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    Interactive Map of the United States Has One Dot for Every Human

    This is a map of every person counted by the 2010 US Census. The map has 308,450,225 dots - one for each person.

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    I zoomed in all the way. That's a LOT of dots lollll

    And those areas that aren't occupied by too much people (parts of the western region as well as going up north a bit there too)... I always wondered what it's like to live in the middle of nowhere. We used to drive from Orange County to San Francisco a few years ago as a family trip and a lot of the areas you drive through up and down the state of CA are made up of fields and cows. Agriculture has always been a huge thing in these areas, it's a staple of those regions anyway and always have been for centuries. And I remember we'd see a random house every several miles. I'm not just talking bout an abandoned ol shack either. Straight up house lol complete with a driveway and a couple cars. And when you drive back home to OC, you'd spot the same houses or w/e and there'd be lights on. There were also homes off to the distance too so while the road is pitch dark (you're in the middle of nowhere basically), you'd see dots of lights in the distance from those random houses. Pretty cool and interesting if you ask me. I miss those long drives to SF Good times... me being a huge lover of nature and seeing environments I don't usually see in everyday life.

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