The forum is growing at a steady rate!! We are doing great for such a new forum. We'd personally like to thank each and every one of you. Without the members on the site, and how supportive and caring people are, we would just have an empty site. We also have a great set of volunteers helping moderate and be apart of the staff the site.

Anxiety Space is solely owned by Total Eclipse.

Who to go to when need of staff help on Anxiety Space?

You can message any of us for support, or help on forum problems.You might notice some moderators in Green, and some in blue) (the admins Red ).

The green "Global Moderators", moderate the whole board, you can message them for any problem.

Other colors and ranks?

"On Leave" status means the staff member has chosen to take a break from the site, for a short time or are not going to be on as much (possibly due to personal issues?), BUT still have their designated position and moderation powers. Just understand they most likely won't respond back as fast.

Sometimes a moderator will need a longer break, or for some reason decide moderation isn't for them and ask to be placed as a Veteran. When a moderator is placed in this section it means they do not moderate, but can see staff sections. They can come back at anytime, though.

Of course, if you have a problem with a moderator, you can PM a admin at anytime, and express your concerns.

You can also find the staff by their posting "ranks"

Total Eclipse, Lunaire.

Ironman, Otherside, Koalafan