-sigh- Yup, Autism can carry anxiety, and I got it badly... Well, bad anxiety, moderate Autism... I got a type of Autism called Aspergers. People with Aspergers like things of Fantasy, and I do like Fantasy and I do draw dragons, but most Autistic kids believe in that, but I don't...

Anyways, to the point, Autism sucks badly... I wish I could get rid of it, yet i don't. Autism makes me highly intelligent in things I like as in Science and history... i use to be good at math until this year because my teacher is a d***.

._. Autism has it's bad sides too.. If we're not interested in something, then we can't learn it, We also can't read emotions and have troubles showing our own emotions... Due to that, most people with Autism looks like they're smiling when it trouble. My math teacher did that but I shut him up by saying that I had Autism. People like me also have issues telling when someone is upset, let alone hate eye contact and are very "Awkward" during conversations and usually only to talk about themselves or whatever they're interested in... ._. It's also hard to find friends... Luckily one friend, and I didnt ask him to be friends, he asked me... Brought me into a group of 10 people and came friends with all of them until this no good b**** came alone and turned two of them against me... One of them I haven't seen 8th grade, and the other one shaved herself bold and is still a *Bleep*

._. Autism also helped me learn to draw as for most people with Autism are interested in the arts, whether it's reading, drawing, or writing.

._. I'm also a major nerd and have been bullied most of my life until about the end of 9th grade when I stood up to one of them that was a a**hole to me from the 6th grade. Though funny thing is, I got my revenge when she got knocked up. I feel bad for the child though... -sigh-

I've been through a lot, I might add more here later once I feel like it.