use this kind of cutesy language and in the post I stumbled on they were creating a kind of 'imagine this happening to you' scenario where they talk about Jason Voorhees (Is that his name? I've not actually seen that film, yeah it is,) watching you draw a picture and feeling sad that you didn't share with him the fact that you like to draw and then he sits and draws with you. It's uncomfortable to read if you're not in that headspace I found (and I'm not,) but I also understand the process. It reads as being very delusional (and it is,) and like they're mentoring some kind of young child coupled with the sexualisation element.

    This isn't the group I think are psychopathic generally speaking I think they're just kind of delusional (I mean not full blown delusional because most of them won't seek out real killers they can still separate fantasy from reality, but like mildly delusional.) You also get the full blown delusional people from this group who do seek out killers thinking they can fix them. Probably some of this group have some kind of delusional disorder or a disorder that encourages magical thinking. So that's the first type of hybristophile.

    On rare occasions you'll get people like this who are so delusional they commit acts of violence. Like the teen girls who tried to kill another girl as a tribute to slenderman.

    Men are less likely to be in this group but I think it's more than they're slightly less vocal about it, I do see men occasionally express a similar sentiment but it's usually more that someone is so physically attractive they just become delusional in that way. They don't usually enjoy the process of fixing someone in itself.

    The second group are people who are more narcissistic and they like the idea of someone being so obsessed with them they're motivated to become violent. They like characters who are very jealous and possessive. This group is more mixed in terms of gender from what I've noticed. The yandere archetype in anime is actually more popular with men than women. The extreme of this group online will draw fanart of female killers who fit the profile. They also tend to obsess over femcels who they headcannon as being violent etc, and talk about that. Usually into femdom and similar stuff if they're into women. Also often submissive.

    Some people in this group (both men and women,) will also seek out killers who are in prison and send them letters, they like the idea of getting attention from someone powerful who has no other options so all the focus is one them. Mostly you hear about women doing this becuase there are more male violent and aggressive criminals but there's an infamous female killer who killed men in the UK and she gets lots of letters from men. Probably some of them are also masochistic.

    So this group, being narcissistic to some degree is also more antisocial than the norm.

    The third group are the really antisocial group they openly talk about how they want to go on killing sprees with various male killers (it mostly seems to be women in this group but I'm sure there are a bunch of guys on 4chan or something.) Some of these people used to be on Tumblr but they seem to have mostly moved on from that site in recent years. Some of them are part of the far right or other extremist groups. They often abuse drugs and have poor self control. They're often quite sadistic. They draw violent and aggressive fanart and have a kind of Bonnie and Clyde fantasy. They also tend to be into other antisocial and outrageous stuff - anything that might shock people. They're extreme edgelords.

    Some of these people might be autohybristophiles who are attracted to themselves as the type of people they're attracted to instead of sadistic, others are sadistic in a conventional way. This distinction I think is irrelevant when it comes to psychopathy because I think people who are drawn to violent people in the first place are more psychopathic than the norm anyway.

    So this group don't want to fix these guys they want to be like them and they like them because they're violent and aggressive. There are many cases of serial killing couples where the female partner is probably like this but it's often not really something they'd admit to. They come from fucked up families a lot. It's hard to say if the guys are also hybristophiles as usually they just form relationships to make it easier for them to kill (people trust women more,) or for other reasons.

    People like Joanna Dennehy probably fit into this type too since she mentioned having a Bonnie and Clyde fantasy while going on her killing spree however one guy she killed who she was in a relationship with (maybe cheating with him, that seemed complicated,) seemed a bit sexually submissive/masochistic. People warned him not to date her and he didn't listen, seemed like a nice but delusional guy. So I think that was mostly motivated by conventional sadism. She dragged some other guy along on her killing spree but he wasn't involved in the violence and just helped her move bodies around. I think he was another hybrisophile but my perception is that he wasn't really into what she was doing just into her, so she had to headcannon him into her fantasy. That's another thing they probably do - imagine people who are less violent are even more violent. 'I can make him/her worse.' In prison she draws violent pornography and guys send her love letters.

    This is on a spectrum so you get a lot of people who are somewhat antisocial and enjoy shocking people who aren't extreme about it. All of these things are technically on a spectrum. I have a lot of negative traits myself and so do members of my family.

    ADHD shares traits with ASPD. Kids with ADHD are more likely to develop ASPD as adults than other kids. I think this is more likely if they have comorbid oppositional defiant disorder, or conduct disorder as kids:

    Preschool children with ODD are also likely to exhibit additional disorders several years later, including ADHD, anxiety or mood disorders. Overall, approximately 10% of children diagnosed with ODD will eventually develop a more lasting personality disorder, such as Anti-Social Personality Disorder.
    Longitudinal studies have shown that clinical precursors of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and more notably comorbid ADHD and conduct disorder (CD). Despite existing evidence for the purported role of abnormal serotonergic function in aggressive youth and adults, little evidence exists on the role of serotonin in the progression from childhood disruptive behavior disorders to adult psychopathology, including ASPD.
    Anyway because a lot of these people are more narcissistic or psychopathic than the norm, if you come from that kind of background yourself - and he does his mother's background involves both paranoid schizophrenia, incest fetishes, and psychopathy (I suspect also BPD,) and his dad's involves incest and psychopathy and suicidal tendencies. It's a bad idea to then potentially have kids with women who have these traits to a higher degree as well.

    You'll either have a negative influence on each other because neither is that interested in moderating the other's behaviour, or if you have kids you'll pass on those genes to them increasing their risk for having certain personality traits. We don't know how genetic this is but I think it's likely to be genetic to at least some degree and so you'll pass on those genes. The kids won't necessarily be killers or rapists (in fact if the parents are particularly bad it's statistically likely the kids won't be as bad - like the West kids compared to their parents, Stephen West was physically abusive with at least one of his partners and also had a relationship with an underage girl that was described as consensual, but he hasn't killed and raped a bunch of people that I know of,) but they might be abusive in other ways and generally cause issues for people and themselves. People with antisocial personality disorder are more likely to have substance abuse issues and some research shows it's a risk factor for suicide.

    Luckily Myra Hindley and Ian Brady didn't have any kids.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Some parts of this video are painful:

    The woman who said she helped the guy she was interested in get a girlfriend because she thought he'd fall in love with her in the process. No more TV/films for you.

    Some of these are probably fake though. It seems like the tiktok or twitter equivalent of 4chan green text stories. In particular the twitter stuff is probably mostly fake or just sadists posting whether it's real or not. People on twitter mostly tweet to either shock people or piss people off or hurt people or multiple of these or all 3.

    edit: Also having finally finished this video lol... I think about half of these are also about guys cheating on women and being [BEEP] in various ways. So at the end she contemplates why women post this like is it a cry for help or self deprecating humour but really a big part of a lot of these is probably also warning women about men. I suppose you could frame it as them being self deprecating because it's usually accompanied with a story about how they put up with things they shouldn't have but at the end of the day the crux of it is that a lot of them were dating [BEEP] guys as well. Another bunch of comments aren't even self aware lol like the woman who was like 'I did all these nice things for a guy to spite him' but they don't realise because it's stuff that would bother them. Like cooking for a guy and then using him for sex and chucking him out afterwards yeah it bothers you, it doesn't bother most men as much. You listened to one too many Ashnikko songs:

    Anyway if you want to know how to piss off a guy talk to some millennials lol. I found a guy on twitter recently who had tons of tweets about millenial women being annoying and 'not having game' and being bossy etc and otherwise annoying. He said millenial women should date gen z guys because they're evidently sexless and 'dressing up like sailor moon' etc (he was being a dick to gen z guys too because they're his sexual competition,) but he said gen z women were more agreeable and more open to sex etc. He was complaining about how long millenial women took to put out too (3 dates to get a kiss) - so try that.

    Being really hot and seductive but never putting out would piss fuckboys off a lot lol. And also solves the problem of getting dumped by them after having sex (assuming that was the issue.) Also you don't want that twitter guy he's somewhat successful but he uses manosphere terms like [BEEP] test, long house, neurotically wonders why millenial women like drag queens and has a emasculation complex he revealed in that tweet etc. So yeah don't put out early unless you actually want casual sex if the guy whines about it it's a red flag. You can always just stay single too.

    I'm diagnosed autistic, and the fact that many women are telling men the exact opposite of what they want terrifies to date even further
    It terrifies me too because if I'm dating some guy I don't want them thinking if I say no I mean yes because I look genetically female. I don't think I want to date a guy who applies female stereotypes or rules to me anyway though. Or one who ignores what I'm saying or what I want because their own desires are more important.

    Also I can easily see this happening to someone now:

    Woman: I'm not into choking

    Guy: Women online talk about wanting to be choked all the time, clearly she wants to be choked but is too shy to tell me.

    It's weird that choking is pg-13 now because it's all over the internet:

    I don't really care (except when people die, and they do die especially when alcohol and other drugs are involved,) it's just a lot changes every generation.

    Also another weird thing is that it looks like Tina Fey has barely aged in 20 years in this trailer. I know makeup and lighting are powerful but what.

    How is Tina Fey aging in reverse?!
    She's aged a little but not very much. She's like Steven Wilson he barely aged until 50 something and even then not a lot. It must be the glasses.

    yeah, that's no brainer "just give them the opposite if they want it"

    Then you remember, by doing so so pointing a gun at your head, since her requests usually publicly inappropriate and condemned, example: slapping her, choking her, cat calling her

    The didn't trick you to do nice things, you know
    It seems really popular now but I find choking and slapping etc a turn off (like doing that to someone else or having that done to me. Especially having it done to me.) Especially with women don't really want to slap/choke a woman. I guess I read a fanfic where a guy enjoyed being slapped and that was kind of hot but even then it was more the fact that he was into being slapped then the slapping and it was more of a one off thing due to the dynamic between the characters then something I seek out even in fiction/fantasy. But also the people who just post 'choke me' etc online it doesn't seem appealing to me. I don't think getting comments like that would really do anything for me. It's non sexual.

    I do like male masochists though (I think for a lot of different reasons some idiosyncratic,) and sometimes consume fiction involving violent sadism (I think often other things are more important than that in those works though.) But I definitely do enjoy guys being tortured on some level... If they're cute (in fantasy.) It's not something I seek out though more something I've discovered incidentally by watching films and video clips + other images I've seen. Like Paul Dano being tied to a radiator with duct tape, or Paul Dano screaming, or Loki being chucked around and losing fights + Loki being tied up. Guess I'm into bondage slightly too. This is really mild though it's not something I'm really turned on by but honestly these days most things don't turn me on that much it was different when I was a teenager. I'm not really into female masochists as much (maybe if it's more humiliation than pain related.)

    There are some kinks I have that I like/have liked with both men and women (feminisation, corruption, sexuality conversion, intelligence reduction I like impregnation more with women or did but if it's subtle I can like it with guys like guys wanting to be impregnated and asking for that but not actual pregnant guys guess that's the same with women too I'm not turned on by pregnant women just women getting pregnant - still think I prefer that in stuff with women overall the times where it works with guys are more specific like in audioporn - this is all stuff that works better in fantasy generally lol.)

    I'm mostly into male submissives again atm + pegging but my number one kink really is male feminisation + male/male sex stuff that has some coercive element or like they were tricked even if not intentional (one time I got turned on while watching Friends because Chandler was feminised by the anti smoking hypnosis tape he borrowed from Rachel and I'm not attracted to him at all. I think if I watched it again it wouldn't work as well, it worked because I wasn't expecting that plot line so it was new to me in memory.) But in general I always end up going back to stuff like that if I need to [redacted] and I'm struggling. Lately I keep going back to a few audio files like this that are actually voiced by this one woman but sometimes she does the feminised guy voices too during parts of it.. Then sex acts with guys are either described or there's some other guy there that's described so it's like femdom + maledom. I also like her femdom audios with women (those are often more soft I noticed.) Complicated lol. I'm pretty voyeuristic. I guess my laziness extends to sexuality.

    edit: I'm still watching this video (undiagnosed ADHD,) and I just noticed shoe included a post from someone saying they had 3 kids because of their breeding kink and shoe was like 'for the last time this is not a breeding kink that is called being a woman it came free with your genetics.'

    Yeah but Shoe I have a kink for other people being impregnated but don't like the idea of being pregnant or impregnated and I'm genetically female and non-binary and identify as a woman and a man.

    Check mate. I win all arguments. Ruining every stereotype about women and men simultaneously. I'm bad at DIY too. And I hate cooking. I know very little about either. My parents taught me and my brother basically nothing.

    (And the education system too I guess lol. My brother taught himself most of the stuff he knows about DIY I think. He said he wished my dad shared more with him when he was growing up before.)

    Some stereotypes do apply to me though lol. In a sense she's right it shouldn't be a kink, but at the same time arguably nothing and everything should be because it's a morality judgment.

    Also the woman she was quoting was 23 and had 3 kids with 3 different guys so I'd agree with her assessment that it's a kink because it doesn't seem planned, not everyone gets off to that to the same degree, and she's obviously saying she did that because of her sexuality.

    Another thing that's amusing is people saying they're going to date femboys instead. Femboys or feminine men in general are more likely to have a personality type closer to a woman because most women, and most femboys are feminine. They also have similar personality, mood and anxiety disorders often and are more likely to have BDD and anorexia I think. Sex essentialism strikes again lol. (You can find femboys with masculine personalities though. Also a lot are androgynous anyway rather than extremely female-typical or male-typical because that's how brains usually work. But they're like 'this will be exactly like dating my male friends.' No, not unless your male friends are the femboy you're planning on dating.)

    You could try dating a butch lesbian woman but also you can't for obvious reasons lol. And also you prefer femininity to masculinity to the point of dating a different sex + gender while claiming to be straight if they're feminine so stop bitching.

    ever since i was like 16, me and my boys have been saying that we wish we were gay
    Then go gay. It's not hard. FFS.
    I love it when women do that. From their pov it might not be. 'I'm straight and I watch lesbian porn and made out with my female friends in college, I don't know why straight guys are complaining.' This is an actual person who exists. Like the straight guys who prefer to date femboys. 'Just date femboys bro. They're better at sex bro.' I don't know though maybe they're right, maybe all straight guys could be into femboys and trans women (since people tend to just lump the two together,) I'm not a straight guy. And there was one paper that suggested that straight men were more into proximity to femaleness essentially so they were less attracted to femboys and trans women than cis women but still more attracted than with masculine cis guys. Also ancient Greece and Japan. Straight guys test this and get back to me for science.

    God bless Shoe for trying to bridge the gap between men and women by posting their varied romantic failures!
    I haven't finished watching the video yet but it's not working in the comments lol.

    Shoe said the woman who had sex with 'triple digit' people is impressive (probably just guys, but wasn't specified,) and yeah it is impressive really. I'm guessing people like that just meet people online though because going up to people and asking for sex directly goes against social norms.

    From age 16 onwards there were like 5 guys who expressed some level of interest either sexually or in a relationship sense irl (ranging from unhealthy obsession to 'well I have no options and want to be dating someone,') 2 others irl where I think they were sort of curious but then lost interest because I'm socially awkward, 6 guys online (to varying degrees,) + one other ambiguous case online with a guy where we almost met up irl but didn't. One woman basically hit on everyone on this one forum I was on while manic incl. me.

    There were a few other people who complimented photos I posted but can't remember how many, not many though. One guy rated me like a 7/10 I think but can't take that very seriously due to the forum it was on + you can make yourself look more attractive in photos using certain angles. Aside from one avatar on tumblr I never posted photos of myself on social media, and those compliments + comments were not necessarily people who were into me sexually/romantically since people compliment people platonically. Obviously women were doing that but even guys will do that sometimes especially if it's like 'oh that's what you look like interesting.' Sort of comments. Plus I posted some photos where I looked more androgynous and got some comments on that too because I'd previously posted photos looking more feminine (body language + hair,) so that was a change. I only remember 2 comments from women though. I think others commented I just don't remember. I had a crush on one of those women (based purely on personality so I don't think she accepted that and I suppose that's fair/idiosyncratic of me,) so lol obviously I remembered. She knew that because I awkwardly told her multiple times over the years (mega cringe,) although maybe this was before then. It might have been.

    I've gotten some compliments about my voice + accent on YouTube and someone asked me to do a podcast because they wanted to listen to me talking, but I don't think anyone is into me sexually or romantically there. I don't reveal much of myself and also don't show my face. 70% of my audience is female too and since I'm not on testosterone I have a female voice pitch. It's varied throughout the time I've been doing YouTube but at this point most people are watching for the content, not me even in a platonic parasocial sense.

    So a liberal view of that is like 14ish people, 13 guys and I don't think that manic woman would have had sex with me irl and some of the others wouldn't either lol so 'liberal view.' I'm not attractive to women at all. I knew women who were in relationships with guys and made out with women while I was at uni but I never did. I think I'm like a 4/10 by straight female beauty standards or was. I don't wear makeup ever and also basically never wore feminine + sexual clothing so that also limits potential attention (some girls gave me a makeover in high school to try and make me look more attractive and a guy I knew in uni kept asking me to wear dresses but I didn't like wearing feminine clothing most of the time. I did a few times over the years but usually alternative stuff.)

    You can't really know people who would be willing to have sex and/or a relationship where they never tell you they're interested either. But multiple guys specifically let me know they or others weren't into me irl lol. It's not easy to ask people out and most guys won't ask you out or proposition you for sex. I've never been catcalled in real life but I've heard from conventionally attractive women that catcalling doesn't often happen in the UK. So I feel like getting those numbers irl would be impressive but these days most people use online dating and just say they're looking for sex etc in their bio so it removes most social awkwardness.

    Wait I forgot one guy asked for my number in a club. He was asking many people for their number. No one else ever asked. I used to go to clubs and bars often for a few years, so that really goes to show. I wasn't trying to hook up with people in bars/clubs though I was just going for fun. Someone also slapped my [BEEP] once but didn't see who that was and tbh that bothered me. So yeah 15ish people. This is still way, way off 100+ lol. And it's the social norm for guys to approach women so I think you can get a good idea of how attractive you are to guys (assuming you leave the house/post pictures online ever.)

    Oh I gave him my number too and I can't 100% remember what he looked like but I think he had long hair too (it was a rock + metal club,) which you know is a plus but I felt a bit uncomfortable about it cause he was a stranger + plus I realised later he was asking everyone so I didn't respond to his text later. So don't do what he did or be less obvious about it. I mean I guess that's the norm now with online dating but it felt offputting to me in 2009. I also don't really like the personality type that some promiscuous guys have and I think that's instinctive but at this point I also know why in terms of research (they're more psychopathic on average.) Like guys like Andrew Tate so I always wanted to avoid that type of guy too. Which is why I preferred nerdy guys but then they're also sometimes the same or have other negative personality traits (like the guy who became obsessed with me to an unhealthy degree.) So it's all terrible and you can't win no lol. Tbf the social norms for bars + clubs is casual sex I guess but I wasn't looking for that anyway.

    Those social experiments where a really conventionally attractive woman will walk around asking guys if they want to have sex are kind of useless imo because if an average woman or below average woman walked around doing the same most guys would say no because the risks wouldn't outweigh the reward. Even if they might have sex with you when desperate + bored most guys won't accept a total stranger asking them because they'll think it's a trap or she's mentally unstable. Ironically conventionally attractive + famous guys might be more willing (like John Cena,) cause they have the security of knowing they're more sexually attractive and they get women coming up to them now and then doing that. But with a really conventionally attractive woman many guys won't care that it's a trap. They'd never get a woman who isn't very conventionally attractive to go along with that experiment though lol because they know they will be rejected and even if 5 guys say yes and 95 say no they'd focus on the 95 saying no and feel bad. Even most of the guys I see who do that in those experiments are conventionally attractive so they can make a point about how even conventionally attractive guys get rejected but the reality is they have better self esteem most of the time too and so are OK to go along with the experiment.

    I mean they're also useless for women because they don't show how many guys would be willing to have a relationship which is what most women want but yeah.

    Edit yet again: There's a woman who was told she was fat and then she posted how she ate an entire pizza to spite him. I told you women do this! And yeah they should do the opposite, then reject guys who do this. Unfortunately that's not how a lot of people's brains often works though and that's also why I think guys complaining about women being fat is ultimately a bad idea because women absolutely are putting on weight or not losing weight to spite them.

    OK so the 37 year old woman who stabbed her husband a bunch of times because she went through his phone and saw photos of another woman who was slimmer than her but it turned out to be photos of herself - either she was on drugs or that's an intellectual disability of some kind.

    The thing with the open marriage I'm not sure that's necessarily representative of all poly relationships since she equates the two. Like there's a difference between polyfidelity where you have a exclusive relationship with multiple people and having an open relationship where you date whoever you want whenever you want but I think most people have conflicting preferences there anyway. Like a lot of people are emotionally monogamous but sexually non-monogamous. Also not entirely monogamous obviously because when given the choice most people engage in serial-monogamy and don't stick to a single partner for their entire life.

    I think most people are more attracted emotionally to one or two people at a time and also if they find someone they connect with more emotionally they will choose them over you. Then if you have an open relationship they can't exactly invite another person to join your relationship because most people are monogamous and won't agree + won't be into your current partner. You're trying to have casual + exclusive relationships simultaneously which is very difficult to pull off for most people at least if they continue seeing the same people over and over if you limit it to one night stands maybe it has more chance of working. That's why I think if you want to have a poly relationship that isn't casual you kind of need to get any new people you're interested in to be into everyone in the group and vice versa very difficult obviously. Plus you have to be careful how you go about it because people hate 'unicorn hunters' as well:

    Unicorn hunting is the practice by two people who are in a relationship, usually a heterosexual couple, of seeking a third partner for the relationship temporarily or permanently, usually a bisexual woman, either to join a threesome or to start a polyamorous relationship.[1] The practice is generally viewed negatively by the polyamorous and LGBT community as a form of fetishisation.

    The term "unicorn hunting" comes from, comparable with the legendary creature, how rare a bisexual woman willing to join an existing couple is, as well as their conditions, which can include relational exclusivity (contrary to open relationships with other people), equal attraction to both partners or interest in only having group sex.[1][2] Its use might have started in the 1970s by swinger communities of the time to describe bisexual women available to have a threesome with a heterosexual couple.[3][4]

    A unicorn polyamory is different from a triad or throuple relationship in that in a throuple the three members are primary partners,[6] while a "unicorn" joins an existing couple, and in that, in a triad rules are usually agreed upon all members, whereas in unicorn polyamory it is assumed that the couple makes the rules, while the unicorn has to follow them.[3] It usually considers the couple as primary partners and the unicorn as the secondary partner, since if the unicorn consents to joining their existing relationship, the unicorn also accepts their conditions.[1] As such, the practice is seen negatively by the polyamorous and LGBT communities due to the power imbalance in the relationship, and is considered to contribute to the fetishisation of bisexual women.[1][3]
    It's a wonder to me that any poly relationships work lol I can't imagine even making it work with one person where we're mutually attracted, but some people are less picky and they're hot and attractive to more people I guess.

    Also (regarding the part where people talk about how others have kids and families and are buying houses - though who is? Not millennials - but they have Marvel films and Hillary Clinton speeches,) I guess my millenial cope is at least I have concerts now and then. I mean I enjoy them a lot.

    Also I don't know what weird dating show or whatever that clip later in the video was from where the guy talks about Marvel films with the button, but it seems like they matched up people who were a really poor fit on purpose for entertainment value? But I don't know the show so can't say what the point is. Kind of shitty though. I mean first of all she's very conventionally attractive looking and he's overweight and obviously he's socially awkward and very intense about Marvel so he got annoyed when she said she didn't like it instead of just calmly reacting because it must be some kind of special interest for him I guess? Even then though like you can't expect everyone to be into the same stuff as you that way. She didn't even insult it lol she just said she wasn't into it, and then said her brother was into Marvel films, and then mistakenly referred to it as anime lol. The vibes are like they're picking people who are opposites in every way and putting them together. These people would never get together organically so it's weird.

    'You can't just not like Marvel'

    Actually you can lol. I like some Marvel films etc, but I'd say they're like the film version of fast food. As comic book films go I would say DC are better but they're very hit and miss where some of the films are pretty great and some are terrible.

    Reading a bunch of the comments on this video:

    Mate, I just broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years because I helped her feel comfortable enough to explore her bisexuality. Reason I didn't enter into a polygamous relationship with her and the other girl. Other girl was my ex.
    Oh dear.

    I once was with a girl I met on tinder (she had told me she had +100 body count) and in the middle of the thing she says "you look like you don't want to be here" and I said "that's because I don't". I felt so disgusted I stood up and left.
    Why even go on the date though if you felt that way? Like assuming she said that beforehand it's weird.

    My L as a man:

    My last two serious girlfriends broke up with me because because I "helped them discover their sexuality"

    They're both asexual now
    I don't think people should take this that personally.

    the below average attractive people need to date each other and stop chasing people who will never take them seriously other than for recreation.
    They don't want to though, should probably accept being alone. I've been in relationships where I was happier alone ultimately so I have that perspective.

    My biggest L? Ok: I stopped caring about everything related to dating, relationships, sex etc years ago, because despite every time a girl I liked said "you'll find the right girl (but not me)" I never even came close. I later got diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder (look up what that means) that developed during that time and now I'm basically at a point where I don't even want any romantic relationships anymore, because I'm so used to beeing alone that I just couldn't stand having anybody that close to me all the time. The most ironic part is probably, that I (successfully) helped multiple friends fix their relationships because apparently I'm really good at solving interpersonal relationship problems. Fucked up? Sure. But at least my brain allows me not to give a single [BEEP] about that anymore.
    I think I might have that undiagnosed honestly. At this point I can't even be bothered to seek out new social interactions online nevermind irl.

    My biggest L? Having a NPD father -> developing NPD-derivative myself in my early 20ies -> attracting BPD woman -> having wonderful kids... only for them to see chaos daily and to develop identical issues themselves.

    I remember, as a kid, being completely convinced I will be a first generation to break this intergenerational pattern. But I failed, I failed miserably because it took me over 10 years too late to learn what a BPD and NPD are.
    Oh yeah many such cases apparently. People with avoidant attachment styles in general also often end up attracting people with anxious-preoccupied ones for some reason.

    When I talk about this I usually delete it. Think I have every time so we'll see if I keep it up this time lol. I feel like one day I need to. It's something I just don't talk about ever and always avoid because it's so uncomfortable and I don't have a therapist (when I did we didn't talk about my personal life or history it was just cbt and was useless.) When I talk about personal stuff in real life I get sort of panicky. There are certain topics I can't go near with family members. I just get these kind of cold + panicky feelings. Obviously our family history is one, my mental health issues are another, anything related to employment, and also anything related to sexuality and gender. Some of these topics I also avoid talking about online.

    My parents are both avoidant. My dad has vulnerable narcissistic traits (I have these too and get them from him,) when he went to prison at one point - my memory of this is very vague so I could be completely wrong - but I think someone was trying to argue or maybe question whether he was a psychopath. Perhaps my dad was just being dramatic about that though they would have to test for these things with everyone arrested I'd guess? He had to talk to various people during that time during the trial and possibly while in prison. Either way it didn't seem they came to a firm conclusion (he's never mentioned any solid diagnoses,) and I wouldn't say he is or that he has ASPD.

    He allegedly never wanted to marry my mum but did anyway. He didn't want kids either but said my mum tricked him into having them though apparently he loved us when were born and I think he does care about us. He developed a female friendship when I was a young child with someone who was at the time either married or in a serious relationship, but she broke up with him not long after that and then he ultimately spent more time with her than my mum. So she joined our life when I was about 7 and would go on holidays (vacations,) with us and be there at Christmas. I call her a friend because in my entire life they have never addressed the nature of their relationship with me or my brother.

    When I was 11 and we were on holiday my dad got really drunk and wandered off so I stayed awake because I was worried and then later when he came back I overheard my mum yelling at him because he was almost kissing his friend. It's also worth noting that before I was born my parents had been married for about a decade, and he cheated on her at least once with someone else during this time. She told me about this when I was an adult.

    The next day after I overheard that at one point my dad was like 'we shouldn't talk about what happened and just forget that' 10/10 parenting. So I couldn't address any of that (though since I take after my parents I also would have felt far too awkward to bring it up,) and just had to live with it until I told my mum I overheard things as an adult the one time we had a conversation about their relationship. I don't remember her exact wording but she said something like: 'you shouldn't have overheard that as a kid.' She has a kind of distanced/flat affect at times when she communicates (though ironically has complained at least once when me and my brother weren't reacting enthusiastically and expressively enough to some news she shared with us lol,) but other times throughout my life was most affectionate too. We've been more distant over the past several years.

    I've contemplated if she has undiagnosed autism since she does have some traits, so does my brother, and I have a lot of traits myself. The ADHD like traits I have I seem to get from my dad, my brother has them too... He's also dyslexic though and that has various traits and I was diagnosed with social phobia as a kid and there are some overlapping symptoms. Plus as an adult after going to a walk in centre because I was freaking out about my heart during particularly bad anxiety episode the doctor suggested I call up and try and get cbt for generalised anxiety disorder but didn't go cause at that point amd a few months later my generalised anxiety was lower again. Plus had cbt for social phobia that didn't work in my early 20s.

    As a teenager my parents would always sit in different rooms. At some point during my youth I wished they would have shown some level of affection for each other but eventually I got over that. I also remember at some point my dreams would sort of reflect my discomfort with the situation with my family (can't remember the details now though some of those dreams might have been when I was at uni too.)

    As an adult after he'd moved out (a short while after I graduated uni,) I was having a conversation about him with my mum, my mum told me that she assumed he would run off with her but he never did. My mum is a somewhat anxious person in general (like panics about stuff and gets stressed easily,) and had things she wanted from him emotionally etc. Like she would sometimes comment passively about how she wanted hi to buy her jewellery but he never did. She never communicated anything to him I think and just put up with the weird relationship dynamic he forced on her without getting a divorce. Maybe she thought it would be better for us? I dunno. I know from what she said she wanted him to want her and I guess was sort of waiting or something.

    I also learnt as an adult from my dad (but my mum was there and didn't deny this,) that one time a guy flashed her in public and she put a cigarette out on his dick. This upset me a lot at the time and I couldn't articulate why. I just had some kind of meltdown about it in the pub bathroom lol. And then all I could think at the time for why was 'I don't want my mum to be like my dad' my dad had to reassure me like 'I know I say these aggressive things but I'd never actually do anything violent.' It was like some Perks of Being a Wallflower shit. Like at the end of the novel. If you've read it you know. Not the specifics but just having a crisis and you have no idea why. And your brain is just like 'why are these emotions happening?' And trying to rationalise why you could be feeling emotions. But I was actually 24 years old then.

    So my mum she can get angry at times with people who piss her off (not to the point of violence, I was actually shocked about that story and that was obviously just a self defence type thing + she was with younger girls at the time.) I think some of her co-workers were scared of her apparently until they got to know her, she's always had a bunch of friends so she doesn't have an issue with that. This doesn't happen a lot though but it would mortify me a bit growing up because I hated tension and would mostly avoid conflict (except when arguing with my dad lol.) She gets annoyed at objects sometimes but like even the same objects when they're acting in predictable ways. Like when the fridge beeps when the door is left open she'll tell it to shut up every time lol and she'll just continue complaining to the fridge until she's finished. Pointing out that the fridge can't hear her doesn't change anything. I dunno if there's some way to turn that off maybe there is.

    My dad has issues with anger too but for the most part different things piss him off he's often pissed off by various events happening and the news. My mum is never pissed off by the news it's always some situation that happens irl and I've also inherited those anger issues. I think my brother had them as a kid but then weirdly became chill somehow after age 11? But then he still has moments I guess but like nothing that dramatic. Like he used to be physically aggressive as a child and once threw a brick at a girl etc but then hasn't been since childhood.

    Part of the reason my dad is difficult to be around for long periods other than the anger/aggression (and occasional racism,) is that he takes everything personally and assumes things are criticism even when they aren't. Then gets annoyed about that sometimes. It's to a weird degree actually though. I'm not sure what happened to cause him to be like this (because I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and I didn't notice them being hypercritical or anything like that at least with me or my brother,) but he apologises for things occasionally that couldn't possibly have anything to do with him and that nobody else would. But he just assumes and he also gets sulky and passive aggressive, but I don't live with him now so it's been a while. I know I have this tendency too to take things personally, but it's pronounced to an absurd degree in him. I can't quite remember what happened but he did this the last time I visited him. It had something to do with crisps oh right he offered me crisps and I just said 'no thanks' and then that I didn't really feel like eating the flavour I could see because we had those crisps at home and I'd eaten a similar flavour earlier. And he was like 'sorry' that wasn't a criticism lol. All kinds of things he does this with reflexively almost.

    I've developed a complicated relationship with violence and aggression. Like I used to be very anti-violence to the point where I thought if someone attacked me then on principal I would try to avoid violence (I have a vague memory of saying this at some point but that seems insane to me now lol. Maybe it's cause it was a conversation with my dad though and his tendency to rant about how he wants to do x,y,z violent things to people or groups who annoy him when he's pissed off bugged me, and I was sort of contrarian with him not as much as my brother he's super contrarian in general but still,) and I still mostly am but I also don't like being infantilised which I have been historically and I also get very angry at times with people online + reading stuff. I've threatened people online before impulsively or just responded in aggressive/violent ways. I guess I've become a bit more understanding since then of my dad's aggression (also my mum.) I still sort of devalue most masculine traits though which I think could be connected to this but might also be a coincidence I mean my dad isn't that masculine in a bunch of ways.

    There's also even more to this story in terms of my dad's backstory but there are certain things I'd promised not to speak about so... Basically I don't think he was ever exactly 'OK' sexually or intimacy wise though.

    When I was a teenager my mum picked up one of the romance books I was reading at the time (well it was a young adult fiction book with romance in it I think,) and after that developed a fixation with them and would always read them and possibly other books but I think she mostly reads romance. Still does. She eventually moved from paper books to a kindle though. My parents are still technically married and she has contact with my dad but they don't live together.

    Uh I end relationships much more easily obviously. I obviously didn't want to get trapped in some weird dynamic after being trapped in an abusive 'friendship' dynamic with a girl for most of my life growing up, and then my parents weird situation where they were unhappy.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Oh lol no. I saw her tweet before where she was using Jessica Alba to discuss why a '6/10 26 year old will always be hotter than a 9/10 42 year old' a lot of men disagreed because it was Jessica Alba so she picked a bad example. Then, apparently, she doubled down:

    It's not crazy that she argues that women should adopt the opposite role from her rich family. According to wikipedia she has a lot of siblings, some adopted, and one it seems their parents gave up for adoption so clearly something going on there. I don't think she got that much attention from her mum growing up so she has mummy issues. But even then this is still predominantly just grifting because she knows she can exploit incel/manosphere guys. They go insane when women agree with them.

    Oh no not the cringe rapping and singing lol. Also her sister is just not amused lol. 'You are so single.' She's 13? 💀 The responses from Pearl's audience about her sister were predictably hateful. Why are you exposing your kid sister to the vile men whose attention you court for $$$?

    Anyway the guys don't want her because she comes across as desperate and fake. She mirrors all their opinions and posts obviously edgy bait stuff that also puts a lot of guys off even liking her content. I've seen a bunch of even right wing anti-feminist guys block her for that reason. She says she'll accept an open relationship and they don't respect that either. That was actually a really stupid thing for her to say publicly. Also liberals really annoy them but they constantly post about how 'feminine' liberals are. So there's something going on there too. They see women who spend a lot of time focussing on politics and especially right wing politics as being masculine. I see guys comment about this on twitter a lot.

    It's just such obvious bait though all the time. She moved to the UK though (unfortunately.) So 16 is legal here even though this will bother people.

    Apparently she's been talking about Bill Burr and his marriage a lot too lately. She criticised his wife for becoming overweight because he's worth 14 million dollars? OK? Who the [BEEP] cares? She was like 'it would be bad enough if he was average. I know average men deserve- OK but let's say he was a brokey.' The only people more retarded than Andrew Tate are people who listen and use his language + rhetoric unironically.

    Honestly why are Americans like this? (Even when they move to the UK.) Always with the money in social media clips. He's funny, I don't find him physically attractive personally. I don't care about money. I'm slim anyway so on a personal note this means nothing I just never really put on much weight but I'm not worshipping some guy just cause he's rich and 'those are the rules.' Get out of here lol.

    Hmm stumbled on Paul Elam's twitter page (I'm loosely familiar with him from a really long time ago but forgot he existed.)

    So he's been in some argument with a woman over whether teen girls are the most attractive to men vs women in their early 20s (this seems to be the twitter debate of the week or something):

    We have another name for "barely legal." It's called "prime breeding age."

    I understand that women like @SydneyLWatson, up against the wall, take objection to that. Still, she needs to take that up with God, or Darwin if that suits her better. But it doesn't change the truth.
    She's 18. 100% "barely legal" qualifier. Sydney Watson (and her merry band of simps) say there's something wrong with you, that you're perverted, if you find her sexually attractive.

    Don't look now, Sydney, but that wall you're about to smash into says you're wrong.

    [photo of some woman]
    In general I believe straight men are more attracted to teenagers, sometimes underaged teenagers too from what I've noticed, but that's illegal.

    But then he retweeted this:

    Don't let the phony simp-science con you any longer. Here's the truth they don't want you to consider:

    ►Women's exaggerated hypergamy can be explained by the rise cultural narcissism.
    ►Women's neoteny can be explained in larger part by the use of cosmetics, practiced childlike gestures, and increasingly, plastic surgery.
    ►Women's pregnancies are not more precious than male provision of protective infrastructure for infant survival (hence men and women are equally important for reproductive success).
    ►Women are not "the gatekeepers" of sex. The overwhelming majority of men have been approached by females attempting to initiate sex with them. In these situations men have the full capacity to say "yes" or "no" to sexual opportunities, so are also gatekeepers of sex.
    ►Bottlenecks in reproduction indicating that more females than males reproduced in our evolutionary history can be explained by the choices of powerful males sequestering women as wives and property - this is not a result of female choice.
    ►Men dying in wars simply "for the sake of women" is a myth. Instead it is historically for the sake of defending things like God, king, country, democracy, or entire families.

    The list could go on. There's no evidence that humans are a "gynocentric species" whose relationships must, by evolutionary nature, be gynocentric. At most we can say men engage in a limited number of gynocentric acts that are matched by commensurate androcentric acts and gestures by women. Eclipsing both of these motives is a wider family centrism, and genecentrism.
    So he wants to create a narrative where women are less attractive than men I see lol. OK.

    Barely legal is implying pedophilia which I?ve seen plenty people who are red pulled advocate for in the name of getting a breedable submissive women which is extremely wrong in so many ways.
    You say that because you're weak, and simping, besides men can have standards too, the only reason they're trying to demonize the red pill is because its taking power away from women who don't deserve it
    I'm weak? No I'm not a sick pervert. You talk a big for someone who simply has a Lolita fetish.
    Bruh, its a shaming tatic for pre or post wall women who know that younger women are more attractive, men value youth, fertility and chastity, and if you can't accept this reality then you're a lost cause
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm the lost cause? No you are the lost cause for believing this sick garbage.
    A 3rd guy who joined their argument:

    It's not wrong, you're just brainwashed and socially engineered to think that way.
    Honestly I wouldn't even respond to these guys, just let them feel increasingly comfortable until they reveal they're into 12 year olds or something. When increasingly more men admit to that online, legal women will stop reproducing with them and the preference will gradually die out or at least decrease.

    And then they can take it up with Darwin I guess.

    Men hit a wall of sorts, too, but not the same and not nearly as severe as women. And men have shorter lifespans.

    Works for me.
    "I'm doing great. I'll die soon anyway"

    Oh I see this explains a lot:

    I'll just leave this here for all the Buzzfeed readers, who think I'll be silenced for the mistakes of my youth.

    It's not all true, but a good bit of it is. I definitely made a train wreck of my life with drugs in my late teens early 20s. Part of that wreckage was marrying another drug abuser with borderline personality who fucked everything in sight, and according to her children continued that pattern unabated, cheating on and destroying every subsequent relationship and marriage she had.

    I also cleaned up my life, finished school and dedicated my life to helping people with drug abuse problems, and then later dedicating my life to helping men. Everyone has their regrets in life, and I am no exception, but I am not ashamed of anything. I'm proud of what I've done. Anyone doesn't like it can [BEEP] right off.
    Unfortunately he's not really helping men.

    No, RP is just males fixated on getting their way and their end in. It lost itself n is as bad as modern feminism now.
    It's always been exactly the same thing really. Not to say there aren't important legal issues and double standards but pretty much every male figure who spends any time whatsoever in those spaces just has his attitude and is bitter.

    Just the mirror image of feminism really.

    Men don't meet women who are suitable for pair bonding. They create them.
    I don't know what he's getting at here but my first reading was incest lol. I mean you create your kids right in a literal sense.

    The interpretations/jokes are amusing:

    No Paul no.

    Please step away from the porn

    Don't order a sex-doll.

    Your generation is giving Gen Z a "Hell in a Handbasket" society.
    He also keeps retweeting stuff like this:

    Men: Be smart ... don't enlist ... they just want you for cannon fodder for stupid wars.

    Let the women fight.
    Which is fine. The ideal is for war to stop. I think most nations should adopt that policy. Cause if men stop fighting in war most women will have no interest as they're no longer competing with men and it's not typically how women compete. They'll just find something better to do. Maybe have a mass orgy? Maybe the guys should too I thought but then remembered lots of guys aren't that attractive imo. Imagine if everyone was cute and stopped whining?

    That's what that porn audio I go back to often is about really. The one where the soldier is feminised by the opposing army and turned into a sex slave so they stop fighting.

    For misogynists they're not very old school about it though. You know the myths - women destroy men and kill babies not women.

    Another guy I noticed him retweeting a bunch seems to post a bunch of stuff like this:

    Men are gatekeepers of sex.
    Prove me wrong.

    Lottes (1993) found that 70% of men reported having had a female try to initiate sex with them.
    They do know everyone enjoys being victims right? This is funny. They're giving feminists more ammo, especially the 'femcel' crowd. I'm too lazy to read whatever paper they're quoting though atm, but personally I already suspected that happens more than people admit (I kind of touched on that in a post earlier today actually lol.) Technically there are still more women rejecting men sexually in this study though, just not a huge gap. Also would imagine the contexts and reasoning varies.

    So funny:

    We could be if we denied it to women instead of the other way around. Instead most men would bang about any girl in front of them so it's not really true at all.
    No, men wouldn't bang any girl, that's a gynocentric stereotype - women as irresistible goddesses. Studies show that men say no almost as often as women.
    He blocked me because I saw a tweet where he posted about 'men beating women in beauty pageants' (he was talking about trans women,) I pointed out that I don't think trans women would appreciate being called men but that if he likes femininity he should consider having sex with femboys instead of whining about women on twitter. He blocked me minutes afterwards lol (that was my only response to him,) so that clearly got to him.

    His twitter is a bit gay though lol actually:

    Gynocentrism is a religion. A religion that somewhat more than half the modern western population finds appealing because it either benefits them or they think it does.
    Lot's phallic symbolism in the ancient cultures, which if gynocentrism were genetic would not have happened.
    Quote Pearl Davis
    Everyone keeps calling Crowder gay - does anyone have actual proof of this?

    So far this is a he said she said.

    Who knows. But after suffering a gynocentric, narcissistic wife, some men do opt for gay relationships as a form of doing MGTOW.
    ^ Lol of course it's Pearl Davis. There are like 20 people tops in every twitter bubble. Probably 1000 people on this website... It always feels very small.

    Also Steven Crowder allegedly abused his wife. I saw some video with them but can't really remember the details now. Looked it up yeah she was pregnant and asking to use the car so she could go shopping and he was like 'no because then I'll be stuck at home and won't be able to go the gym.'

    As for the sexuality thing I think that was a joke? He says he used to have a temper and he's afraid of it coming back and Mr Hyde 'rearing his ugly bisexual head' then says 'that was a short phase' and he's afraid of it coming back. But I think basically that was just a weird/lame joke that made no sense.

    Some other guy chiming in:

    This is exactly how I found my trans partner.
    This is how some radical feminists and misandrists are with trans men lol. They date them and butch lesbian women because they're not 'real men [evil]' and they see them as substitutes.

    We've heard of traditional "It's her special day" gynocentric marriages. We've heard of gay marriage. Lately we've heard of marrying one's cat or dog or even oneself. According to Monte Allen its time gents.🙂

    Hetero Male Marriage
    Then he linked some tiktok video of a masculine straight guy who is looking for another straight guy to get married to.

    Ah I see, maybe femboys were too feminine.

    The tiktok guy is talking about how they can get a topless maid and there will be 'no bitching' lol. And he's cool with the guy dating women and bringing them over to their house. Not sure women would be OK with that if they found out about your arrangement lol. But yeah he wants the tax benefits and a two income household and none of the problems that come with marrying 'someone of the opposite sex.'

    He blows the camera a kiss at the end of the video and comments weren't so impressed about that part that was a bit too gay for them I guess:

    I was 100% in , until you blew the kiss 😅
    I would've signed up for it but he f#cked up at the end with the kiss.
    perfect idea you messed-up with that last kiss
    I think it would be fun if any women who find about their arrangement try to rope them into a threesome. 'But you're married right?'

    Goes back to that comment/idea the other guy's trying to sell lol:

    No, men wouldn't bang any girl, that's a gynocentric stereotype - women as irresistible goddesses. Studies show that men say no almost as often as women.
    I dunno it seems like they can't even avoid sex with women when they want to avoid marrying women and kind of hate them. Misandric feminists are a lot better at celibacy from what I've noticed so have to give them points there. Though I'm sure they'll argue that's just men gatekeeping.

    Andrew Tate and his brother
    Not really they made most of their money using women to exploit men using their sexuality. In a lot of ways even now their lives revolve around women.

    Again men don't want sex and are gatekeeping it lol. They're gatekeeping it so hard right now.

    Would be cool if twitter gave you a number of times people tweeted certain words. But anyway in keeping with the whole theme of the week Andrew decided to tweet this lol:

    The best women stay girls.
    Someone responded with this. Awkward:

    The best men are still boys
    You may wish to reword this lol. A few other people said the same thing though:

    The best men stay boys.
    Wrong.. Men and women are different both mentally and physically.
    You're correct
    May I ask, do u agree with traditional values and roles, I mean Men lead protect and provide, and women being feminine and traditional?
    I don't. (Turns out she doesn't either entirely and that guy was not happy that she wanted a career and didn't plan to give that up while being married.)

    I disagree. Women by nature choose men that are competent, experienced, and capable. This is why a man's body count is praised while a females body count is shunned. Boys with experience turn into men. Girls with experience turn more masculine.
    I don't lol. Guys with 'high body counts (tm)' tend to have more conservative views about women and are more rape-y:

    Unrestricted sociosexuality is associated with early life experiences with sex, more frequent sexual activity and a greater number of lifetime sex partners. Unrestricted men tend to have greater rape myth acceptance, past sexual aggression and more conservative attitudes about women than restricted men. Unrestricted women tend to have more sexual fantasies involving having power or control over another person and lower levels of sexual conservatism than restricted women.[6]
    As you are all demonstrating. But even before I discovered that I knew a lot of guys were hypocrites and didn't like that and I also tended to find guys/fictional characters who were less interested in sex more attractive. So I feel like I understood this on an instinctive level (really it's just that I have intimacy issues though lol and then I look for similar traits in others. But whatever conveniently also keeps you far away from these fuckboys I suppose.)

    I think a lot of these effects are mediated by something I remember suggested in one study, but I forget what now. I think people should shove these things in these guys faces more though.
    The impulse is pure
    Sometimes our circuits get shorted
    By external interference

    Signals get crossed
    And the balance distorted
    By internal incoherence

    A tired mind become a shape-shifter
    Everybody need a mood lifter
    Everybody need reverse polarity

    Everybody got mixed feelings
    About the function and the form
    Everybody got to deviate
    From the norm

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    Thanksgiving is coming up. I just need to tell myself that it will be over as soon as it comes. I hate that I'm going to be silent during most of it. It's the most embarrassing aspect for me. Last time I visited my grandma, she said I was too shy and that she wished she could take that shyness away from me. Once it's over I won't care, but during it's going to be hard.
    "When I know that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I know that I am everything, that is love. Between the two my life moves." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

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