Now this is very rare for me, but right now I got nothin' better, so....

I wish people would stop taking [BEEP] out on me. It just happened now, and this person left the house extremely angry.

He found he had a 500+$ phone bill, which was much more the company's fault.
It had nothing to do with me.....but when people get mad, they tend to take out their anger on me as if I'm the source of it.

I'm so tired of it.....I paid round 600$ this month to help him make ends meet, but when he gets mad, no matter what I
try to do it ends up hurting me.

I told him I care very much about him and he just told me to shut up.

I'm so freaking tired of being [BEEP] on!
It feels like it's my fault somehow.....?
I get it much worse if i come out and say along the lines of "What did I do??"

I think my friend needs help....his anger and moods are starting to take a toll on me....and dispite how deeply I care for him, I
just dunno what I can do anymore....