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    Yosemite Winter Night (APOD)

    Yosemite Winter Night
    Image Credit & Copyright: Wally Pacholka (, TWAN) Explanation: In this evocative night skyscape a starry band of the Milky Way climbs over Yosemite Valley, Sierra Nevada Range, planet Earth. Jupiter is the brightest celestial beacon on the wintry scene, though. Standing nearly opposite the Sun in the constellation Taurus, the wandering planet joins yellowish Aldebaran and the Hyades star cluster. Below, Orion always comes up sideways over a fence of mountains. And from there the twin stars of Gemini rise just across the Milky Way. As this peaceful winter night began, they followed Auriga the charioteer, its alpha star Capella near the top of the frame.

    "A still more glorious dawn awaits
    Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
    A morning filled with 400 billion suns
    The rising of the milky way"

    "The sky calls to us
    If we do not destroy ourselves
    We will one day venture to the stars" -Carl Sagan

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    Wow... hock: what I would do to see that in person!! How magnificent, astonishing, perfect, omg there are no words to describe that scenery. I would run out in my PJ's in subzero degrees to see it. The last time I saw stars outside of LA, I was driving in Arizona and tears ran down my face because it was so indescribable.

    Thanks for sharing.

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