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    Positive websites

    I think we could try and make a collection of positive websites, pages, articles. Some place to go and read when we need that extra boost. So if you want to add something give a short description and a link and I'll build on my list. Any site that you suggest I am going to put them in this list so that the list will be in one place and easy for others to look at.

    Many thanks
    Take Care,

    A Quiet Mind
    Podcasts for meditation

    Do As One
    This places looks at your breathing, you can enter different "breathing rooms" and breath with people from all over the world.

    Do Nothing for 2 minutes
    If you touch your computer while doing this you fail.

    Fear Less Stories
    Our mission is to provide you with deep, satisfying, platitude-free content to fill the mental toolbox you use to deal with fear. By reading Fear.less, you’ll get the tools you need to stay locked on to your dreams and your purpose. We don’t think that there is one magic solution for everyone; we keep the content flowing so you can find what works for you.

    Help Others
    Cute place, inspiring stories and it's all about kindness

    Marc and Angel Hack Life
    Practical Tips for Productive Living, I think the thought question section is really good too

    Real Classroom ideas
    Not really looked at the site in full but I came across this page with relaxation scripts, I think they are really cool and have thought of recording myself and listening to them.

    Succeed Socially
    A place to learn how to improve your social and interpersonal skills.

    The Nicest Place on the Internet
    Need a hug

    Tiny Buddha
    Is an amazing blog fully of advise, positivity, support, direction.

    Zen Habits
    Kind of about slowing down and fining your place within yourself. The line here is called a beginners guide, I find it really helpful

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    Thank you for the list Lasair Here's a couple of go-to websites for me when I need some motivation, courage and hope:


    This site ALWAYS helps me get over spells of depression and gives me hope. Just go over there and see what its about :grin:


    This Facebook page called 'Get Your [BEEP] In Gear' has some great motivational quotes! I plan to print some of them and tape them to the walls in my room.


    If, like me, you are inspired by kindness, then you'll love this site. Here people post 'acts of kindness' they've committed. There are a lot of exceptionally positive, heart-warming stories on this site. Sometimes I need confirmation whether there are any nice people in the world or not and, whenever I visit this site, I feel assured and comforted that there are

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