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    Do you suffocate in guilt?

    When you've accidentally offended someone ? Made them feel awkward? Think you've accidentally offended someone/made them feel awkward?

    I mean.. damn.. It's bloody fucking IMPOSSIBLE not to offend anyone, especially when you don't notice the differences in your
    personality and your attitude and are unaware of what people actually expect of you.

    Just makes you want to give up trying to relate to people altogether .. which in itself would be just as suffocating.

    I just sent a friend a message on Facebook. I don't know, I tried my best not to sound like a narcissist. You know, I hardly ever get to talk
    to this chick, who I met in High school and is a really intelligent person. I hardly get to entertain people, I thought. So I decided it may
    be reasonable to let her know that I've finished working on my photoshopped pictures and that it's on the FB albums if she ever wants to see them.

    I swear, I didn't even send any links. All she said was 'nice' and logged of 5 seconds later.

    No idea what the hell is going on. Maybe I am some kind of autistic narcissist who thinks that behaving this way is normal?

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    I don't know you very well yet, but I wondering if you're being hard on yourself. I know when I'm really down on myself for something I tend to call myself names also. But in my case that's old tapes in my head and I'm truly not what I'm calling myself. I used to feel very guilty if I offended someone. But then I got to where I would ask them what it was I did and most of the time, it was all in my head. I didn't do anything. Or if I did, they would tell me and that would give me a chance to apologize. If they accepted my apology, then I would accept that I was forgiven. If they didn't at that point I did all I could do in the situation and it was up to them to let it go. And yes, just being human is bound to end up offending somebody. If we never did, it might be that we are agreeing with them so much that we have become a follower or doormat. But guilt doesn't let me move forward. In the past I have tried to make amends to all I have hurt and only that allowed me to move forward. But please try not to be so hard on yourself. Nobody deserves punishment if they are truly not trying to be mean or hurtful.
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