A friend sent me this and FINALLY something sank into my hard head!

(Sometimes I forget it sank it..but it did sink in!)

The Worry Chair

Are you perhaps in the habit of agonizing over something or anything? If it is not one thing, it is another. If this is the case, substitute another habit. Take up the habit of knowing that wonder upon wonder is on its way to you. Get in the habit of knowing that wonders beyond wonders are already on their way to you. Take My word for it. You are being blessed this very moment, and more blessings are racing to you. Lickety-split, the blessings rush to you. Hold up your hand so that the blessings upon blessings can find you easily.

Be receptive. Consider the blessings welcome guests who are coming. When a welcome guest is coming, you get ready. You look forward to this guest. You make room in your heart for this guest. You make place in your house for this guest. You open your home up, and you make a sign that says Welcome. You may have to wait, and yet you are ready. How good that feels!

Even readiness is a great thing. Your readiness is a precursor to the guest. Getting ready is already happiness. You imagine the arrival of your guest, and you are thinking about how happy you will be.

It is possible you may not know the guest's name, yet you know it is the friend of a friend, and you have gotten ready. The pump is primed. The ground is plowed. Feel your vibration rise. All this because you are ready. Your sense of anticipation grows keen.

You can anticipate anything you want. You are skilled at anticipating. When you worry, you are anticipating. You have had long practice. Better to anticipate joy. Practice anticipating joy.

Worry is, frankly, a waste of your energy. Worry dirties your energy. By definition, worry is anticipating something you don't want. Anticipate something you want, and you clean up your energy.

Anticipation of joy is like fluffing up pillows. Anticipation of joy is like sitting in a most comfortable chair. Why, beloveds, would you ever consider sitting in an uncomfortable chair, let alone choosing it time and time again? You can sit in any chair you want. No one makes you sit in the worry chair. In fact, why don't you just throw that worry chair out, once and for all? Don't even put it out in the curb for someone else to pick up. Simply dismantle it. Use it for firewood and be done with it.

Say goodbye to worry. You have been friends for too long. Worry is as fresh as a daisy, yet worry has worn you out. If you are tired day after day, you have been worrying, and now you worry about how tired you feel. Who wouldn't be tired when worry crowds their mind? That is the price you pay for worry. Worry is way too costly. Worry not, beloveds. Worry not.

You have been betting on worry. You placed your money on the dire predictions of worry. Invest your money in the good that is on its way to you, rushing to you, trying to catch up to you. Make way for the good. Kick worry out of the way. Worry is not your friend. You may have thought that worry wards off unwanted events, when all the while worry invites them. Worry comes to shake your hand, and you put out yours. You, no matter what, have supported worry. It's not worry's fault. Just don't admit worry into your home any longer. Do you agree that this is a good idea?