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    Hi there everyone, its been a long while since I have been on. My anxiety went away for a little while and then bam! it was back again. This time it was a little different, something I had never experienced before. Just wondering if this is anxiety or maybe its something else. I woke up one morning and I was sooooo dizzy I couldnt even keep my balance. It was almost as though I was walking on a boat, but it wasnt rocking real hard, just a little. Does that make sense? Anyway, I went into a complete panic atack, couldnt breath, heart racing, and just wanted to go to the hospital, but my husband talked to me and calmed me down. The dizziness went away and hasnt been back, it happened 2 weeks ago. But for some reason I still have the fear of waking up again and it being there again. Scares me death. Anyone have any advice on this? Thanks so much.

    Hope everyone is doing okay out there.

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    Hey sweety - it may have been anxiety but if you had just work up it may have been a result of getting up too quick, maybe still sleepy, blood pressure not adapting to change any number of things. I have low blood pressure and often when I stand up even if not quickly I have to sit on the floor or hold the wall as I get too dizzy and fuzzy. The shock may have put you into a panic, had you something happening that day? Your husband sounds like a good guy too. Take care
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