Manana- Desaparecidos
What you learned, what you read in their books
All they offered, what you saw when they told you to look
A final offer, well, today we are giving birth to a new future
Yes, today we are giving birth to our own future

We will learn, we will love, we will work to change each other
We will spread, we will cover the earth like air and water
Tomorrow is blank, well, just fill it in with our little answers
If we are stopped, well, just start again

That is the new offer, that's it, that is our final one

Greater Omaha by Desaparecidos
Well, traffic is kind of bad
They’re widening Easy Street to fit more SUVs
They’re planting baby trees to grow to shady peaks
A little shelter from the sun and the upper tax bracket
Here on the cul-de-sac we are not giving back
Until the community repents
Because we can’t afford to be generous
There are closing costs and a narrow margin
So go earn your degree and we’ll take you out to lunch
You can work for us but you have eat them all up
One more mouthful and we will be happy then

Out West they are moving dirt
To make a greater Omaha
Another franchise sold
So there are even more restaurants per capita
And they all have got a drive-thru
I mean, who’s got time to dine?
Although the floors are clean and the color scheme
It compliments me every time
So no one starves in this cattle town
The semi's pass making squealing sounds
And it's all-u-can-eat and they will never get enough
They’ll be feeding us, they’ll be feeding on us
One more mouthful and they will be happy then

All those golden fields, lovely empty space
They’re building drug stores now until none remains
I have been driving for 100 blocks
Saw 50 Kum and Go’s, 60 parking lots
One more mouthful and I’m sure they will be happy then
Just one more, just one more

Desaparecidos - Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)
I'm growing out my hair like it was when I was single
It was longer than I'd known you, I had no money then
I had no worries then at all
But with such a high standard of living I just feel like I am dying
I would start an argument but you can barely even talk
But there is always good reason for your silence
You have to take care of some business
So I fix your plate and I stay out of the way
And you will stay like that forever, right in front of your computer
You'll look up one day but you won't recognize me
So now you want to change
You read a letter from a lawyer
Want to take me out to dinner
Want to bury me under a mound of shopping bags
Like it would really make a difference or make up for your disinterest
I'm a bill you pay, I'm a contract you can't break
And it is like I'm under water or on an endless escalator
I just go up and up but I don't ever reach the top
And it reads just like the bible, twenty centuries of scandal
I guess it all depends on how you interpret it
The word is LOVE
The word is LOSS
The words are DAMAGED GOODS
That is what I am
A lifetime gets chalked-up to an experience, coincidence
We are chained to the events
That's it