I'm sure we know what's going on over there right now.

In case anyone doesn't though, a few years back, Hosni Mubarrak who had been ruling the ccountry for a few decades under an Emergency Rule clause, which essentially ended with protests and the resignation of Mubarrak. There were elections, and a party called the Muslim Brotherhood led by Muhamed Morsi were voted into power.

Now there has pretty much been a military coup in Egypt, with Morsi being overthrown. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are protesting after this happened, and people have been killed during these protests.

So where does everyone stand on this? On one hand, Morsi was the elected leader. I'm sure we're all aware here that elected leaders may not be true to there word, and will probably be disliked by the majority of the population. There has been claims that the army is shooting at protestors (which the army has denied).

On the other hands, there were a lot of calls for Morsi's resignation prior to him being overthrown, which he ignored, and it has seemed as though he was abusing his power as president (By passing a decree that gives the president unlimited powers)