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    Armed Agents Raid Animal Shelter to Execute Baby Deer

    "Two weeks ago, animal shelter employee Ray Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis on the Kenosha-Illinois border when a swarm of squad cars arrived and officers unloaded with a search warrant.

    There were nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth; Schulze said, “It was like a SWAT team.”

    The focus of their search was a baby fawn brought there by an Illinois family who was worried she had been abandoned by her mother.

    “When it made a little noise, it sounded like it was laughing,” Schulze said."

    * The warden drafted an affidavit for the search warrant, complete with aerial photos in which he described getting himself into a position where he was able to see the fawn going in and out of the barn.

    Agents told staff they came to seize the deer because Wisconsin law forbids the possession of wildlife.

    Schulze told the agents that the deer was scheduled to go to a wildlife reserve in Illinois that allows the rehabilitation of deer the next day.

    Still, Schulze said, agents corralled workers near the picnic area and then set out in search of the fawn.

    “I was thinking in my mind they were going to take the deer and take it to a wildlife shelter, and here they come carrying the baby deer over their shoulder. She was in a body bag,” Schulze said. “I said, ‘Why did you do that?’ He said, ‘That’s our policy,’ and I said, ‘That’s one hell of a policy.’”

    * n certain circumstances, Wisconsin allows organizations to house wild deer, but only with a state-issued permit. In other words, all of this nonsense was not about the “potential for disease and danger to humans,” it was about sheltering the baby deer without begging for permission first.

    I wonder how many of the agents involved felt good enough about what they did to go home and tell their spouses and children that they executed an innocent, harmless baby deer – one who was less than 24 hours away from being transported to a wildlife reserve."

    Un fucking real.

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    Ugh ...this is about as pathetic as armed swat guards raiding farms for selling "raw" milk. Nothing like raiding and asking questions later!

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