ABC presenter Fernandez subjected to racist rant

ABC newsreader Jeremy Fernandez says a Sydney bus driver told him he should have moved seats when a woman was verbally abusing him during a 15-minute racist rant yesterday morning.


After the woman got off the bus he approached the driver.

"I said 'Look, you have carriage for everyone on the bus. I've just been racially abused for 15 minutes on the back of this bus and you did absolutely nothing'," he said.

"And he said, 'It was your fault - you didn't move'.

What do you think about the bus driver's actions? Although Fernandez took it on himself to make a point by not moving, I think the bus driver told off the wrong person. There really needs to be some push back on a bully to stop them from doing it in the future. I'm very surprise no-one else in the bus spoke up, and said 'hey, don't do that'.