So with OCD you will have major compulsions and worries ie if you are really afraid of germs you may have serious hand washing compulsions.

You may also have minor OCD problems that dont bother you that much, but are still there. For instance, you right now have a minor worry about locking doors. You have a compulsion to check if they are locked, but the compulsions last a few minutes as opposed to your hand washing OCD which lasts hours and burns off your skin. This compulsion doesn't really bother you.

Another person might have a severe checking problem and a minor hand washing problem.

You can then work on fixing your minor door checking compulsion. I have noticed for me that working on the minor compulsions made me feel happier and its a bit easier to control the more severe ones. I think at least if you can stop your minor compulsions from becoming severe ones, you can prevent your situation from becoming worse.

Mine that I can remember are:

  • textures. when I touch a yucky texture I normally wipe the feeling off and put water on my hands.
  • recurring ticks with uncomfortable clothing
  • door checking/ other checking
  • clearing my nose all the time at night
  • taking ages to decide what to eat or drink