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    ''Baked Alaska'': 90-95° temps shatter all-time records
    Many people head to Alaska to visit the snow-capped mountains and awe-inspiring glaciers.

    Monday, sitting on a glacier might not have been a bad idea.

    A major ridge of high pressure brought intense heat to south-central Alaska with four towns experiencing heat never before felt in their record-keeping history.

    * Talkeetna hit 96 degrees (Old record: 91, set three dates, most recently... Sunday)
    * Cordova hit 90 (Old record: 89, set July 16, 1995)
    * Valdez also hit 90 in the city (Old record: 87 set on back-to-back days of June 25-26 in 1953)
    * Seward hit 88 degrees, breaking the old record of 87 set on July 4, 1999.

    Remember air conditioning is in extreme short supply there, if not non-existent.

    A sweltering day in Valdez, Alaska when the high temperature hit 90 degrees on June 17, 2013 -- breaking their all-time record high temperature. (Photo courtesy: NOAA)

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    The recent flooding in southern Alberta was part of the system that moved east.
    Temperatures in Alaska are back down under 75F along the coast. Interior east Alaska (Fairbanks region) is normally the warmest part of the state - it is much more likely to hit 90F there....most places are still in the mid to upper 70s.

    On the north side of the high pressure, there are flood watches where the cooler air over the Arctic Ocean was able to come down through northern Alaska. Even then, it's still in the 40s along the cold water and in the 60s the further inland you get.

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