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    What are your life lessons?

    What lessons have you learnt from day to day life? For the most part keep them positive - this is the inspiration thread. Share with others what you have learnt.

    For me some are:

    1. You can never be productive while sitting on your bed
    2. You sometimes need to hurt others in order to respect yourself
    3. Making lists are the bomb and is a very good way to keep productive
    4. Smiling really does a. make others feel better and b. makes other more friendly towards you
    5. You cannot rely on others to make you happy or give you what you want
    life---> <---me

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    never stop asking "why?".

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    I've actually compiled these in my book that I have yet to finish. The book is written from me and my parts' perspectives: Snorting Cheesballs: a Homosapien Manual for the Recently Insane:

    Steps toward humanity:

    1) Be born
    2) Eat, sleep, drink, go to the bathroom, and stay warm.

    3) Be loved by somebody at least until you’re old enough to drive or walk away.
    4) Have others speak to you and touch you until you’re old enough to drive or walk away.
    5) Learn to read. This comes in handy for reading maps, caution signs, and getting a job.

    6) Find the wrong person and blindly follow him or her into a relationship.
    7) Break up with that person and make a note to find someone who is not like that person.

    8.) Spend at least one night alone, overwhelmed, hopeless, sad, and confused. You can save yourself much grief if you can swing all of the above into one night rather than doing them separately on different nights.

    9) Spend at least one day as the center of attention to a crowd of people. Make sure they are lauding you with praises and preferably you get an award or a trophy. Make sure you get a picture.

    10) Spend at least one day with a child. The child does not have to be your own. Make sure the child goes through the following stages while in your care:
    • a. Gets all the ice cream he or she wants.
    • b. Runs and plays in a park, playground, or other large location.
    • c. Has a temper tantrum.
    • d. Reads a book.
    • e. Laughs.
    • f. Smiles.
    • g. Pukes on you.
    • h. Then falls asleep in your arms.

    This day will give you something to talk about if child-rearing ever becomes an issue in your life.

    11) Go to school. Great survival skills can be gained in the school environment. You can learn how to handle ridicule, failure, success, stress, mean teachers and dictatorship, isolation, shallowness, and how to read. See #5.
    12) Get a job.
    13) Quit that job and get another one that is not like the one you quit.

    14) Find a hobby. Although stalking can be considered a hobby, it is usually better to find one that is legal and popular. The more popular the hobby, the more likely you can find the necessary pieces at Walmart.

    15) Find a vice. Try to find a cheap one that won’t kill you in 3-5 years.
    16) Be involved in at least one wedding AND one funeral. You do not need to be the groom, bride, or corpse. Both activities have great food and are chances to mingle with people who would not usually call you or socialize with you.

    17) Join a church. Try to mimic the accepted behavior and doctrine.
    18.) Quit the church and get another one that is not like the one you quit. If no church feels right, become “non-denominational.” This comes in handy when you are in an emergency room and the intake worker is refusing to let a doctor see you until you answer all of the registration information.

    19) Spend at least one day with a pet. This does not have to be your own. Make sure the pet goes through the following stages while in your care:
    • a. Hides behind your sofa in fear.
    • b. Chews holes in the back of your sofa.
    • c. Eats a bite from the plate of food you put behind the sofa.
    • d. Begins to trust you.
    • e. Comes out to play with you.
    • f. Sits on your lap.
    • g. Slobbers on you.
    • h. Pukes sofa pieces on your carpet.

    It is necessary to bring the pet to the vet to get the full effect of having one. Make sure you have just been paid before looking at your bill.

    20) Spend at least one day doing charity work. This one act can be used for the rest of your life as proof you are a respectable person. It is also tax deductible.

    21) Visit or contact your relatives at least three times a year. This can do several things for you:
    • a. Help you remember good and bad times.
    • b. Help you stay in important wills.
    • c. Keep relatives from talking bad about you.
    • d. Get you free food.

    22) Make a friend.
    23) Keep that friend.

    And life lessons:
    1) Never order a large Diet Coke in a drive thru Chinese restaurant.............ever drink hot duck soup through a straw accidentally?
    2) Make sure to change your locks after each kid leaves the nest.
    3) Stop running.
    4) Never let bullies, users and abusers win.
    5) The Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about...........why? Because that's the best answer I can come up with concerning this thing called life.
    The Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about

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    * If you think someone has purposely hurt you, give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. More often than not, perceived "slights" are due to ignorance on the other person's part.

    * When it comes to proving otherwise, deep breathing and a lot of patience go a long way. Resist the urge to act impulsively.

    Which leads to...

    *When anger rises, think of the consequences.

    *The same with anxiety - when you want to freak out about something, hold on... wait it out. Sometimes problems resolve on their own. Give yourself plenty of time to think things through. Sleep on it if you can (even if it takes a couple of days to wear yourself out), often you'll feel differently after getting some rest.


    * You cannot control how people perceive you, only your own thoughts and actions, so try not to worry about it. Just do your best (within reason) with what life presents you, one step at a time. Don't act for the sake of impressing others, though - that is a hollow, slavish existence.

    *Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Treat them as lessons to be applied to the present for a better future.

    *Strive to be educated and worldly. Try to learn something new every day.

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    It's much better to be friends than to be enemies.
    Don't just talk about it, do something about it.
    If you follow the crowd, you'll get no futher than the crowd.
    People appreciate something more when it gets taken away.

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