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    What do you guys think of people who say "Don't burn your bridges" but treat everyone

    like crap?

    They sound like hypocrites, don't they? They want you to be nice to people because you never know if those connections will help you later in life. But they don't really care about connections they have and constantly make fun of people or turn down requests for help because the people asking them are not "important enough."

    I see this with people who are only obsessed with meeting those who are managers, supervisors, or in any leadership position. When it comes to classmates, neighbors, and coworkers, they treat them so terribly that I wonder if this whole burning your bridges thing actually affects anything in anyone's life.

    I guess I could wait for karma to catch up to them.

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    Some people go way to much by labeling and worth by label of such. People often mistake basic human rights for respect as something you have to EARN. No, you don't earn basic respect, you earn tittle. When you earn title's it means in some aspect your truthworthly in whatever it is. HOWEVER people don't understand that respect is a human right to have. not just title wise. It's a difference between respecting someone and idolizing them.
    I approve of this message.

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    Well I don't think anybody has a right to tell somebody else about burning bridges.

    But I have burned many bridges in my day and I have regretted it.

    But yeah, it's none of my business what other people do.
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