Dog eats paralyzed man's testicles

A man in Arkansas was hospitalized recently because the stray dog that he brought home snacked on one of his testicles.

According to a report from the Trumann Police Department, the man is partially paralyzed and normally has no feeling from the waist down. But he woke up on Monday with a burning pain in his mid-section.
He had been sleeping nude and awoke with his dog was between his legs. The animal had blood on its muzzle and front teeth. It had apparently consumed his testicle after biting it from his [BEEP] area, the police report states.
The 39-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
The man said he adopted the "small white fluffy" stray dog three weeks prior and had no idea if it was vaccinated.
The dog was quarantined and then euthanized. The Arkansas Department of Health will test its remains for rabies.