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    Developers destroy ancient Peru pyramid (BBC)

    Authorities in Peru say an ancient pyramid at the oldest archaeological site near the capital, Lima, has been destroyed.

    They are pressing criminal charges against two real-estate companies blamed for tearing down the structure, which was 6m (20-ft) high.
    The building was one of 12 pyramids found at the El Paraiso complex and is thought to be at least 4,000 years old.

    The site, which dates back to the Late Preceramic (3500-1800 BC) period, is situated several kilometres north of Lima.
    Rafael Varon, deputy minister of cultural patrimony, said the destruction had taken place over the weekend. He said company workers using heavy machinery had attempted to destroy three further pyramids, but had been stopped by onlookers

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    Seriously... how the hell does that even happen? They just go knock down 4000 year old buildings, like no one was going to notice? Are they out of their fucking minds? Latin American real estate is full of sociopaths, scam artists and pathological liars who think laws don't apply to them though, so I guess it figures.

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